January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Code bank

As you’ve probably noticed, MyBB tends to be very fussy with html codes, adding in extra line breaks when they’re unnecessary. So, in order to counteract it, we’ve created this little code bank of site approved codes for you to use at your leisure.

These codes were created by Vii to be used only on Eternal. If you’d like to request certain code additions, feel free to talk to Vii about it and she’ll consider it if it’s simple enough to implement/make a version of it specifically for the site.

Our templates will also always be optional to use, and we will never force you to use them if you don’t want to. You're also welcome to create your own templates or use premades from other resources, provided that you modify it yourself to work for the site.

Code Bank

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