// July 19th, 2018

Ever since the incident when Jade found out her previous employer, Jade had done her best to avoid the fashion scene, which meant no shopping. Jade had been outspoken about her hatred for the White Moon, and she wasn’t about to be questioned by the media if she’d been sighted.
It wasn’t like Jade at all to not shop. She was merely waiting for the news to die out, so that way she’d be able to return to the fashion world and start buying clothes again like she’d done nearly every week. But until that time, Jade was quietly sulking, yet pleased with herself that no one in the Black Moon had found out about the incident. Most were distracted with the explosion, which benefited Jade.
Jade had managed to collect a ton of clothes, so it wasn’t like she was wearing things to headquarters that most people had seen. In efforts to get her own mind off of the incident, Jade had decided to return to the scene of the explosion in order to do a little snooping.
Just as she’d suspected, the explosion site was blockaded by policemen as an ongoing investigation took place. Sapphire’s Black Moon symbol was still painted on the ground, and a small smirk appeared on her features.
Eagerly, Jade walked up to one of the CAUTION signs that was meant to prevent citizens from trespassing and she was immediately stopped by an officer who prevented her from going further.
“Miss, you cannot go this way. Please leave this area.”
“Oh officer, isn’t there anything you can do to let me pass? I think I left something behind during the explosion at my old workplace~! I’m hoping for a small chance that it’s still in good condition….” Jade readily protested.
“No, please leave. Now.
With a huff, Jade turned around and walked a few feet away, hiding behind a streetlight as she’d carefully observe the former marketplace and its personnel.

Having a business that had been in the explosion area though it wasn’t completely destroyed it did collect some damage, London was going through with some of the insurance people looking at the damage. Sighing he walked through and as he walked out he picked up something that was dropped by one of the victims. He was angry with the Black Moon though it was more of irritation but he was glad eyes were on the Black Moon instead of the Dark Kingdom. Dropping the item he looked around as the insurance men came out finished with what they were doing. ”Thank you, gentlemen. We’ll keep in touch.”he said to them before shaking their hands. They were soon escorted out of the explosion area but London’s gaze fell on a green haired female that was talking to a police officer before walking away and well she stopped.

Watching her a moment he became curious as she seemed to be looking for something. ”I’ll be back in a moment.”he told his chauffeur before walking in the direction of the female. He walked up behind her smirking. ”Looking for something, Miss?”he asked the green haired female hiding behind the streetlight. She seemed like she was watching something and he was curious to whom she was. She wasn’t a member of the Dark Kingdom that he knew of. Perhaps she was a member of the Black Moon Clan. It would make sense. Wanting to check on the damage they did. Seeing the destruction they had caused in person. It seemed logical to London but he didn’t want to assume. Perhaps she was just a human that wanted to look at the destruction. He had been there that day and though it burned its way in his mind and the deaths would be something he couldn’t forget he had reveled in the destruction against the White Moon.

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As Jade hid behind the streetlight and observed the policemen, she hadn’t anticipated being acknowledged by a random civilian. Brown hues sharply and abruptly turned towards the young man.
Oh my, you’re handsome. Jade internally thought, gazing up and down at his figure before she’d begin to speak. While Jade was impressed by his good looks, it wouldn’t change her infatuation for Adamao even slightly. She was determined to make him hers by any means necessary.
Although Jade wasn’t an actress, her features expressed concern for when the policemen denied her entry into the explosion site. But this young man seemed to have walked right out of it. Who was he? What was his association with the site?
“Yes, you see…I lost my cellphone! I simply can’t be without it! I noticed that I’d lost it the night of the explosion. I believe I was inside a shoe store when it happened!” Jade placed a palm against her lips, she briefly averted her gaze from the young man and back to the explosion site. Jade would point her free index finger towards the direction she'd believed she was. 

“How were you able to get inside? The officer wouldn’t let me through.”

When the green haired female looked up at him, London raised a brow curious to what was going through her pretty little head. He hadn’t missed how she gazed up and down at his figure before she began speaking. It also wasn’t the first time he’d had someone do this. London was used to people looking at him like this though a majority was because he was a model and the recognized him. This female didn’t seem to have recognition in her eyes upon looking at him so he didn’t bother thinking of it.

