Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
March 2031, Spring

(Invitation)  reparation.
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The last time Lucy had stepped foot in this church, it didn’t exactly go over well. It had been to confront Sailor Mars about the way that she up and left the meeting a few months back, upset over the way that Cynthia had been treating things, and seeing where everything stood. Lucy and Jacqui had gotten into a fight that Kasidhe had also ended up mixed in, and things… well… things weren’t doing all that great. While she and Jacqui had seen and spoken with each other since then Lucy still hadn’t gone out of her way to visit and see what was going on in Jacqui’s homestead.

It wasn’t because she didn’t care, and it wasn’t because she felt bad. Lucy was still convinced that she was in the right side of that argument and she felt that she and the queen had made their cases; Jacqui definitely seemed to have acquiesced and understood, and for the most part things had gotten back to normal… or as normal as they could be when the Dark Alliance were mucking about and throwing a wrench into things in not just one city, but two of them. The truth of the matter was that since the reveal that the mayor of Crystal City was Metaria, and even before then, Lucy hadn’t left Crystal City.

That is, until today. She had decided that she would take some time out of her stupidly busy schedule just to check up on Jacqui. Jacqui made her way back and forth between the two cities, splitting time between the cathedral and the Crystal Palace, and Lucy respected that. But that didn’t mean that it didn’t feel awkward to Lucy as she stepped up to the large doors, staring for a moment at the handles before she decided that she would have to go in. Lucy took a deep breath and rolled her eyes. ”You’re a big girl. And the two of you are friends. Get over it,” she told herself. It wasn’t like Jacqui seemed to be holding onto hard feelings.

But working with someone was different from being actual friends with them. What if Lucy wasn’t welcome here? The church was one of Jacqui’s homes and her coming here might’ve felt confrontational again, or like she was intruding upon a space that she wasn’t welcome. To say that Lucy, for all the bluster that she’d grown as the new leader of the Sailor Guardians, had the jitters would be putting it lightly. She shook them out, and reached out for the handle of the door and stepped into the empty church. If she wanted to act like she wasn’t actually there her footsteps echoing from the tall ceilings definitely betrayed that.

”Jacqui.” Lucy called out to her friend, announcing the presence as her own if Jacqui hadn’t already figured that out. ”I just… wanted to check in. Make sure that things were doing okay.” Whether Lucy meant in general or between the two of them was a question that she’d allow Jacqui to answer even if it wasn’t something that she was immediately going to approach. She stepped forward, closer to where her friend was standing, and crossed her arms over her chest as she waited for a response.

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The church was the only place where Jacquelyn truly felt as though she could be herself -- considering the fact that she was in the roots of her own being, the place where morals from both her beloved mother and estranged father would be found that would later be instilled within her as the only child of the Devereaux was also here where she discovered that she was far more special than the average being; her psionic abilities awakening and manifesting through her mother's lineage as the spiritual side that laid dormant in the Martian's body all these years had finally awakened...but even with that in mind, in came with a price of harsh treatment as her own father felt the need to call her the "devil's spawn." -- bewildered that his own child picked up her mother's unique qualities...something that made her brows knit together even now as the feminine had her back facing the entrance and her eyes shut because she was not only in deep thought but also in prayer, praying that her mother before her would grant her peace and solace despite the odds that currently lay before her. That her father finds it in his heart to one day accept the reality of his own family....even if he could never bear the thought to even do so for the sake of not "damaging his image." or "defying HIM." which made zero sense, considering it is He who spoke of this love for all -- regardless of anything that they've come to possess as a human being. They were all of His creation which made them all beautiful in His image.

She was in the midst of muttering a few words of prayer when the swell of energy hit her like a ton of bricks; the feel of electricity flooding through the veins of her bodice while sending her heart fluttering with life as she was quite calm and solemn for the time being -- its sensation pleasant to the Guardian but familiar as it belonged to a dear friend...the Current Leader and Guardian of Thunder, Sailor Jupiter...or as Jacqui would know her? Luciana. Her eyes slowly rose to open as her name was uttered in the wind, those laced fingers loosening its grip as they remained pressed against her chest before glancing over her shoulder for just a moment.

It was quite different between the two considering the last time she was here..confrontation was heightened and honestly? Things did not end well as a collective. It was truly something that wrecked her mind more than the situation with her own father as it affected her duties and not to mention her role and rank as a whole. She was struggling to even speak to Lucy most days and honestly? Lucy wasn't exactly trying to be the nice girl -- not after that stint she and Kasidhe pulled which was honestly the WORST way she could've handled her stress and even more so a conversation with a friend... It even made her stomach churn every time she thought about it for the simple fact that it was not only disappointing but it was a hurtful moment that she would take back if she had the ability to rewind time...but unfortunately that was against the law of time according to Pluto and even then she wouldn't allow it. But that was beside the point!

It was the fact that the dynamics between Jacqui and Lucy was so off-putting that even those who were outside looking in could tell that there was a long stage of awkwardness between the two despite her reinstatement and of course their...cordial behavior for the time being. But to say the two actually sat down and truly converse? That would be something that would almost seem foreign to least her anyway. The vocal borders of the freckled-face ginger would soon part and release the vibrant tone that showed not a single hint of hesitation or even dislike.


She'd give a light head gesture that served as a nonverbal command for her to come and join her.

"....That's fine....I uh...You can have a seat here."

