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Late March 2031 - April 2031

Shattered Fortress
the unsealing of deity hermes // March 15th, 2031

Appears 50years
Computer Technician occupation
Deity Hermes alter-ego
Hydrokinesis, Spectrokinesispowers

"I can keep my head down." Hermes assures him. Being low key was not exactly his style but he understood the need for not drawing attention to themselves. Hades no doubt had a grand scheme for how he would take his revenge on Chronos that he didn't need to know the details to. The fact that Hades had freed him already said enough about what he was planning.

Finding a place for himself on Earth would be easy. He doubted that humans were any less easy to fool even after all this time. It would be interesting to see what it was like - catch a glance at what had become of the only "family" he had there. But there was a more important matter to attend to at this moment.

The power Hades passed to hum surged through his body, an electric feeling sparking inside him as he absorbed it. His body tensed and his eyes closed, reveling in the feeling. This was the boost he needed after being dormant for so long. He felt so much like himself again.

The crumbling building in the distance hadn't escaped Hermes' notice when he first looked around. It was once both a temple and the center of learning for his people, now only half standing and cracked with age. The sight of it saddened him. How far everything had fallen from their familiar days. When Hades mentioned Pan, Hermes nodded. He had felt his companion nearby, asleep, not long after he was trapped here. It was time to make things right.

"I appreciate all your help, old friend." Hermes smirked, turning his attention away from the building and back to Hades. "When you need me, don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing what you have in store."

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40 (Ageless)years
Professor occupation
Hades alter-ego
Nether & Underworldpowers

"At least for a little while," replied Hades, regarding Hermes keeping his head down. "It certainly is not something that comes easily to you." A faint smirk was given. "As I expect that you will, at some point, create waves." It was something that factored into why he had released Hermes after all.

With a roll of his shoulders, Hades pulled back his power so that it was neatly contained within him once more. "You are one of the few who understand," said Hades, "and so leaving you to this ill-fate was not even a flicker of a thought." A gesture was made, Hades looking to flick something from his hand and towards Hermes. It was a golden coin that flipped over and over until the other deity caught it.

The coin would have been familiar to Hermes, especially as it bore Hades' emblem upon it. "Hold to that," said Hades. "When the time comes, I will contact you." Pause. "Or you can contact me." His focus shifted back to the sky then, Hades' eyes turning once more to an inky black as he seemed to consider just where he was going next.

"Once I have released those that I can," he continued, "if you wish assistance in looking for Merope, I can do so."

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