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Sailor Moon is a unique world of superheroes and supervillains who commonly use planet names and gemstones depending on their status. In order to play we do not usually require previous knowledge of the series as this guide contains most of what you need to know about our powered characters.

It is, however, usually recommended to play a human with no powers if you're unfamiliar to become comfortable with the setting.

Power Types

Sailor Guardians

A Sailor Guardian ("Sailor Senshi") is a warrior who possesses the Sailor Crystal of their respective planet. A Sailor Crystal is the strongest source of power as they were given the power of their planet. Sailor Guardians are considered "royalty" of their planet and are destined to rule it.

They are differentiated by the sailor collar that they wear which often has stripes on it. However, their sailor fuku (outfit) does not always consist of a sailor uniform--only the collar is retained. A Sailor Guardian must be of female sex, though they may identify as non-binary.

Sailor Guardians use certain phrases to trigger their form, e.g. a Solar Guardian may transform with "Mars Eternal, Make Up!" whereas a Kinmoku Sailor may transform with "Kakyuu Planet Power, Make Up!"

Unlike other tier types, Sailor Guardians also have a unique ability to gain new power stages. For example, Sailor Mars originally transformed with "Mars Planet Power, Make Up!" and moved to "Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!" and had stages such as Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Mars, and Eternal Sailor Mars.


Knights are unique to the game even though the original "knight" was Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask is one of the few knights who possess their own Sailor Crystal as he is the Guardian of Earth. Unlike a Sailor Guardian, Tuxedo Mask has his own uniform (a tuxedo with a cape) to hide his identity. He is considered the king of the planet Earth due to his Sailor Crystal, the Golden Crystal. Other knights in the game do not operate like Tuxedo Mask as they do not have a Sailor Crystal.

Instead, knights have a "True Star Seed" which they receive their powers from, and their uniform is unique to the system they're from. Sol Knights tend to have a white military-esque uniform with their planetary color as an accent, and their symbol as a badge. Their True Star Seed is affiliated with their planet's power, but they are not nearly as powerful as a Sailor Guardian. A knight is usually destined to protect their planetary Sailor Guardian, and most knights will have a name such as "Mercury Knight."

Knights are usually not royalty to their planet unless they are related to the Sailor Guardian. Knights can often will themselves into their form, or transform with "Venus Knight Power!" if they choose.


Advisors are True Star Seed holders who originate from a certain planet, e.g. Phobos and Deimos are the advisors to Sailor Mars. Their powers tend to be fairly minimal and supportive, and they do not usually engage in combat unless absolutely necessary due to their weakened power. Most advisors can usually shapeshift into some kind of animal, e.g. Phobos and Deimos could shapeshift into crows; and Luna, Artemis and Diana could shapeshift into cats.


Superhumans are humans with powers and are usually the weakest power type as they always have a Star Seed. Be aware that normal humans do not normally become superhumans. Earthlings will never have powers that weren't obtained through some alliance from a criminal faction. Superhumans are "corrupted" humans by Chaos as he gave them powers.

The Dark Kingdom gives humans "stones" that contain their power, e.g. a Dark Kingdom clan member could be called Hematite because that is what their stone is. Their power is received through those stones, and without their stone they die as it replaced their Star Seed.

In the Black Moon, Wiseman "gifted" them their abilities through the orb that he has, but he can easily take their powers away. Their powers are triggered once the black moon symbol forms on their forehead and hides their identity.

Attacks and Transformation notes

Sailor Guardians and knights naturally possess the ability to fly without wings, teleport, and use their attacks without the need of using their attack phrase if they choose. Some may choose to do it out of courtesy for the person they're attacking. Knights and Sailor Guardians are the only ones who can wield some powers (e.g. teleport) without transforming, whereas major attacks such as Moon Healing Escalation requires transformation.

Superhumans must transform in order to use any of their powers, even for something as simple as teleportation.


Armor is not used in the game, not even for superhumans, knights, or Sailor Guardians. They simply do not need it, and most knights and Sailor Guardians possess a slow ability to heal outside of their transformed state. Superhumans don't, but not a single superhuman has been seen wearing armor. We therefore discourage and will often disapprove most armor.


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