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Fishy Conversations - Marcelline Faridah - 30 Jul 2018

Walking into the aquarium Marcelline looked around at all the families and groups of kids as well as others around large facility. She hummed softly to the music coming from her shell phone. She had earbuds attached and was listening to some music she had been working on lately. She raised a brow as she walked along to the tanks. She waved at some of the fish and some swirled around in greeting. Mar had made it a point to visit the aquarium as often as she could so she could visit the fish here.

Looking around she smiled and took the earbuds out of her ears and placed them in her bag. She looked back up at the tank in front of her and there was blue floating in front of her. She smiled up at the fish. ”Hello, Rod. Where’s Prin?”she asked and the blue fish turned and looked toward another part of the tank. Mar nodded understanding what the fish was trying to say to her. ”I see. Well tell her I say hello.”she said beaming at the little fish. The fish swirled around and Mar laughed softly at the fishes excitement.

Marcelline glanced over toward a bigger redish fish that was nearby and she waved over at her. ”Hello, Rouge.”she said to the redish fish. The blue fish named Rod swam to the side as the redish fish swam up and greeted Mar. The Mermaid scout turned and glanced around then turned back to the tank and laughed softly to herself. ”I’m use to the people staring at me like I’m crazy. I don’t mind so much.”she beamed up at the redish colored fish.

RE: Fishy Conversations - Song Cordelia - 01 Aug 2018

"That is good," a voice chimed in from beside Marcelline, a touch too jovial to be entirely genuine. "They are definitely staring."

Cordelia Song leaning would-be-casually against the glass, one heeled foot balanced against the barrier between them and the thousands of tons of water - but there was a tension in her shoulders that belied the nonchalance. Her gaze was turned away from the teenager, despite having addressed her, a cascade of teal hair half obscuring her face and expression as she glided a single fingertip across the refracted surface of the tank. The fish on the other side did not flinch away, as if they did not recognize her as Foreign. But they were not drawn to her as they were to Sailor Mermaid. Cordelia's connection was to the waters themselves, rather than the creatures that inhabited. The rhythmic pull of the tides. The singing of the currents.

She was sure that their similar connection to the deep waters is what had brought them both here. Orlando was frustratingly close enough to the ocean to smell it lingering on the air, but far enough to make it a journey to reach. She often pestered Charlie into driving her out to coast, but other times, she settled for dragging her to the aquarium. This. This was all artificial. But a very realistic knock-off. It did calm her; gave her some clarity.

The Outers had yet to decide if the Galactic visitors presence was a benefit or a nuisance to Earth's current political climate. Cordelia was leaning toward the later. She did not like visitors in their solar system. It made her... itchy... and the public perception concerned her. It took a great deal to remember these were not the Animamates they had battled, but other entities entirely.

Still when she had felt the active energy of an intruder one of them in the Aquarium - the energy of low grade powers being used - she had wandered away from her spouse to find the source.

It had not surprised her in the slightest to discover which one.

Finally meeting the other guardian's eye, Cordelia slid hers to the people behind them, silently hoping to redirect the younger woman's attention. A small crowd was indeed forming, whispering behind their hands. The children looked excited, the adults pensive - perhaps even a bit apprehensive. Though, to be fair. It was difficult to tell now if they were responding to Marcelline's circus trick or to Cordelia herself.

RE: Fishy Conversations - Marcelline Faridah - 06 Aug 2018

Turning at the voice her eyes grew slightly and though she was pleased seeing one of her idol she also knew that Cordelia wasn’t a fan of her and her group. Mar shrugged before looking back up at the fish behind the wall of glass. ”That’s fine. It’s not the first time. Certainly won’t be the last.”she said as she tilted her head at the fish who turned the same way as her head had. Smiling, she turned to look at the water solider. ”Do you feel the same as they do?”she asked looking up at the older woman.

Having the water scout seemingly wishing to rid the world of the Galatica Mar wondered if something happened if she would attack them but the Galatica senshi meant no harm. In fact they were there to help the sensi of the Sol system. She had been secluded to her own planet for the majority of her life and lived under water for that same amount of time. Being on Earth had been a shock to the system for Mar when they arrived. Standing there she looked up at the woman in front of her and took a soft breath. ”I suppose I wouldn’t blame you if you felt the same way. I am an Alien to your system.”she said before scratching her cheek lightly.

