Black and White
// July 19th, 2030

Malin Bishop

”Make sure that you get every single ounce of evidence that you can find. Leave no brick unturned. If you find anything suspicious, bag it and bring it back to the station. I want to make sure that we don’t leave a single inch of the entire affected area unsearched.” Malin said bluntly as she looked over the police officers that had gathered with her at the explosion site. It had been four days since the explosion but they were still no closer to figuring out who exactly was behind the explosion. Sure, it was very clear that they had been members of the Black Moon Clan, a group of fanatics that hated the White Moon almost as much as Malin herself and the Dark Kingdom did.

However, while she knew the group that was behind it, she didn’t know who exactly had been the one to set the explosives off. She still had a job to do and she was going to figure out who had done it and she was going to personally make sure that they suffered. The anger that she felt when she had discovered the carnage had been palpable.

She wasn’t angry because she was the chief of police and keeping the city safe was what mattered most. No, she was angry because the Black Moon was becoming more and more bold in their efforts to undermine the White Moon. She hated them because they wanted to destroy the Silver Crystal. They wanted to destroy the one thing that would be able to give her the power she needed to bend the Earth to her will. It was the tool of humanity’s destruction that she needed to have and craved more than anything.

She wasn’t going to let them destroy it. No, she was going to kill them before they had the chance and then she would kill Serenity herself. This was her third life and she wasn’t going to squander it the way that she had the previous two times. She was playing it smart now. She had learned that she needed to be patient if she wanted to get what she wanted.

She wanted revenge. She wanted to ruin their legacy. And then she wanted to take the crystal for herself and use it for herself.

”Now get to work!” She snapped angrily and watched the men and women in blue begin to wander away from her. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked over the scene one more time. Four days before Neo Queen Serenity herself had emerged from that blasted palace and she had used the crystal to stop the carnage.

Malin raised a hand and she ran it through her fingers, muttering something under her breath. ”Dumb woman has no idea the power that crystal really has. She wastes it on trying to save the useless."

She had no idea someone might have been able to hear her...

As Serenity’s vehicle pulled up to the marketplace explosion, she was feeling anxious. Azure hues gazed widely outside of the window at the scene, getting another glance at her surroundings as she wasn’t entirely used to going anywhere lately without one of her Guardians around.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true. In this case, she had Secret Service Agents at her side, and when one of them sitting next to her exited the vehicle and moved to open her own door, Serenity stepped out to reveal her baby blue dress.

“Right this way, your Majesty.” The agent said, and Serenity nodded casually, following closely behind. Not too long after, Serenity heard Malin shouting at her squad, which meant that they were close.

A little too close now, Serenity noted as she tensed when she overheard her mention the Silver Crystal as she stood behind her. It sparked many, many questions about the Chief of Police, but Serenity wasn’t sure if she wanted to make enemies with her here.

“Saving people isn’t useless. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do, Chief? Because you may want to rethink your line of work if you think that way.” Serenity said calmly, shaking her head. “Were you able to uncover anything important with your team? Any clues on the perpetrator?”

Malin Bishop

Malin’s shoulders squared and she took a moment to collect her thoughts when she heard the voice of the woman that she hated more than anything else. Endymion had been bewitched by her and now she was supposed to call her her queen. No. She was never going to see Serenity as anything more than what she really was, but she was also wise enough to know that attacking her here and now was a terrible idea. She wanted to kill her but she knew the Dark Kingdom wasn’t ready.

Malin herself wasn’t ready and that was a tough pill to swallow.

”Saving people is what matters most. I put my life on the line to keep Olrando safe from the monsters that would look to destroy it. But my line of work has also taught me many things, your majesty.” She started off as she turned to face the woman, doing her utmost to keep a straight face. She wanted to shoot her right in the fucking face.

Calm down, Malin. You can’t reveal yourself. You can still play this off. Remember. Patience.

”I have learned that you can’t save everyone a most of those people were already dead. It was useless to try and save them. That is the hard truth in this line of work. I can save everyone and they were already gone. Useless. It was useless to try and bring them back. Unless… you are capable of bringing back the dead as well?” Malin asked with a look of surprise on her face. Oh she knew what the crystal was capable of. She had seen it herself twice over. But she wasn’t going to reveal herself as Beryl. Not yet.