Tilting his head he waited for her to respond and he was growing impatient waiting for her to tell him what she was looking for. When she finally spoke he nodded but wondered if she was actually telling the truth. ”I see. Well if it was there it’s more than likely long gone by now. Looters have come and raided a few of the stores while this is going on and I hate to tell you this but I doubt it is still there.”he explained to her but followed her finger and nearly chuckled. ”Also there is no shoe store in that direction.”he said lowering his voice.

Taking ahold of the woman’s hand he changed the direction toward one of the only shoe stores in the explosion site. It was next to one of the shops his company owned. Which is the only reason he knew this. As she questioned why he was able to get inside he hummed a moment before glancing to the officer. Returning his gaze to the lady he leaned down slightly to her level, ”I am a business man, my dear. It’s my business to be able to get into places that concern my business.”he said with a Cheshire like grin on his face. London wondered what her real intention was because he doubted it was really to find her cell phone.

“You think so?” Jade asked, putting on a show as she pouted. She wasn’t used to acting this playful towards someone, except Adamao that was, but he made it rather easy. Except when he caught her in her charade and mentioned that there wasn’t a shoe store in this section of the marketplace, Jade stood up straight and chuckled.

Flipping her hair aside so that he could get a full view of her face, Jade crossed her arms. “I’m impressed. That cop wouldn’t let me through on the grounds that it wasn’t safe. I’ve just been wanting to scope the area and see what damage was done, out of curiosity. It was part of a dare a group of friends of mine made.”

It wasn’t a total lie, but Jade wanted to take photos for herself and compare them to what the media was posting on websites and sharing on the news. As he took hold of her hand and escorted her, it surprised Jade, and what was more surprising was that he revealed that he was a business man.

But when he took hold of her hand and escorted her, that was unexpected. What was even more unexpected was that he was a business man. Aside from Adamao, it was rare for Jade to become intrigued by another male. Sapphire came close, but not close enough. 

“What types of businesses do you run? Were you in the fashion industry?”

Seeing the pout, London raised his brow before nodding. ”Yes I do. I’m sorry to say.”he said looking down at the pouting woman. But after he had called her out on her charade London had a difficult time keeping the smirk off his face. Seeing her stand straight and chuckle caused the businessman to smirk as he stood watching her. Humming he glanced toward the cop that she was talking about before turning to her. ”It is very dangerous, miss. Wouldn’t want a pretty thing like you to be hurt walking around such a dangerous area.”he said changing his tune slightly. London raised a brow watching the woman in front of him and felt something off about her words but decided against calling her out on it. Why cause unnecessary problems for himself?

Showing the woman the area she had gestured to London turned to look down at her. At the green haired woman’s question the corner of his mouth raised and he nodded. ”I run Marama Industries and yes. I was and still am a model in my free time though not as much as I once was before I took over the company.”he replied to the young woman. This female was quite an interesting one. She lied to a police officer, wants to go into a rather dangerous area of town after the explosion, and claims to have been dared by friends. ”You mentioned being dared. What does the dare consist of? As in how would your friends know you went there?”London inquired curiously as he was curious if he could catch her in her lie or not.

Jade internally smirked when she heard him mention that the area was dangerous. He had no idea just how dangerous she was, she’d been the one who’d caused the disaster. But she continued to put on a show that she was an innocent woman who was curious to see the scene up close.
“Oh no, they haven’t cleaned up much of the debris?” Jade asked, though she’d doubted it much herself too as not much time had passed since the incident. Jade simply wanted to scope the area while the immediate damage was still intact.
What she wasn’t expecting however, was to be completely intrigued by the man in front of her when he mentioned that he was a model. She leaned back in surprise, gazing up and down at him once more. “Well, well, we do have quite a bit in common. Jade Blackburn, former model for Stardust fashion.” She introduced herself, wondering if her name still rang a bell in the modeling scene.
She shrugged at his questions. “Photography, and bringing something back. My friends are a bit reckless."

