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Late March 2031 - April 2031

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Elijah didn’t quite know how he ended up being the one stuck with talking to Nasir. He still didn’t see why Diana couldn’t do it. They were friends, from the sounds of it, anyway. Whereas Eli didn’t even really know Nasir. Sure, his dads talked about Nasir on occasion and there were times when [Princess Lady Serenity] wouldn’t shut up about him, but Eli never really had the chance to meet him. Sure, there was that crisis with Nasir and [Princess Lady Serenity] insisted they step in and help. He guessed that event had a lot to do with the reason [Princess Lady Serenity] decided to reveal their team as being from the future. But Eli still didn’t really know Nasir. What was he like? Would he be the same person that Eli had heard so much about? Was that even possible? He had to admit he might have been a little jealous as well since [Princess Lady Serenity] seemed to have a soft spot for Nasir.

Following what he said he would, he reached out to Nasir—by email—to set up a time to meet. He wasn’t usually this resistant to meeting new people, but it was just different and he couldn’t quite figure out why. He asked Nasir to meet him in the library of the Crystal Palace with the hope that maybe being surrounded by books might help Elijah calm down. When it was time, he headed to the library to wait for Nasir.

Eli didn’t see Nasir yet, so he walked through the rows of bookshelves. He reached out a hand and ran his fingers along the book spines. He continued walking between the shelves until he saw Nasir arrive. He just watched for a moment, until their eyes met—his bright blue-green to Nasir’s dark and gold. He swallowed hard. “Hi.” He tried to keep from tensing. “I guess we should probably sit…” He gestured toward some chairs near the wall.

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