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Dead Reckoning - Lilith Rey - 01 Oct 2019

It was time.

After some of the evening's entertainment passed and everyone had their fair share of a relaxing evening, Lilith would take a sip from her champagne glass. A smirk formed on her red lips, it was time for their great plan to come to fruition.

Gently, long, dark fingernails moved towards the necklace around her neck. No one seemed to suspect anything from it, or so she assumed--not even the Crystal Palace reacted to it when she entered the building before. Perhaps it was a sign of good faith from the Neo Queen, but Lilith had spent sometime scheming up this great plan.

She remembered days ago she took a private jet and traveled to D Point to the ruins of the Dark Kingdom, where she made contact with the Great One. They both struck a deal -- Chaos had agreed to lend Metaria energy, the consistent failures of the knights displeased them both. Metaria had expressed her own worries for the Dark Kingdom as a whole, as she believed it was slowly crumbling from within. There was something that seemed to keep the Dark Kingdom knights from completing their tasks, but what?

Lilith brushed her fingertips along the ruby gemstone that laid center of her necklace. The mere gesture alone caused an abrupt earthquake within the vicinity that lasted for longer than several minutes, as Chaos unleashed a mere morsel of energy outside of the Crystal Palace.

"Oh Great One, Chaos! Together we shall be able to see our plan through!" Lilith internally thought, resisting every urge to cackle as dark energy would begin to surge outside and spread throughout the Crystal City. But she could still feel it, the light that shone from the Crystal Palace was stronger than ever -- just like before. It sickened her.

"It's time for us to unify! I give you my thanks to lending me your beloved energy, revive our fallen comrades! Affiliate them with the Dark Kingdom!" Lilith internally thought once more, abruptly standing as she felt the ground shake from underneath. Screams filled the Crystal Palace's ballroom and music suddenly ceased, and citizens dropped to the floor and covered their heads.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Catherine Lunette - 02 Oct 2019

The other side of the mirror had been blank and without image. This time hadn't been like before; before, when the original Moon Queen sealed Helenia behind her own mirror, she had been able to watch. She had been able to bide her time and make her play, prepared for the day that she would be able to once again walk free. She watched, once a month, for however many millennia as the blue marble called the Planet Earth grew in strength. She watched as the Moon Princess was revived, and grew into her own, until the time came that Nehelenia was able to step out of the mirror again. Until she became the so-called ringleader of the Dead Moon Circus.

After her crushing defeat at the hands of Sailor Moon, Nehelenia had been sent back into the mirror, but this time she feared that there would be no escape. She didn't know how long she had been trapped in her mirror. Days? Weeks? Months? Perhaps even years? There was no way to tell time here. The darkness had been Nehelenia's friend, and in truth, it still was - what most children would consider the monster underneath their bed was the only creature that Nehelenia could find comfort and companionship in here, whether it was living or not.

When one was trapped, they made due. She grew more and more restless the longer that time went on. Her sanity remained, if that was what one could call her mental state, but her anger towards the White Moon only grew ever stronger. Princess Serenity and the child would pay for what they had done to her. So she sat, for however long it had been, her knees curled up to her chest... and she waited. Silently. With darkness as her only friend as it had ever been. There had been no change within the mirror, not that Nehelenia could sense, but something continued to urge Nehelenia further.

And then the mirror opened, and there was light. She was rejuvenated and freed. Nehelenia - no, that wasn't quite right... That wasn't her name any longer. Morrigan. That sounded right. Morrigan felt as though she had stepped through the mirror, perhaps literally, perhaps figuratively; she couldn't be fussed with the semantics, but for all appearances it seemed as though Morrigan had been within the Crystal Palace the entire time; she was the one wearing the mask that appeared to be a web, her elegant black dress adorned with the similar web-like design throughout it and with the symbol of the black widow spider forming the front of the torso, just enough to break the color.

While others shrieked and cowered from the sheer power of Chaos as it spread through the area, Morrigan did not. Instead, a small smile spread across her lips, and she reached for a nearby champagne flute. "Cheers, darlings." Morrigan intoned, though her voice couldn't be heard underneath the screams. She raised the flute and sipped it.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Cynthia Lunette - 02 Oct 2019

What was going on?!

Standing near the ballroom stage, Serenity gripped onto it in efforts not to fall flat on her face. She could feel it, the dark energy rushing outside in massive quantities. She felt something similar before, too, back during the blackout.

Azure hues widened in shock at the realization that Chaos may have had something to do with it. That’s the only reasonable explanation as she felt that same familiar energy, the darkness that wanted to simply take over.

“Everyone stay calm, please – you’re safe here!” Serenity exclaimed, in efforts to reassure them that the Crystal Palace was a penetrable fortress despite the darkness and quakes. “Our Sailor Guardians will make their own way towards you and protect you through groups within the vicinity. But please do not leave the Crystal Palace, it is too dangerous!”