Tilting his head as he watched the young woman before turning his head to face the ground zero. In all honesty when the white queen had used her crystal it had cleared quite a bit of the debris but there was still some things that weren't completely fixed and as such there were still things that needed to be done before the area could be opened to the public. So it seemed that the business owners were some of the few allowed but being who he was, London had found his way into the ground zero. "They have cleared most of the debris but they aren't quite sure if the buildings are structurally sound yet. Inspectors and contractors are going in to check. Business owners and insurance agents must accompany them to hear what they say."he explained placing one of his hands in his pocket. This woman was quite curious for who she was portraying.
Seeing the green haired female lean back with seemingly surprise and look up and down at him he felt a smirk slip onto his lips and he allowed her the freedom of looking at him. As the woman introduced herself he tilted his head in recognition and nodded. "I have head of you Ms Blackburn. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I always wished to work with you."he said before reaching for her hand and lifting it to his lips to lay a light kiss on her knuckles. "I am London Marama from Firecloud fashion."he said glancing up at her before releasing her hand with a grin. He was most definitely oozing charm as he spoke with the woman
At the shrug he hummed a moment listening to her explain as to what the dare consisted of. "Hmm, I see. Well I'm not sure if they'll allow you to take anything but I might be able to help with the photography. I could attempt to help you take something."he said before leaning into speak to her more quietly. "You friends sound reckless but of course you are the one that must perform the dare. So what does that say about you?"he inquired with a smirk before standing straight once more. London allowed his gaze to travel across the scene around them and he wondered how much of her story was in fact true.

“It must be hard for you with the devastation that the Black Moon had caused. Has your business suffered significantly? I’m sure as a model you are doing well, but what about your employees?” Not that Jade truly cared, but she wanted to pry and find out more about Marama’s mindset. Had he truly cared for his employees, was he on the side of the Queen?
Right now it seemed he played a neutral front, just as Jade had. But Jade was eager to learn more about him. Ever since she’d joined the Black Moon because of Adamao, she hadn’t interacted much with people of her own league—particularly models. Jade would have liked to befriend someone who was against the Queen, but was also a model.
Within time, of course. The Queen was a touchy subject for many, but the explosion was a sensitive subject.
When he revealed that he’d had heard of her, Jade was intrigued, and a small smile formed on her lips. She welcomed the kiss on her knuckles, it was refreshing after all the instances she’d tried to gain some affection from Adamao.  She’d vaguely heard of Firecloud fashion, but not the name London Marama. She had been out of the modeling industry for quite some time.
“You’re full of surprises, Mr. Marama.” Jade flushed, a rare politeness from Jade as she referred to him as Mister. “You’ve heard of me, but I’m afraid I haven’t heard of you. I’ve been retired for some time. Of course, I can always be lured back into the scene. How long have you been modeling?”
As long as it hadn’t interfered with her Black Moon work, Jade was certain that there wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, she was certain that it would have been refreshing to her comrades to see her occupied when she wasn’t on a mission.
“I’d like that,” Jade smirked, leaning in a little bit to ensure nobody overheard. London’s question came to her by surprise, and her brown hues fluttered before a smirk formed on her features once more. “What does that say about me? I’m just as reckless as my friends. I enjoy a sense of adventure.”

Glancing toward the destruction London sighed before allowing his gaze to glide over to Jade once more. "Something like this wouldn't affect my business. Now the businesses that I am invested in yes it has suffered but of course that is why I am there to help. I lost several employees from it but we'll be fine moving forward. Due to business 'rules' I must assist the families as it is what my father before me did as well as his before him." he said and although he cared for his employees and took care of his employees he found some of it tedious. It wasn't like he was completely heartless but he was the boss and that was all there was.
Seeing the smile that formed on her lips, London gave a slight smirk as his charm seemed to work. He was blessed with that and good looks and he willingly used them. "Well thank you, Miss Blackburn. I try my best." he said seeing her flush. Touching his chest and feigning hurt that she hadn't heard of him. "I have been modeling since I was 6 years old. So I have been doing it for a while. It saddens me that you haven't heard of me." he said with a false pout on his lips. London hasn't actually hurt that she didn't know him. Thinking for a moment the older male nodded, "I believe we can arrange for some luring if needed." London was willing to tempt her all he needed.
Smirking he offered his arm to her so that he could lead her to ground zero. "I would like that too." he said grinning down at her as he walked along with the beauty. When she recanted his question he nodded in reply then smirked and laughed lightly. Hearing her say it didn't actually surprise him. "I find recklessness quite sexy and I'm sure we can go on many adventures together. But I can take you on any adventure you would want." he said to the young woman. London couldn't resist the flirt that came out when talking to a beautiful woman.

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