Filling You In
Kelvin/Rora // July 18th, 2030

Andie Long

”Thomas?” Andie called as she stuffed her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket. Honestly, she was only here because she needed to talk to him about something. Kelvin Thomas was one of the few members of the Dark Kingdom that Andie didn’t hate with a passion. And the reason for that was quite simple. The guy never seemed to be around all that much. He kept to himself and wasn’t obsessed with the idea of her being in love with him like Marama. So she could at least respect the fact that he wasn’t a fucking giant dick like Chase nor was a pain in the ass like the aforementioned Marama.

So why was she even here in the first place? Well, Kelvin hadn’t been at the meeting with her and the other knights. So she had taken it upon herself to try and figure out where the fuck he had been. In all honesty, she didn’t blame him for skipping out on the meeting. It hadn’t been terribly productive. Even so, they had made a few plans and she figured that someone should try to reach out to the reclusive Kelvin and fill him in on what he had missed.

This garage was very different from anywhere she had been before. She didn’t make a habit of hanging around a mechanic’s garage, but she knew that he worked here and was more than likely working on something. That was probably his reason for being absent. If that wasn’t the reason and something else was going on, well…

They were going to have another issue altogether.

”Thomas? Dude? Are you here? It’s Andie.” She said as she looked around. She couldn’t really hear much of anything so it seemed as though the garage was empty. She figured that there was no one else here. She really hoped that Kelvin was here though.

When the meeting between the other knights was called, Kelvin opted out of going for a number of reasons. His mother didn’t know what he was and he didn’t want her wondering why he went all the way to town, Kelvin didn’t want to go all the way there, and honestly he didn’t care enough to go. Kelvin didn’t think they would even notice he wasn’t there and so he had stayed behind to work on a car for the mayor. It was one of her driver’s cars and they had requested he work on it so that’s what he was doing. He was currently on a roller board under the lifted vehicle working on some of the undercarriage.

As he worked he started hearing someone call his name and at first he thought it was his mother but as the voice grew closer he recognized it as Andie. Pulling himself from under the vehicle he sat up and threw the tool he was using into the tool box next to him. ”In here, Andie.”he said before standing up and grabbing and already dirty rag and cleaning his hands and wiping at his face. Not that it did much of any good. Mostly it just spread the muck around. The dark skinned space solider stood and walked toward the ice princess. ”Sorry. I was under a car and couldn’t hear you.”he offered as he walked toward her. Kelvin had a feeling he knew why she was there as she was one of the few he bet would notice he wasn’t at the meeting. ”Did you need something?”he asked standing there and looking down at the blonde haired female.

Andie Long

Honestly, Andie wasn't even sure why they bothered having Kelvin as a member of the Dark Kingdom. He was never around when he was needed most and he barely came up with any ideas that would further their work against the White Moon. She had never heard of him trying to gather energy or make up any plans at trying to get his hands on the Silver Crystal. But hey, it was none of her business. She didn't make the rules and it wasn't up to her in order to figure out what to do with him. All she was here to do was make sure he was kept in the loop.

Though she was still wondering if there was any point in it. She crossed her arms over her chest and she looked around again. She was still hearing those sounds but she wasn't going to go any deeper into the garage. She didn't want to get oil all over herself, to be honest. She sighed and pulled her phone out of her pocket to shoot a message to Zahid.

Are we even sure that Thomas is still alive? No one has heard from him since before the meeting- She was interrupted when she heard the noises get a little bit louder and she raised her head and peered around the corner. Aha. Now she was starting to hear footsteps.

"There you are." Andie muttered and she put her phone away. She didn't end up sending the text message just yet, but she was going to be sure to fill her best friend in on this little meeting if only because the two of them enjoyed gossiping about all of the other knights. Especially when it came to Thomas because he was never around. She raised a brow and then she began walking towards the sound of his voice.

She raised a brow at him and then she shrugged. "Just making sure that you were still alive. You didn't show up to the little meeting so we needed to make sure that you were still alive."

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