And besides, as strange as it was, she did firmly believe that. She knew that you couldn’t save everyone and before she had remembered who she was, that had been very hard to come to terms with. But really, anyone who believed in the White Moon was useless…

”So far we have been unable to find anything that would tell us who these Black Moon terrorists are. There are intentions are damn clear, that much is true.” She said as she nudged her boot against the fallen sign of a business. ”They’re going through and trying to find any and all pieces of the explosive used. We might at least be able to figure out what it was and go from there. Unfortunately, it might take some time when our only evidence is strewn over several blocks. And some are still in the bodies of victims.”

The look on Malin’s face was one of pure anger. She hated that someone would do this to her people. She had her issues with the people of Orlando that blindly followed this false queen, but they were still her people. ”And for obvious reasons, obtaining those shards of shrapnel has been… difficult. I would never order a family to turn over the body of a deceased loved one so my people can cut into it and get out all of the evidence. So it will take some time.”

Serenity disagreed with what Malin said, her azure hues gazed firmly  at her as she spoke. She’d matured a lot as a Queen, but she was still learning, and she’d had a whole lot of learning to do. She’d known that as her Guardians were constantly scolding her even now, but what could she do? There were some habits that died hard, and she was trying her hardest to mature—starting with the possibility of going back to school.
While Malin did have a point that this was indeed a catastrophe, it still wasn’t useless to save the people who could have been saved. She was the Soldier of Love and Justice, she was taught since day one to never give up on the people she cared about, even if she hadn’t known them. She wasn’t going to start now.
“I can understand that, but it isn’t useless to save the lives of those affected by this catastrophe. A lot of people died here that day….people who I could not bring back without disrupting the lifecycle. But those that I could save, I preferred to save them, and that meant using the Silver Crystal to heal their injuries and make everyone’s lives easier. A little boy lost his mother….and Sailor Neptune had to help that little boy. She’s still affected by the loss and what that boy went through.” She informed her calmly.
What Malin revealed to her next made her tense a little bit, azure hues widening a little. It was a fear that she wished that hadn’t come from her mouth, as she’d known that Charlie had been having issues with that too. Everyone had been. There was only one solution that she could come up with, and that was talking with Luna, but she wasn’t even sure if she was able to do what she was thinking. It was why she hadn’t bothered bring it up.
And still wouldn’t. Especially not to the Chief. She’d known better than to reveal information like that to important people. What would they say to the press?
“When I was Sailor Moon, my team and I fought enemies usually when they revealed themselves. It was complicated then, and it’s still complicated now….. I’m not entirely sure how to fight someone who knows how to hide themselves will. It’s….pretty scary.” Serenity confessed, albeit sheepishly. It was one thing that made it challenging as a Sailor Guardian. How do you fight your enemy without knowing who they were?
“Charlie has been repeatedly going over the video footage of the explosion and hasn’t found anything. But to create a symbol like that…” Serenity shuddered.
“I….don’t think I understand….what would that have to do with this case?”

Malin Bishop

"Perhaps I'm too cynical. Until a few years ago, bringing back the dead or healing the injured by magic wasn't possible. It was a thing of fiction and I don't have time for a children's story. Trying to save the damned wasn't possible. All I could do was stop more people from getting hurt and becoming victims." She frowned. That wasn't a lie either. Well, mostly at least.

Until Malin's memories had come back of her being Beryl, she had just been an abrasive cop who hated when people hurt the innocent citizens she had pledged to protect. Now that she remembered being Beryl, she often found her past memories conflicting with the desires and ideals that she held now. She wanted to keep Orlando safe. But she also wanted to take the Silver Crystal for her own and that desire was still just as strong as ever. And yet... she didn't know which she should put first.

The story about Sailor Neptune brought no sympathy from her. Malin had been dealing with that kind of heartache for years as a cop. She knew what it was like to have to help a child come to terms with the death of a parent. If the White Moon didn't exist, that child's mother would still be alive. But Serenity probably didn't realize that much less believe it.

"These are people that want to cause as much pain and suffering as possible. They want to cause as much death as possible. The more that they get to you and your guardians, the more you feed into them." It was a heartless statement but true. Serenity and her guardians were bleeding hearts and that just fueled the Black Moon.