She replied as the rest of her frame would turn so that she could take a seat at the pew with her, especially since she had spent half of the morning cleaning and had just decided to take a moment to pray for a little as there were still a few things that weighed heavily on her mind, lifting a hand to pat the seat beside her."

"Though I do that really why you came? Just to see if everything was okay? In regards to"

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Jacqui had always been one among them to realize when, even if someone were being honest to her, things were left unsaid. It wasn’t exactly surprising when Lucy called out to her that she was greeted, though it would’ve been equally as understood if she had been told to leave. Instead Jacqui motioned to a nearby seat and told her that she could take it, and without arguing Lucy listened. She cleared her throat and with a nod, she sat. She wasn’t entirely comfortable in churches; she was never the religious type even if her parents were before they passed on, and the discovery of their past lives had made it less so.

She wasn’t sure the last time that she’d really sat in a pew like this – it was probably when they were teenagers and they came to the church simply to get away from the madness, join in on study sessions, or anything in between. Still… she sat even if the uncomfortable feeling wasn’t something that would go away all that easily. She cleared her throat, directing herself openly toward Jacqui, and offering her as much of a smile as she could. Still, the guardian of Fire questioned her true motives, and Lucy sighed a little bit. Of course they’d get right into it.

”Short answer?” Lucy said, pursing her lips and crossing her arms over her chest, ”yeah. That’s why I’m here. I want to know where we stand, how much you hate me, and just… I want to know if going back to the way things were is even remotely possible.” As she said that, she understood how crazy it sounded in the first place. Lucy had never been the leader of the Inner Guardians before, for one thing; that was always left to Kasidhe and if it weren’t left to her, it often fell on Jacqui’s shoulders. She supposed that it just went to show exactly how things were at the moment.

”The fighting has to stop. You had an outburst, but… you’ve been better, right? Things have been better? Somehow?” With everything that was going on it was hard to see how, but in a few ways the chaos of it all made things seem a lot more simpler than they were for the past ten years. In a lot of ways things reflected how they were when they were fourteen; Queen Metaria was heading up a group of villains, Cynthia was Sailor Moon, and the entire world was on their shoulders. It was a big deal, and yet, it felt better than the alternative.

”I don’t want to leave things they way they were anymore. If we can begin to forgive Nehelenia, we can forgive each other.”

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"Short Answer."

She responded in short so that she could simply allow Luciana to begin pouring her heart as it appears that the Thunder Guardian had more weight on her than she was willing to admit...let alone bear when it came to their friendship. An arched brow quirked as one of those lovely little habits that Jacqui often showed was beginning to showcase itself as digits laced between each other while her left leg crossed over her right; leaning her upper frame backward until her back met the wooden surface of the church pew the two sat in. Her eyes peered upward to admire the beautiful colors that decorated the large cross that sat before them behind the Pastor's Podium as her ears remained fully attention to each syllable -- even making sure to pay attention to the delicate way she chose to voice her concerns; curling her lips into a faint smile as it appears as though Luciana still had a lot of learning to do about her dear friend, yes?

Then again, the change did not happen overnight and it took some time as well as prayer for Jacqui to even realize her own wrongdoings that led relationships to the point of being foreign...even down to the nearly severed ties amongst certain people like Luci and Cynthia. Her own problems were beginning to rear their ugly head in the heat of the moment from the arguments with her father once more while also dealing with other matters pertaining to the family that she would rather not disclose...down to the conflicted emotions she carried in regards to the decisions made by Cynthia. It was beginning to mesh, cloud her judgment, and conflict with her beliefs when it came to her duties as a Guardian and Royal advisor -- which wasn't good when she was meant to help make things better...not worse.

Needless to say, that conversation is neither here nor there. When Luci was done speaking, it was now Jacqui's turn, and with the purse of those full lips; her own words would flow with vigor:

"As far as where we stand. Luci...listen."

She'd even release her own hand for a second to take Luci's own, if she would allow it, of course. and lace her fingers with it so that her other hand may fall on top to give it a soft squeeze.

"I've come to learn the lesson that friends...are like siblings...we sometimes may fight but that does not mean we love each other any less. I've never hated you. Even when we were at odds -- there was no hatred in my heart...just hurt. Hurt that we had come to the point where I was afraid that we wouldn't bounce back? I hated that we even had to have that screaming match and...hurtful things were said in the process that I nor you can take back...but I can only ask that you find it in your heart to forgive me for what was said. I'm not perfect...and I'm not trying to be...but..I'm trying to do better."

The smile that was present earlier had only brightened behind her words.

"I don't know if I would use the phrasing of things going back to where they were because the way things were is what brought us here. So what I will say is...our friendship will become stronger. We will be closer than we were before. So in short? Will I still love you and drag you with me for shopping sessions?"

She giggled.

"Absolutely. Do I still respect you? Oh, absolutely! Do I still love you as a as a sister...YES! Nothing about that will ever change...I've already forgiven you on the matter and I've made my peace with that...I just hope that...this conversation would make your heart a little less heavy."

However, her facial features softened some once the woman mentioned Nehelenia's name.

"Hm...Well, when it comes to Nehellenia, I don't want to deny there are some reservations...but...if you can forgive her and if...Cynthia can too then...I suppose I'll have to follow suit...but after the crimes and damage, she's caused...I won't say that it'll be handed to her so easily. But I do agree that the fighting needs to stop. It is now crucial more than ever that we continue to stand as a united front, because if we falter any longer...? We're going to find ourselves in a place we don't want to be in. and I fear for the worse with that.”

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