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Late March 2031 - April 2031

light with a sharpened edge
tag: kunzite; dead will walk event // March 15th, 2031

23 (physically)years
High Priest occupation
Helios alter-ego

Honestly, Nasir--Helios--would have preferred staying back, keeping track of things, but the situation was an all hands on deck one. Which was why he was quickly following after Sevik--Kunzite--as they raced through Crystal City.

... except that something was out of place, though Helios could not say what. He came to a halt on the top of a tall building in the Com/Rec District, head tilting to the side as he spun around on his heel. Something had just moved beyond him, though he just barely felt it. Worse: because it was undead, Helios could barely pick up any of the emotional presence a living being would have.

"Kunzite," called out Helios, mismatched eyes scanning the skyline and area around him for anything out of the ordinary, "I don't suppose you're getting that same feeling? Something is trying to stalk us?" That was one way to put it, though at the moment Helios wanted to find whatever it was and deal with it before it lost interest and went after some of the people of Crystal City.

Out of the corner of his eye, Helios caught movement and started to race after it again. "I think it's moving towards the Residential District!" Was this what had been niggling at his senses and his dreams for the past two weeks? Helios was not certain but the idea of undead rising and doing this? It was terrifying, especially when it did not appear to be the Dark Alliance.

So just who it was? It was a thought to consider later.

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