The Habits of a Queen
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When Cynthia had grown excited about Mar having a bus pass the mermaid guardian couldn’t help but be amused. She didn’t know why but watching the queen get excited over something so simple made the younger woman very happy. It showed that the queen really did want to be just a normal person. As they had boarded the bus, Mar showed her pass she found that the bus was packed but not quite as busy as it was during rush hour. ”I must say I agree, Cyn. I’ve seen some of her cars and they are pretty impressive.”she said going with Cyn instead of anything else as to not expose the white haired female as Queen as she was sure it wouldn’t go over very well.

When they arrived in town they disembarked near the shopping area and Mar turned to the queen and grinned. ”Any where you’d like to go first?”she asked rocking on her heels. Although she was doing some of her own shopping she wanted to go where the queen wanted to go as well. Considering she hadn’t been out in some time Mar suspected there had to be somewhere that she would want to go that she hadn’t been able to go with her guards that she could now go to as Mar didn’t plan on restricting her highness. Mar was fully capable of protecting the queen as any of the other guardians. But this was one day where she didn’t want to have to prove that as she was sure she would get in huge trouble if that were to happen.

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As they boarded the bus, Serenity was grateful that nobody had recognized her yet. It was hard, knowing that an enemy could be riding with them. But Serenity was determined to keep the peace, and act as a normal citizen on this bus ride.
Fortunately, she had Mar at her side, which meant that things should be fine. Right? The last thing that they needed was for something to occur on the bus ride.
“Charlie’s always been interested in cars, ever since I first met her when she was younger. It’s always been a real treat to ride with her even in the backseat. Not many people can say that they’ve ridden in the cars that she has.” And as Serenity was a commoner growing up, it was definitely a real treat. Her Papa couldn’t afford anything near the models that Charlie owned.
The bus ride was quick and smooth, and when they arrived at their destination, Serenity entirely sure on where to start. That was, until she remembered that Mar wasn’t from Orlando. Surely little visits to her old hangouts wouldn’t hurt?
“How about the manga stores? Or what about Crown Arcade?” Serenity was tossing things out there, but she’d known that they couldn’t stay out for very long. It wouldn’t do them any good if they returned to the Crystal Palace and her Guardians got word that she wasn’t there.

Looking at the queen as she spoke of Charlie and her love of cars. Mar grinned not really surprised that the Uranus guardian had such a love for cars. She’d seen the speed demon drive and knew that it had been a passion for her. ”It’s not surprising. She seems to really love the speed and the cars seem precious as if they are her babies.”she said as she looked to the queen once more. The guardian in question didn’t trust the Galatica so she wouldn’t let any of them near her cars so it was unlikely that Mar would ever be lucky enough to ride in one.

When the pair reached their destination, Mar disembarked with the queen. She made sure to stick close in case anything happened. Despite being there a year she hadn’t been able to go to many places as she was dealing with other things so when the queen mentioned two places Mar just tilted her head with confusion. ”Manga? Crown Arcade? What are those?”she asked honestly not understanding what the two things were. She wasn’t from Earth and they didn’t have these things on Mermaid. Mar relied on the queen to explain these strange things to her.

Serenity giggled at how Mar described Charlie, that was definitely the truth! She couldn’t imagine Charlie letting even Endymion driving her favorite cars, even though he was a king now. “She does. She used to be a racer, you know. I wish that....a lot of my guardians just didn’t give up their dreams, just because of their duties to me.”

Serenity’s gaze became downcast then, as she looked at the floor of the bus and wiggled her feet anxiously. It was something that Serenity always had a problem with. They were duty bound to her, yes, but Serenity deeply wanted them to be able to live their own lives too. She was glad that Iseul hadn’t given up entirely on her own dream, and was even able to pursue it at the Crystal Palace.

But when Mar didn’t know what manga or the arcade was, Serenity’s jaw dropped as she gazed at her. HOW?

