Dark Side of the Moon
// July 20th, 2030

Serenity was shocked at the amount of damage and irreparable buildings the explosion had caused. Her palms clasped against her mouth as she gazed onward at the marketplace after she arrived, escorted by Secret Service Agents and FBI.
This shouldn’t be happening! Serenity internally thought, wondering just what she’d done to upset these people. All she wanted was to be married to Endymion, she hadn’t expected that an entire city would form magically after her marriage.
And really, who would have? Serenity expected to be a housewife, not a queen. But as her azure hues continued to gaze onward at the debris, she permitted her companions to continue investigating the site. She was safe, she didn’t need someone at her side 24/7 when she was out in public so long as they were nearby.
A pair of white heels clicked against the pavement, until she almost tripped over a broken piece of glass that looked like it might’ve come from a phone. Unlike when she was in the palace, Serenity had chosen to wear common attire. White pants, a white laced blouse and heels.
Gently kicking the debris aside, Serenity continued onward until she stumbled upon the black crescent moon symbol on the floor that remained.
 Black Moon.
“Mama, did you….know about them? Are they from the past too?” Serenity thought to herself, kneeling down gently to place a palm on top of the symbol. Just who were the Black Moon? She’d known about Wiseman’s revelation to the world and the amount of chaos that he caused. But Serenity hadn’t known much about the Black Moon, they hadn’t made too many appearances. But there was something significant about the black upside down crescent moon symbol that seemed so significant.

Returning to the explosion site was severely irritating to London. Apparently there was a second shop his business had invested in that was also damaged and he was beginning to hate his business. The reason this one hadn’t been brought to attention was because that one of its owners died in the explosion and the rest were mourning and weren’t able to report it to his company. Standing with the others that were being escorted around, London was internally irritated with Black Moon as time progressed on. The more businesses that seemed to be destroyed by them the more his irritation grew and he really wanted to retaliate against them but didn’t.

Turning at one point he was greeted with the sight of a white haired female in all white. ’Bold choice. Or extremely stupid in this place.’ His gazed continued on but returned when a glare reflected onto his face from the direction of the woman clad in white. At his double take he realized that the woman was actually the Queen. Raising a brow he smirked before glancing back to the other men he was with wondering if perhaps he could step away a moment. They seemed preoccupied with conversations. London glanced back to the queen to see how protected she was. It didn’t seem like anyone was near her as they seemed preoccupied as well.

Perfect opportunity. London placed his arms behind his back and wandered over to the black moons on the ground. ”This must trouble you greatly, your majesty. Seeing the destruction of a place you care for.”he said to the white haired female. How do you approach a queen? He had spoken to important people before. Afterall his Queen Beryl was a very important person. Though he didn’t recognize the woman in front of him as his queen he knew better than to say anything when there was so much security nearby.

When Serenity knelt down to touch the Black Moon symbol, she still couldn’t believe everything that was happening. The name of the terrorist group spoke volumes to her; the symbol itself was an insult to her own family.
Not once had she ever recalled seeing a symbol like this in her past life. She’d only ever recalled Queen Nehellenia having a similar symbol, but not one of them was black. Serenity wanted to retreat to the Moon Kingdom and start investigating. There had to be answers somewhere in the Moon Palace, and while Serenity wasn’t one for studying, this was part of Lunarian history.
Who were the Black Moon?
Sidetracked with everything that was going on, Serenity hadn’t registered the voice immediately as foreign. In fact, she thought for a moment that it was one of the Secret Service agents assigned to her.

“Yes, but this is a senseless act and that upsets me more. How could you hate someone so much just to take the lives of innocents? It’s not right…” Serenity asked, shaking her head disappointingly. Standing up from the ground, Serenity turned to face her new acquaintance to find it wasn’t whom she was expecting.

Serenity smiled nervously, placing a palm behind her head sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to trouble you with my own opinion….I didn’t know you were someone else. Are you associated with some of the buildings here?”

Watching the queen, London was curious to how she truly felt for all of this destruction. A place she had called home her entire life being hit by a terrorist attack. Killing so many innocents in the process and leaving a ‘permanent’ mark not only in history but on the place of the explosions. It must be hitting the queen that her life was no longer safe. At her response to his statement he wondered if she actually realized he was a stranger or if she meant to share her concerns. When she finally looked up he smiled and realized rather quickly that she hadn’t meant to speak like that to him at all. That she had in fact believed he was someone else. ”But isn’t that what terrorism is, you majesty. To cause terror and in some cases killing to show they mean business, so to speak.”he said in response to her statement about the senseless act.

London grinned at her nervous smile and nodded. ”It’s alright, you majesty. It’s only right to have the ability to share your opinion with people. Especially when during a time like now when so many are wanting answers that not even you yourself have answers for.”he said looking down at the Black Moon crescent. London couldn’t explain why he was so irritated with the crescent but he was and he tightened his fist behind his back in order to hide it. Looking back at the queen he nodded in response to being associated with some of the buildings. ”Yes, you majesty. My business owns some of the small ones in the area. We are assessing it for insurance purposes.”he said looking up at her.

Serenity knew that he was right, to some degree, from what she experienced in her childhood. The Dark Kingdom were very skilled in causing terrorism in efforts to collect energy for Metaria, which she was glad that she was no longer around. That evil being created so many problems for so many people and ruined their kingdom.

“Whatever the Black Moon’s goal is, it isn’t right. They shouldn’t be killing people in efforts to deliver a message.” Serenity informed him, shaking her head disappointingly. “Killing, no matter what, is wrong. Why would you kill someone just because you’ve crossed their path?”

Or they were immortal, for that matter? Serenity wasn’t sure if there was a way for anyone to tell that someone was immortal. If the Black Moon or Dark Kingdom were able to discover a method, then they were in trouble, certainly. Because they’d known each faction had a personal issue with that.

“It’s hard,” Serenity nodded her head in agreement. “When terrorists do acts like this, and not even we can deliver answers for them right away. We’re still investigating this. Please, though, call me Serenity.” Serenity insisted, she didn’t really like it when people called her ‘her majesty’ so formally. While she understood it, Serenity still was a new Queen, and in her eyes she was still Cynthia underneath the Crown.

She still wished she could introduce herself as such, but that was not her formal title.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. Did the Black Moon destroy it, too?” Serenity inquired, gazing towards the debris worriedly. There was so much destruction, that it wouldn’t have surprised her. “We’re doing everything in our power at the moment to put an end to them. It’s a challenge....when we don’t even know the face of our enemy.”

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