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Got a question? Need something moderated, e.g. archived or reopened? Got an open thread you’d like to have more participants in? Or perhaps, you’re looking for a post template for your post! You’ll find all of that here.
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This is where you can find instructions on how to apply to our site; reserve your character, as well as inform staff that your application is ready for review. We do not use thread-based applications, so it’s advised that you read over the Application Walkthrough to learn our system!

Contains our canon rosters, wanted ads, a link to the dossiers (Character Profiles) and our face claim.

Crystal Millennium

The Crystal Palace resides close to the northern edge of the Crystal City and it’s where the royal family, Sailor Guardians, Heavenly Kings and Galactica reside. The palace is the tallest structure in the world and an impenetrable fortress made of Silver Crystal.

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After forming magically in the Northern Atlantic ocean, just off the coast of Florida and near the Bermuda Triangle, the Crystal City is a mystery to the world as well as its own capitol. It has various land strips that connect to America’s mainland as well as Elysion. The entire city is made of Silver Crystal, giving it a futuristic feel.

Before the rise of Crystal City, Infinity City was the home of many of the Sailor Guardians and many happenings in the Sailor Moon universe. It’s well-known for not only Infinity Academy, but also Infinity Towers and the infamous Crown Center for gaming and café. The hub of the city is primarily advertised to geniuses and the elite, as it’s known to be rather expensive – but that doesn’t stop middle class families from making a name for themselves in the outskirts.

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In the Sailor Moon universe, space-time travel is taboo, but not impossible.


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Past events will be properly archived here. Players may still continue threads within with the understanding that the event is no longer taking place.

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Upon approval every member is given their own Player Development board with sub-forums for their individual characters. They can use this forum for things such as plotting, thread trackers, playlists, relationship trackers among other things.

This is where our members can plot with each other in group threads, post subplots, worldbuild, and post challenges.

Members can introduce themselves, engage in out of character conversation, post absences, and more. This forum is for members only.
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