“How do you not know what manga are!? Let alone arcade games!? Didn’t they have anything like that where you lived? We have to go to the bookstore and Crown!” She bounced eagerly. “Oh, I remember all those times I stole some of Izumi’s was great! Lena and I used to read them all the time, you know! They have manga of all kinds, I’m sure you’ll find something you like! What types of genres do you like?”

Hearing the queen giggle she looked at her and smiled, ”I had heard she was once a racer.”she said then frowned as she listened to Serenity’s wish and felt sad. The guardians of the Sol System were princesses themselves and but their duties as guardians came first and as such were ordered to protect their princess, now queen. Of course over time they protected the entire system but their main job was to protect Serenity. Mar understood why Cyn wished for her fellow guardians to follow their dreams instead of giving them up for their duties to her but that was what they had always done. It was their jobs and their dream was for the bright future they wanted and for that future to come to pass they had to protect their queen.”I understand Cyn but you all have mentioned that you had seen the future and that it was beautiful. They want to preserve that future and they have time to pick their dreams back up. You shouldn’t worry so much about it. They are like your family correct?” Marcelline said to the queen. She was speaking so only Cyn could hear her. She wasn’t wishing to expose the queen to the world today so she wanted to make sure no one heard their conversation.

Seeing the reaction of Cyn when Mar had mentioned about not knowing about manga and the arcade surprised Marcelline. Mar’s gaze shifted from side to side unsure how to react to Cyn’s reaction. ”My entire planet is under water. There’s actually quite a bit of things that your planet has that we do not have as well as things that we have that you do not. I am sorry if it seems so strange.”she said looking to the older female. She saw her bounce and smiled at the reaction. It was sometimes hard to remember that Cynthia was a queen when she did things like this. ”I’m not really sure. What types of genres are there?”she asked as she stood there looking at the queen curiously.

Serenity was glad that Mar was at least informed of that. She hadn’t known Mar that well, but there were moments when she wondered just how much mingling the Galactica were doing with her own Guardians. The Outer Guardians were xenophobic even towards the Sailor Starlights, within reason. But Serenity had hoped that the Galactica were doing what they could to prove themselves here.
They had just as much to prove as her own Guardians, after all. They were aliens from outside their very own Solar System. The mere thought was mind-bottling to many humans.
“Have you talked with Charlie or her wife much? They’re really nice once you get to know them, you know!” Serenity hinted. If they needed to prove themselves to anyone, it was definitely Charlie and Neptune. But she’d hoped that within the past few years, their experiences with outsiders would have put them at a little more ease.
 “We did….” Serenity murmured, though she wasn’t about to reveal that she hardly remembered their time in the future. It was like a faint memory that only cropped up once or twice. She didn’t even remember why they went to the future, all that she’d known was that they had. “And I wanted so much for us to experience it for ourselves. I….wouldn’t have expected that all of this would have happened.”
Just what had caused that future that they’d seen to transpire? Was there any hope for them at all to have it? Serenity knew better than to ask Kali these sorts of questions, but there were moments that she wanted to pry. “But I want them so deeply to understand that even I know when people need a break. Endymion and I had a little break before we were married, when he was studying in America—then I decided to go with him when everyone was busy.”
“I’m trying so hard for our future not to be like our past.” Serenity insisted, looking away for a brief moment as she reminisced about her own mistakes. Did she regret them? No, not at all. She wouldn’t have been able to meet many of her friends if she had regretted her past.
When Mar reminded her of what her planet was like, Serenity was caught slightly off-guard. She’d forgotten all about that! When she looked at Mar, she seemed like a perfect humanoid. But the culture on Mermaid was vastly different from Earth’s, and it intrigued Serenity so much.
“Really? Can you tell me a little bit about Mermaid, Mar? It really seems so interesting, do you have any literature on your planet at all? Music? Books? Art?  There’s so many genre’s, it’d be impossible to name them—what do you like the most out of life?”

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