The chief of police raised a brow. "What would that have to do with this case? The bodies that have evidence in them that is directly tied to this case?"

If that was what the stupid queen was asking about, then she was even more naive and dumb than Malin remembered. And that was saying something becuase she had been naive as hell back then.

Serenity had to remind herself then that this was Earth. While she’d grown accustomed to the idea that death and rebirth were entirely possible, Serenity knew that many other humans weren’t. It was a strange understanding that Serenity had gotten from Malin.
Perhaps this was where her Mama began to enforce so many restrictions between the Earth and Moon Kingdom? The impossible became possible on the Moon Kingdom, whereas Serenity had yet to show mankind just what was truly possible in life. So many books could be rewritten, she’d known that now—but Serenity also knew that she and everyone else had to take baby steps. Mankind was just even getting used to the idea that extraterrestrials existed.
Baby steps, yes. Serenity internally murmured to herself.
“No, no! I understand, honest—but we’re in a new age now, aren’t we? It’s time to reopen the mind and begin to think with a more open mindset. I would never be able to forgive myself if I just outright ignore this tragedy. I’m proud of my Guardians for jumping into the fight to help save these people.”  Serenity spoke with a very optimistic outlook towards the future, in hopes that one day, people would enter an age of acceptance. She could wholeheartedly understand where Malin’s cynicism was coming from, but now wasn’t the time for that. Not at all.
“My Guardians and I are prepared to handle them, one step at a time. We refuse to let them win, and we have every intention of making them pay for their crimes. Right now it’s a matter of locating Wiseman.” Serenity’s facial features morphed into concern then, when she’d realized just how much of a clever and sneaky foe Wiseman was. “But it’s also very hard….knowing that Wiseman and his allies are all humans….”
She’d fought humans before and she’d known this. But they were corrupted with no hopes of return. Serenity wanted to believe that the humans that Wiseman corrupted were misguided and one track minded, but were they? What really made them so difficult to lift a hand towards?
Azure hues perked up then, when she’d realized how silly she must have sounded to Mali as she gazed at her sheepishly. “Eheh… I’m sorry, I’m not really good when it comes to the technical details of stuff like this. But yes, that’s what I mean.”  

Malin Bishop

It was irritating that she was having to deal with Serenity right now. She wasn't ready to out herself to the bitch. She wasn't strong enough yet because she didn't have Queen Metaria to fuel some of her more powerful abilities. She needed more power if she was going to try and kill Serenity. Especially when she knew the damn guardians would show up and then she would have a much bigger fight and problem on her hands.

I have more important things to do than talk to this idiot of a woman. She thought to herself. She was just going to have to deal with the situation and do with it what she could. She was stuck with having to deal with the woman that she hated the most.

"A new age that I'm frankly very uncomfortable with. Regardless of whether you saw it that way or not, your ascension to the throne has changed a lot. Everything I thought I knew has been thrown into chaos. I will never condone violence like what the Black Moon has done, but you need to give some of us time to get used to this new world." Malin said seriously. Ironically though, violence wasn't something she shied away from on the whole.

Whether Serenity liked it or not, that was a big reason a lot of humans were wary and upset with the White Moon.

"And I would remind you that the police cannot just be ignored. Your guardians have helped but so have my officers. Your guardians are not above the law, and I would like them to be reminded of that." Malin's tone was a bit harsher. Right now, it was the hardened chief of police who was talking. She refused to be replaced by the guardians. She had a lot of good men and women that deserved better than that.

"All I ask is you do not ignore the police. We have been here to protect Orlando before you and your guardians appeared. If your guardians are going to continue to operate in my city, they need to work alongside my officers." Malin was having to bite her tongue and not tell Serenity exactly what she thought of her.

Patience, Malin. Soon.

She took a breath. "I am very passionate about my career and I take my position seriously. I have to."

Malin pinched the bridge of her nose and forced herself to calm down inwardly. Outwardly she had somehow managed to stay calm. "Well, we need that evidence. It may help us identify who created this bomb and where we can find them."

