Welcome to Eternal, a post Sailor Moon Stars role playing game that merges the 1990s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal and Materials Collection for its canon material.

Knowledge of Sailor Moon as a whole is not required to play, we offer canon roles (and accept original characters) that require no prior knowledge. We also offer a Series Guide that explains some Sailor Moon mechanics.

Our site relocated the series to the fictional Infinity City, Florida, utilizing the canons as they were portrayed in the series with some exceptions to certain factions. Our actual game location is Crystal City, a city floating above the Northern Atlantic ocean that acts as the world's capitol.

We’re set during the rise of Crystal City, 12 years after King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity ascended the throne. Wiseman is making his mark for the first time in history and forming the Black Moon Clan as a human who has made no connection with Nemesis.

However, lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom is slowly reforming. Queen Beryl and Queen Metaria have reunited, and they’re both furious with the coronation of the King and Queen.

Our Community

  • Self-hosted and active since July 10th, 2018.
  • No word count.
  • Inclusive, POC face claim and LGBTQA+ friendly.
  • Uses real life FCs and aims to have a realistic take to Sailor Moon.
  • Friendly to those with no forum experience.
  • Completely optional post templates while also providing unique site post templates.


  • Storyline: Learn how our storyline unfolded!
  • Rules: Important guidelines that you must follow. Also applies to the Discord!
  • Setting: Our game is set in three cities: Crystal City (our main location), Infinity City (the series location), and Elysion.
  • Timeline: This coincides with our storyline, giving you dates which certain events took place!
  • Acts: Contains a summary of what's happening right now IC!
  • Factions: Although not entirely mandatory, this gives you a preview of the factions that we have here at Eternal, and it may help you dive further into one that you might be interested in!
  • Frequently Asked Questions Got a question? Make sure it hasn't been answered here or in our documentations first!
  • Series Guide Are you new to Sailor Moon or unfamiliar with the series, and still want to play at Eternal? No fear! We've created this handy guide for you to get an insight of how things work in the Sailor Moon universe. This isn't mandatory to those who are familiar with the series!

New to MyBB?

We’ve got you covered. We have a MyBB features guide which’ll walk you through the differences of MyBB versus JCink. We offer subaccounts, tagging & alerts, HTML in posts, and a code bank for you to use, and it's all covered in the article on how to use them.

Application Process

We’re glad to see that you’re interested in applying to Eternal! Eternal doesn’t utilize a standard thread-based application system, instead we use a Member Profile based one. You will need to register to the site as not only your character, but also your OOC account in order to start working on your application.

Please be aware that it is required for you to use HTML code in this application template for paragraphs, lists, font weights among other things.

  • The Application Walkthrough contains all profile fields in our application template, as well as information on how to fill it out.
  • Reserve your character if you’re applying for someone on the canon roster. This cannot be stressed enough. If you don’t reserve your character, no matter whether you’ve spoken interest in the role or have registered, they are up for grabs.
  • You will need to go to Settings > Edit Profile to fill out the actual application.
  • When you’re finished with your application, you’ll head on over to Request Review, fill out the template there, and staff will be informed that you’re ready for a review and get to you with a response in that thread. We ask that you keep an eye out for your Private Messages in case you’re pended, as staff will never publicly post your review.

Character Listings & Claims

You may have noticed that Eternal does not have a character board or a shipper board. This is because Eternal has an active Claims Directory, which links to all characters in alphabetical order. Our Member Directory also functions automatically when you create a player account and attach a character to it. It also provides you with all their claim information such as face claims, their alter-ego, etc.

This information is all filled out when you complete your application. So, when you’re finished with your application, you’ll by extension have completed your claims and Mini Profile (in theory).

If you’re seeking out a faction-based list of characters, we strongly encourage you to head on over to our Canon Roster, which houses a well-maintained list of characters and links to profiles.


Eternal primarily uses Discord as its plotting platform, but members are still encouraged to create an optional shipper in their Player Development board.


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