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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
Spring 2031 (March 1st - June 30th)

An open ball is being held at the Crystal Palace as announced in Distractions Are Necessary. Although Neo Queen Serenity has invited primarily government officials and wealthy, each person invited is welcome to bring two people with them!

This ball is a charade. Sailor Guardians are expected to attend and cleverly question their guests, while all are distracted by events. But with the openness of the ballroom and invitees, just what could go wrong?

This ball is held November 1st, 2030 and it will last until midnight.

Act 3

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