Serenity tensed a little bit with Malin’s harshness. She knew that everyone had dissenting opinions of when she and Endymion ascended the throne. Even she wondered if she was ready and if they’d rushed into their marriage so soon, but neither of them would have realized that when they married it would immediately lead to when they were required to become King and Queen of the Earth.
“I’m sorry,” Serenity said calmly, at the most that was what she could do, wasn’t it? Serenity knew that she and her Guardians were working towards putting an end to the Black Moon’s violence. But it was hard and Malin knew that too. “We all have to work together to overcome it all, I know that. I feel like what has happened has made things even more difficult for everyone to get used to things, but I’m sure that once things have calmed down and our enemies are dealt with things will quiet down. I’m still adjusting to it all myself.”
Didn’t she count in all of this? Never in her wildest dreams would she have expected that an entire city would have formed upon her marriage to Endymion. But it was selfish to even think of herself when everyone was suffering. The sooner that they’d dealt with the Black Moon, the better.
“Please, if my Guardians ever become an issue I’m open to hearing about it. They’re doing their best to help with the recent attacks, but I know that they have a tendency to forget that people know who they are now too.” Serenity informed her, although she wondered if that was even the case at this point. “I know that with my Outer Guardians, they’re especially not used to civilians being involved in their work. It’s a big adjustment to them.”
“Did….something else happen recently that I don’t know about concerning them?” Serenity asked, although when she heard the remark that followed that, she wondered whether or not that was true. Yes, Malin was the Chief of Police, but when she’d first arrived she heard differently. It was as if she had changed her whole demeanor just because she was here. She chose not to retort and merely gazed onward at the scene.
“Do we….know who Wiseman is yet? How to track him?”

Malin Bishop

You’re sorry. That’s all that you ever have to say, isn’t it? The woman thought to herself. There were so much vitriol and hatred going through her mind, but she wasn’t stupid enough to let it show on her face. Serenity was the one that had ruined her life twice over already. She had, for reasons beyond her own understanding, been given yet another chance at life that she didn’t want to waste.

Which meant playing nicely and not letting the queen know that there was anything more going on with her beyond what she might see publically. It wasn’t any large surprise that Malin was against the White Moon. She had made her feelings toward the “benevolent rulers” more than once. But there was a very large difference between not liking and not supporting the White Moon and actually being Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom. Those were secrets that she didn’t want to get out. Not until she was ready.

”I will. Don’t doubt that I will. If they overstep their bounds, I am not afraid to use the power I have of the law. Regardless of what you may think, your guardians cannot be above the law.” Her tone was hard. She had changed in this life and she knew it. She had something she cared about beyond just her unrequited love for the king. She wasn’t going to let the city and its people be harmed by the guardians who just wanted to play hero.

Serenity asking about other instances of the Black Moon making appearances made her frown. There were always little stunts their members were pulling off, but usually, they didn’t gain media attention because they were isolated attacks. Nothing on this scale. ”There are a few instances. I would have to have the files pulled and sent to you.”

Malin’s eyes darkened at the mention of Wiseman. ”...Another mystery I plan on uncovering myself. We haven’t gotten word of who he could be and where he might be hiding."

Serenity subtly tensed a little bit when she heard Malin’s retort. She understood that it was her duty, but the way that she phrased it was rather fierce. Her Guardians never believed that they were above the law, absolutely not! Charlie worked frequently with the law, didn’t she? So did her other Guardians, her own Inner Guardians did so!
“I don’t think that they’re above the law, and I’m sure that they don’t, either.” Serenity reassured her, trying to make sure that her own emotions didn’t show at that second. She was very protective of her Guardians, and she’d known that they’d always make the right choices. Sometimes they needed a gentle push in the right direction, such as the Outer Guardians when it concerned their involvement with Sailor Saturn, but a gentle push was all that was needed.
They understood their mistakes, after all. They were raising Sera, right?
“It seems that you’re insisting that they think that….” Serenity murmured, until she heard her mention the files. What?
“I’d be interested in reading those files, so please send them to me.” Serenity didn’t like meddling with police business, she especially didn’t like having to put her Guardians back on track. But what did Malin mean? Why hadn’t she heard of any of these instances?
“I was afraid that you’d say that,” Serenity frowned. “We’ve been following the Black Moon for a long time and we haven’t been able to identify anyone.”

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