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RE: Fishy Conversations - Song Cordelia - 21 Aug 2018

A wave of satisfaction coasted along Cordelia's consciousness when the girl started a bit, turning wide, saucer eyes on the fellow sailor guardian. It lit her gaze briefly with mirth before dimming back into distant, cheshire cat consideration. She crossed one arm under her breast, supporting the elbow of her other arm as she played those fingers thoughtfully across her lips.

Certainly won't be the last. Yes. That was what concerned the Neptunian.

The girl was quick to turn her initial surprise into smiles, oblivious to the problem at hand.

Cordie had to check herself from labeling the Mermaid guardian as young. After all, the solar guardians had saved the Earth from certain destruction multiple times before they had seen their eighteenth birthdays. And yet, maybe that was a false equivalence. This Mermaid had perished at the hand of Chaos' charlatan. They knew nothing about these Galactica soldiers, they were strangers. The Queen believed their shared traumatic experiences made them friends, but their Light of Hope had always had a very bright and naive heart. It was her greatest strength as much as her weakness.

Cordelia was fairly certain Queen Fireball's offer of 'help' was going to be more troublesome than it was worth.

She glanced back at the tank with Marcelline's question, wondering if the outsider felt the same brewing turmoil that had plagued the Outer Guardian for weeks. Instead, she found a flounder synchronized with the younger girl's gesture. Was she being asked if she shared Mermaid's connection to the marine life?

"No." Short. Curt. One could call it defensive if they were particularly reckless with their sense of self-preservation. There was a pregnant pause, as if that was all the embellishment Neptune intended to offer.

"All life originates from the Ocean. The water itself is alive. It hums with a current that cradles this entire planet. It sings a story, if you listen close enough." She shifted, dropping her heeled foot to the floor with a small "click" as she leaned away from the glass surface, turning to stand next to Marcelline and watch as a sea turtle ambled by. The motion was strategic, putting her back to the civilian onlookers, so they could not see her lips move. "The fish just live there."

Belatedly, and sheepishly, she realized she had misinterpreted the question completely.

"Traveling to a planet your doppelgänger tried to exterminate?"
Cordelia arched an eyebrow and allowed a small, teasing, smile to return. It was almost kind. "Yes. That is a bit crazy."

However, she did not correct the other girl's assessment on how she felt about the Galactica being there. She could not correct something that was true. But she did not further inflame the sentiment either. "They are apprehensive. Still adjusting to the notion that life extends beyond this planet. We are trying to emphasis that we are not much different from them. And minimize our otherness." Such as not having open conversations with the sealife in a public aquarium mid-day during summer vacation -- she sidled Mar a pointed look.

RE: Fishy Conversations - Marcelline Faridah - 26 Aug 2018

Knowing fully well how strange it looked for the mermaidian to be fully interacting with the sea life behind the glass she just smiled to herself as she played with the fish. It was a strange feeling being here on Earth where some fish spent their entire lives behind glass when on Mermaid they didn’t have to live in a glass bowl. They were free and able to live and interact with the people of the planet. She supposes that the fish of her planet were much like the land walking animals of Earth. It was an interesting thought or at least it was to the Mermaid guardian.

When the Neptunian guardian say no in reply to her question she was surprised. Marcelline was under the impression that the outer guardians didn’t like their presence at all and briefly wondered if she was just saying that for the Earthlings around them. As she began speaking of then ocean and life from the ocean she laughed lightly to herself as it seemed to guardian had misunderstood the question. Looking back up to the glass she smiled at the fish in front of her as it spun in circles. ”I have heard the story and the song so many times I suppose I have it memorized at this point. But I do miss the story and the song of my home.”she said before turning to the guardian as she seemed to finally understand what Mar had been asking with her original question.

Laughing lightly to herself she turned to face her fully and tilted her head before straightening it out. ”I find it slightly ironic. The Earthling scientists have been looking for life on or planets and such for so long but yet when they finally realize we exist they shun us and called us intruders. They wanted help with their problems and now that we’re here they turn away from our help. Or rather some of them do. Obviously not all of them.”she said glancing around at the people around the room. She wished there was a way she could show them she doesn’t wish to harm them but they wouldn’t see it in that way in the slightest.