[Blackout] Dear Agony
// July 22, 2030

Hyun decided it would be best to investigate a few things on his own, concerning the explosion in this area. The footage was difficult to decipher and there were no leads on who was responsible for this. It angered him but there was no use fretting about it within the Crystal City walls. He couldn't let his own fears get the better of him now. His King and Queen needed him and he was going to do his best to contribute in any way possible.

This also allowed him to explore the city even further, perhaps enjoy his time here. It was good timing since it was nearing dinner and one of the restaurants seemed fitting to try out. The meal was overall satisfactory and enough time for him to observe and be a normal human for once. He left a generous tip for the waiter, paid his bill, and left to find the aftermath of the explosion just several days prior.

It was horrendous. There were several tapes and barriers preventing people from entering and risking harm but the site was presumably left undisturbed. There was no way to really know if anything was tampered but it seemed like any other explosion. The charred debris and broken glass was picked up but everything else was left alone.

Who could have done this? Hyun kept his distance but his gaze remained on the remains as he thought. Would the Dark Kingdom have done this? Based on what he recalled, it was doubtful. The Dark Kingdom mainly focused on collecting energy for their higher mistress so something like this would not make sense. The group was more subtle and didn't use scare tactics like this to draw people in...unless that was their game plan since his servitude. But there weren't any reports that he found that tracked people's energy being drained but that would be something to look into.

The Black Moon Clan was likely the one responsible for this. It seemed...raw, unpolished, something that he wouldn't have done if Hyun was still with the Dark Kingdom, much as he hated to admit. This was likely an attempt at instilling fear and doubt into the current rule and less about the need to steal energy. What would the Black Moon need energy for anyway? Unless they also have a master needing energy too...

And then the darkness arrived suddenly, throwing off Hyun's train of thought.

Shit. He looked above to see what felt like a cloud of darkness covering the area, swallowing the light as it did so. Hyun nearly felt lightheaded but recollected himself as he pulled out his phone. He noticed the screen was pitch black so he couldn't even see where the call button was. Fuck. There was no way to communicate with anyone and he didn't know his way back. He tried to find some glimpse of buildings, people, or anything but to no avail. He was stuck in this darkness with only the sound of screaming and panic filling his ears. Hyun tried to make his way over to the source of the sounds while thinking of a way to get word out to the King and Queen. He looked to his phone again but only saw the pitch black screen no matter how many times he pushed the button.

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Malin Bishop

Everything in the last week had been hell. Malin had wanted to come up with a proper response to the explosion. She had wanted to make sure that the Black Moon knew that they were not going to get their way. They were not going to be the ones that killed the king and queen. They were not going to get their hands on a weapon as powerful as the Silver Crystal only to destroy it. She was not going to allow it. She had been alive too many times and died for this. She was not going to lose it again.

Not to homicidal maniacs that apparently didn’t know what finesse was. Malin knew that before her efforts to gather energy for Metaria had been… less than successful. And while she no longer was in contact with the other queen, she also had tried to at least be a little bit neater in how she took down the White Moon. Of course, she had come to realize that her old efforts hadn’t worked. But she wasn’t just going to blow up a block or two of the city and call it day.

No, there needed to be more. She needed to get her fingers into the minds of those that were close to the king and queen. That was part of the reason she had taken the knights. And it was why she had her eyes on one of the Heavenly Kings. The Shitennou had been under her control for so long that she knew they were still susceptible to her, far more so than even most normal humans.

She didn’t want to enthrall them like before. No, she had another idea. She wanted to use them to attack those that they cared about most.

Oh precious Jadeite had finally returned to Orlando. She hadn’t been watching each one of the Shitennou personally because she was a very busy woman, but she had people watching their every move. When she had heard that he was finally back in the States, she knew that she was going to find him and she was going to try and sink her teeth back into him. Not the way he might imagine either. No, she wasn’t going to use him as one of her generals. That hadn’t worked twice before. She didn’t need him to collect energy.

She wanted to use him against Endymion. Or perhaps someone else in the White Moon that he might be fond of.