Or that’s what she wanted to believe. She didn’t even realize that several of their foes were already within the Crystal Palace’s walls, she’d purposely tried to show good faith by disabling the Crystal Palace’s defense systems. That’s what she needed to do now, too – to re-enable them.

But as she attempted to do so herself, that’s when she felt it – that familiar energy. There was simply no mistake. “What in the world….?” Serenity murmured, gazing towards two individuals who didn’t seem the least bit disturbed by the surge.

Was that the Mayor? And the other…who was she, again? Serenity tried to remember everyone who’d she’d invited that night and who’d she’d met. She just couldn’t place it on who that was, but she felt something terrible from her as a chill crept up her spine.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Luciana Del Rosario - 03 Oct 2019

The feeling of atmosphere in the ballroom changed in what had to be an instant. One moment everyone was having a jovial time, enjoying themselves as they danced, ate, mingled, and otherwise just had a time here - everything was going so well here, just the way that Serenity must have wanted it to. There was a goal here tonight, and for the most of the night it had appeared that it was going to work; no such luck. The change happened in an instant, and there wasn't any hint, or any moment to prepare for what had happened.

The ground shook. Luciana was from California, it wasn't the first time that she would be forced to handle an earthquake - though it was the first time that she'd have to deal with one of them since she moved to Florida. As it happened, her heart practically leapt out of her chest; the feeling of darkness that spread through the ball room was weighted. Her first reaction was to reach for something solid - she grabbed one of the rails that had been around the ballroom, and attempted to sink her feet into the ground.

"Under the tables! Everyone!" Luci tried to shout, though it was more than possible that her suggestion was drowned out by the rest of the screaming. When it died down a little - though it hadn't stopped - Luci stood tall and looked around, attempting to spot anything that might be at fault for this. There may have been two individuals that were unperturbed by what was happening, but from where Luciana had been standing, it was hard to tell.

And there was so much panic. So much chaos and mass hysteria. Some people managed to make their way to somewhere to hide, but others didn't - some tried to head for the doors, and others hid under tables, in between archways. Some of them remained where they were, arms over their heads in preparation for something bad to happen. "Crap, crap, crap...!" Luci said once she was able to entirely get her bearings. Serenity didn't even need to mention that the Guardians would be handling it the best that they could - with a flash, Luci had already transformed into Sailor Jupiter.

Jupiter was closest to the buffet table - after all that was where she had been before now. "Everyone, come closer to me if you can!" Jupiter shouted, her voice rising over the crowd as loudly as it could. "And please remain calm! Everything is under control; the Crystal Palace has defenses and protocol in case of emergency!" It wasn't a lie - though perhaps there wasn't a whole lot that could be done when they didn't even know what was going on.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Celeste Lunette - 21 Oct 2019

The decision to come to this time period came with events that some people wouldn't know of, or even want to remember. But Celeste made sure to remember everything, she didn't want to miss a second of this event. While she'd previously ran into her father, no sooner than later did an earthquake come within the kingdom. Before coming here Celeste made sure to research everything about the past, even if it was only a few centuries before her birth, she still wanted to know what she was up against.

But when the palace shook and she held her ground, she couldn't help but feel cold all over. Her body was frozen but her mind was still sharp, the figure before them stood proud and tall, without fault in her eyes. She didn't recognize her at all, but when knew her mother's guardians would step in, and at least one of them transformed. Celeste felt a bit of relief when seeing Sailor Jupiter, but it didn't stop her from worrying. She didn't remember this being in the books. This must be it, a moment where the history of this Earth would shake forever, and ripple to her timeline. "Something seriously dark is happening here…." She thought to herself as she felt continuous chills up her spine.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Demitria Meyer - 22 Oct 2019

[Image: eE0fTeT6_o.gif]

Oh, Cronus, this hurt.

Demitria was standing in the ballroom amongst the other civilians, keeping a low profile; it would do no one any good for the people here to discover that another Sailor Guardian was in their midst, particularly the one that they didn't know about in the first place. Demi appreciated her anonymity among Crystal City, though there were a number of denizens that might have recognized her face. But, gods, this hurt. This was not supposed to happen. Demi had seen this ball before - but this... this wasn't how she remembered it.

Demi had been granted with an eidetic memory. Total recall. Time was her dominion and she its mistress, even if she might have been powerless to stop any clear efforts to subvert the future that the White Moon was trying to make a reality; the one that they had been to, the one that Small Lady existed in... "Small Lady...!" Demi exclaimed under her breath, eyes going wide when she caught sight of Celeste in the crowd being protected by Sailor Jupiter.

It wasn't just the Earth that was shaking. It was the timeline - so brittle already, yet still so far from collapse. Demi spirited herself away from the crowd the best that she could. She stumbled out of sight in the ballroom, to a corner as far away from the king and queen as she could possibly get, and she clutched her torso in immense pain.

