[Blackout]Darkness Beckons
London/Rora, Roxie/Kari // July 22nd, 2030

Lena Moore

It had been one hell of a long week. In fact, Lena was pretty sure that it qualified as being the week from hell. There had been so much shit that had happened that she wasn’t so sure just how much had happened. The explosion in the city had been horrible and honestly, it was going to take years for the damage to be fully repaired. People had died and those were lives lost that were never going to be able to be brought back. That was what angered her so much. She didn’t particularly care if property was destroyed. After all, that was something that could be rebuilt. But what really bothered her was knowing that so many people had died.

Lives couldn’t just be brought back like that. Sure, she knew that Serenity was capable of raising the dead. She had seen her do such feats before and she knew more than likely she would do so again at some point in the future. However, doing such a thing was never easy on the young queen and Lena never wanted her dearest friend to put herself at risk. So those that had died were not going to be returned to life.

And she was feeling a powerful sense of guilt over that. She should have been there and should have been able to help. By the time she had realized and heard what was going on, it was too late. She had arrived on scene after Serenity and she had tried to help the survivors of the explosion as best as she could. But she hadn’t been able to find the people that had done it. They had seemingly been able to get away with their act of terror and they were no closer at figuring out who had actually been behind it.

”Thank you.” Lena smiled to the clerk behind the counter as she took her bag. She knew that it was wrong for her to be out shopping after everything horrible that had happened, but sometimes retail therapy was something that could really help. However, given that she no longer had a secret identity, she had done something that she hadn’t done in a very long time. She was wearing a disguise so no one recognized her as Lena Moore or Sailor Venus.

So what had she bought? Well, it had occurred to her that she had never actually bought something for Cynthia for her birthday. It was almost a month after her birthday, but better late than never, right? She figured giving her friend something might put a smile on her face.

So what had she gotten her? It was a small wooden decorative box that had the planetary symbols carved onto the top of it. They each made up a near perfect circle around the crescent moon on top of it, which had been decorated with a pearlized enamel. Perhaps Cynthia would like to store the Silver Crystal inside when she wasn’t using it? It was an idea, at least.

She smiled and took the bag and stepped outside of the door, reaching up to tuck some hair behind her ear. She stopped and frowned, looking up at the sky above her. It seemed… far too dark for the time of day it was. And the darkness was quickly growing even thicker and darker from before. She pulled her phone out and realized she had no signal.

What the hell?

Standing in the middle of the shopping district, London was staring up at the sky. Something had felt off which is why he was standing there. Seeing the sky growing dark he was surprised and yet he felt power from it. He didn’t know what but he could just feel it. Glancing down at his cell he sent a text to the other dark kingdom members but only the one to Roxie went out before the signal stopped. Raising a brow he looked around once again. Perhaps this was their chance to go against the white moon. The black moon had their chance now it was the Dark Kingdom’s chance. Looking around he saw that most everyone’s sight was to the sky as it continued to grow darker. He took the opportunity to transform into Staurolite.

Smirking he looked around as the darkness descended upon the unsuspecting citizens. ”Let’s play.”he said before summoning a youma of light. The youma bowed before the light master how raised his head. ”Time to cause some chaos.”Saurolite spoke to the youma how smirked before running out and toward the shopping district. Light balls began being thrown to those that were confused by the darkness that was falling on the city. When the screams were heard the people around started to run in panic. Staurolite smirked before summoning his ‘light sabar’ and slashing at people as they ran. The darkness was causing most to have trouble seeing and it seemed his light was cutting through the darkness easily.

This was going to be fun. Plus he might be rewarded by their queen for taking advantage of the situation. It was the least he could do in hopes of not being punished. Staurolite looked around as the youma terrorized the humans in the area. This was already turning out to be so much fun and quite enjoyable for the solider of light.

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