Never Trust Coincidence
tags: Lorelai // July 2030

Camille Oakley

It had been a long, long day and there was a palpable tension on the breeze. The nice thing about long days, Camille thought, they have end eventually. But it seemed this week days were passing on their time; some moments flew by while others seemed to crawl by almost unbearably slow.

Meetings with insurance adjustors. Follow ups with police. Skirting around anti-Serenity demonstrations and pro-Serenity counter-protestors that, alarmingly, seemed to pop up at a moment's notice. On foot, Camille found the latter was much easier said than done; wishing to avoid detection or provoking any sort disturbance among the Orlando population, it was easily the hardest part of the day. Guardian Jupiter pined for a disguise pen as she started her on her way back to the Crystal Palace.

She made do with sunglasses and a cap, her ponytail flowing out as always. There was the usual traffic on the street and the sidewalks were dotted with other pedestrians. She and some locals came up to a red light crossing. Others went for their phones, though Camille caught sight of her reflection in the plate glass of a storefront. There was time to kill while the traffic lights and crossing signals cycled, so she found herself looking at her double in the glass for a bit.

Maybe that's part of the problem, she thought to herself, eyeing her ponytail. Though not quite as distinctive as that of her royal friend, it was her look, one of the things that made her recognizable even transformed. It occurred to her that she should perhaps change it up a bit. While there wasn't a whole lot she could do on short notice, Camille shifted her purse into the crook of her arm and stuffed her long auburn hair into her hat. Her beaded hairtie likewise went into her purse. It wasn't much, but it at least it changed her profile a little.

Meanwhile, the lights changed and the other pedestrians strode across street.

Though it now fit a bit more snugly, she was able to pull the hat down again. "Better already," Camille remarked to herself in the window pane, patting the cap into place.

Lorelai Price

I know who you are and changing your hairstyle isn’t going to change a thing. Koan thought to herself as she smirked and began to follow after Sailor Jupiter. She had noticed her a few blocks back and she had known that this was too good a chance to pass up. She wasn’t an idiot and she knew that attacking her headlong was going to get her killed.

But maybe… maybe just following her would reveal some other interesting kind of information. That was what the Black Moon really needed right now. They needed to be able to find information on how the guardians were able to get from one place to another so quickly. She wanted to be the one that could offer some insightful information. She had no doubts that she was going to learn something, even if it wasn’t super important. Even just small habits were better than nothing. Small habits could be easily exploited. She knew that she could learn so much about Camille Oakley just by following after her and seeing what she did next.

Lorelai was following after her. She normally would have pulled her notebook out and allowed her visions to take her, but not this day. She needed to keep her wits about her and the best way to do that was by keeping an eye on the woman. So instead she was making her note on her phone instead. She was only about ten yards behind Camille.

It was interesting to see her try and make the attempt to blend in by taking down that ponytail. It was ironic that no one else seemed to realize that there was a guardian around them. It was really quite amusing because in her mind, she knew that a lot of these people loved those invaders.

She surely didn’t.

Lorelai paused and wondered if maybe she shouldn’t be bold. Fortune favored such people, after all. She smirked and then she tucked her phone back into her pocket and she took several steps forward until she collided with Camille’s back. She bounced off of her and stumbled backwards, making it look like an accident. ”Oh god! I’m so sorry!”

Take the bait, bitch.

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