And she screamed.

Oh, did she scream.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Roxanne Hayes - 22 Oct 2019

[Image: QsPj7Y2.gif]

Roxie was simply chatting with someone when the whole ground began shaking. It was hard to keep her footing as she went down with everybody. The panic was on the rise with everyone screaming for help and trying to make it to the exit. When she got her bearings, she looked up and saw a few select people struggling to stand straight.

Was it time to unleash her wrath? Hell. YES!

Attention spans were everywhere so she could make it happen. She could not stop grinning from ear to ear as she stayed near the walls and anything obstructing people’s view of her. Her dress concealed her with dark energy as she switched to her default suit outfit in an instant. Roxie, or...Andradite, had now formally made an appearance.

"What a party!" She exclaimed as she threw a set of fiery chains from her hand at one of the centerpieces, a statue of some kind. The chains wrapped around the piece as Andradite grabbed it like a lasso and lunged it across the room. She saw it land with a heavy thud and crash into many pieces near some people. A small fire began forming once the statue hit the ground.

"Didn’t think you fancy Moonies had it in ya!" Andradite’s eyes darted around the room, wondering what her next brilliant idea would be. The adrenaline was high and she was just getting started. She burst out laughing as she enjoyed the thrill at what might happen now.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Alya King - 26 Oct 2019

Lee finally managed to fall asleep at some point after Serenity had been to visit him, but woke when he felt the bed shaking. At first he thought perhaps Elly had returned and was trying to get his attention, but between not seeing Elly anywhere and the rest of the room shaking, he knew it was an earthquake.

An earthquake in Florida was unusual enough, so it put Lee on edge. When he felt a wave of dark energy flowing through everything, that was enough to set him in motion, despite being sick. He pressed a button on his communicator to ask for an update on what was going on. Once he heard about what was going on in the ballroom, he didn’t waste time before transforming into Sailor Uranus and heading down there.

Uranus entered the ballroom in time to see one of their enemies use a chain of fire to pull a statue over. That was who she was going to focus on. She trusted the other Sailor Guardians to protect Serenity and the guests for the moment.

“My day’s been bad enough and you’ve just managed to make my night even worse!” She called back to Andradite. She turned her head to the side and coughed a couple times before sniffing in an attempt to clear her nose. Phlegm rattled noisily in her nose and she coughed again. “World Shaking!” She yelled as she flung her attack in Andradite’s direction.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Saariyah Bhasin - 26 Oct 2019

[Image: tumblr_mxlokfcY1N1r2htcvo1_500.gif]

Saariyah knew that this would happen. But did anyone want to listen to her? No. Her immediate reaction was to face-palm, summoning her Star Yell from hammerspace. "Healer Star Power, Make Up!" Saariyah shouted, transforming into Sailor Star Healer.

"Sailor Star Healer, Stage On!" Healer introduced herself briskly, her eyes narrowing quickly towards Uranus when she appeared. Figures.

"You're really stubborn, aren't you?" Healer teased, knowing that she was also right in her notion that Eleanor wasn't persuasive enough to keep her away from the ballroom for too long.

Just as Andradite lassoed one of the statues in the ballroom, Healer's immediate attention was drawn towards it as she tossed it in another direction. "Star Sensitive Inferno!" Healer exclaimed, aiming her attack at the statue in efforts to obliterate it before it hurt anyone. Fortunately, she didn't have to worry too much about Andradite, considering Uranus was already taking care of that when she shouldn't be.

RE: Dead Reckoning - Lilith Rey - 26 Oct 2019

[Image: tumblr_inline_p7twxbHhJm1sluwgl_400.gif]

Lilith could feel it. She didn't need to be informed of who she was in the room to know that the person who led to her very creation was present. Her mother.

Well, Nehellenia wasn't exactly her mother. Their relationship was very, very complicated. But, if anyone ever came absolutely close to it, it was her and that meant her position of authority had been altered. Was this.... was this why Chaos hadn't informed her of the specifics of her deal? Lilith clenched her fists tightly in anger.

She was fuming.

Lilith tensed, and that's what kept her mind preoccupied more than the earthquake that Chaos had summoned. After kneeling to hide herself under the table in efforts to not seem so obvious that it was her, Lilith released parts of Metaria's energy that was attached to her very shadow. It was enough that it wouldn't harm them directly for being in the presence of the Silver Crystal, but she'd known that she had to make an appearance to reassure her authority in the Dark Kingdom.

Metaria's energy formed within the center of the ballroom, a black/purplish energy mass began to seem like it was cackling. "Andradite you're wonderful!" Metaria's energy exclaimed as she released dark energy. "This is my gift to you, White Moon! I'm back and you've yet to defeat me! Soon, your enemies will be revived and you will have a force to be reckoned with! Chaos has answered my request!"