ETERNAL is a Sailor Moon Role Play set during our SECOND STORY, shortly after the defeat of the Dark Alliance and during the early reign of the Crystal Empire. The Silver Millennium has been reviving in the present day, and Earthlings are discovering their connections and the truth. But lingering in the shadows deities of old have their own unfinished business. Could Elysion’s restoration be a blessing or a curse in disguise?
October 2031
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13 Jul 2022, 02:51 AM
by Vii

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Various attacks are being conducted by the Dark Alliance as they make it known to the world that the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom have unified. However, the monarchy of the Dark Kingdom has plans to give White Diamond a promotion at the end of it all: a coronation to becoming Prince Diamond. But is that really the end of it all? What else could the Dark Kingdom monarchy be planning?

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An open ball is being held at the Crystal Palace as announced in Distractions Are Necessary. Although Neo Queen Serenity has invited primarily government officials and wealthy, each person invited is welcome to bring two people with them!

This ball is a charade. Sailor Guardians are expected to attend and cleverly question their guests, while all are distracted by events. But with the openness of the ballroom and invitees, just what could go wrong?

This ball is held November 1st, 2030 and it will last until midnight.
Cynthia Lunette
11 Mar 2020, 11:57 PM
by Cynthia Lunette

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