Eternal is a Sailor Moon roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since July 10th, 2018.

Late March 2031 - April 2031

You Can't Take The Sky From Me
Uranus Knight

Crystal Empire
They/them, She/Herpronouns
Security Chief occupation
Sailor Uranus alter-ego

Mid-Thirties- Uranus Knight - Planetary Knights
In a time long since past two children were born on the outer planet Uranus. One destined to protect the solar system from outside threats, and another to protect the planet itself. They grew up together, training and learning to control their powers and perform their duties side by side. Until the day they were split apart, where Princess Celeste was sent to watch the heavens and her companion Knight of Uranus was duty bound to the planet itself until the fall of the Silver Millennium.

Both in the past and present they don't have to be related to each other though I am certainly open to the idea! I would like to keep them both around the same age.

WIll they share some of the same hobbies and interests as Alexis? Did they in the past? How does Uranus Knight feel about having to be split apart after being close for so long? Do they remember anything about this? Sailor Uranus definitely doesn't....yet.

It will be up to you if Uranus Knight comes into play still working for the Dark Alliance or if they are already purified.

I would like to keep the face claim to non-binary individuals and my top pick is Rain Dove, but some other suggestions are Eli Erlick, Cara Delevingne, Lucky Blue Smith, and Kit Butler.

Please don't be afraid to contact me on Discord with any questions!
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