She smirked as she stepped out behind him and had been about to start walking towards him when an unnatural darkness hit. It was suffocating and she could hear the horrible screams of the damned humans. But this… it was familiar. There was something about it that didn’t make her feel afraid but felt comfortable. Was this… no. It wasn’t possible, right?

Darkness was her element. She wasn’t afraid. And she could see just fine. Jadeite was trying to bumble about and find his way through the darkness. She smirked and her form changed, taking on the form he would recognize. ”Jadeite, my dear. Come back to me. Come back home where you belong.”

Come back home to the Dark Kingdom. The voice would whisper into his mind.

It seemed hopeless. Hyun was simply wandering in darkness, with no way of knowing where he went. Were there even people around to hear him? He tried calling into the abyss but it seemed like it was just staring back, watching him get flustered. This was just great. 

But then...her voice emerged, something familiar. That sweet, enthralling voice pulling him back in. No, no...it couldn't be...


Hyun shook his head, trying not to panic, but all that kept going in his mind was how to get away from this. From her. He shouldn't have left the palace at all. He knew this was going to happen; he knew that witch was going to find some way to get through to him one way or another. Hyun noticed he was able to see clearly. Was it the darkness that helped him see better? No, this was not going to happen, not again. He closed his eyes and his mind kept screaming back to her repeatedly.

"You have no control over me, witch! Never again!"

Hyun felt helpless against this pull into the darkness but he couldn't give up here. Not after all he went through to get to this point. He needed to hold on and not let her influence him too much. If he could just make it back and warn someone about the Dark Kingdom...he could hopefully make it back with his mind intact.

The ambassador opened his eyes again, seeing the sights before him as clear as day, no longer blind by the darkness. He needed to act quick.

Malin Bishop

You never stopped being mine, Jadeite. You were always destined to return to the darkness where you belonged. You belong here with me and you know it. You’ve felt it while you try to serve your king and queen.

Beryl’s smile spread like wildfire across her lips. She hated Serenity. She hated Endymion. What was going to be more fun than watching their people being torn from the inside out when they finally figured out what was happening? She wanted them to know that it was her that had twisted Jadeite into doing it.

The truth was that you never really got away from the Dark Kingdom. Maybe you could break the direct line of control over your mind, but you were never really free of that corruption. She had used the power of the darkness to twist the Shitennou and that darkness was still hidden somewhere inside of them.

Stop trying to fight it! You know that you belong here with me, darling. You know that the darkness is where you make your home and it is where you wither away when it is time for you to finally return to the dust from which you were made. Why do you think the darkness adjusts to you? Why do you think you can see in this thick black cloud? There is no other reason unless…

Unless you know this is where you belong.

Beryl’s cruel smile twisted further and she gripped the firearm in her hand. She knew that she could kill him now here with it unless he was suddenly immune to bullets. But that wasn’t satisfying. She allowed the human weapon to disappear from her hand and instead it was replaced by the staff she had carried before. She slowly advanced on him, allowing the staff to change and alter so it was a bladed weapon.

Don’t make this be the end, Jadeite. I don’t want to kill you.

Lies. This witch was trying to manipulate him and Hyun couldn't allow this torment to persist him. With his vision clear, he had to act quick. Just his exposure to the darkness was starting to make him sick. Which way was the kingdom...

"I refuse to bow to you!" he mentally shouted at Beryl. Hyun looked back to see her and his blood ran cold. He didn't really have a weapon on him other than his ice abilities. He gripped his fists tight as a flurry of snow formed around them and he threw the small storm in Beryl's direction. It had no intention to harm her but merely distract her as he escaped.

Hyun's heart was pounding as he ran from her. He was at risk being out here in the open. The closer he was to the kingdom, the better. He looked around with blood rushing to his ears. He gripped an ice shard he formed as a precaution. He continued to guide himself through the city, passing by people who were fumbling in the dark. The ambassador felt bad but he needed to focus on his safety before even trying to help the others out.

He noticed his vision becoming less clear the more he ran from Beryl though....Shit.

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