Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
March 2031, Spring

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Cynthia had realized long since everything began, that she was severely out of practice. With everything that she was informed of after the purification of Queen Nehellenia and Cidney, there was absolutely no time now to be sitting on the sidelines. Sailor Moon was needed.

Cynthia had informed her companions that she was going out scouting that night, and her companion was nearby. She had since learned the existence of her own planetary knight, Moon Knight, and her heart had ached – how could she have forgotten or have been uninformed of so much? With Saturn Knight now in the fold, could they retrieve the others more quickly?

She so, so hoped so!

She hadn’t wasted any time, Cynthia had left the Crystal Palace and transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon, her angelic wings being brushed by the wind as she stood on the rooftop of a building, observing the scene below.

A whine escaped her lips for a moment as time lapsed and there was no action, nothing that they were able to detect. “Geez, things were so much easier back in the old days!! Are they really more clever now?”

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The wounds still were not fully healed. Both from the loss of his fellow Knight and the punishment that soon followed afterwards. The pain remained despite treating them, despite trying to ignore them but this...THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Labradorite had been working on the shield generator, the progress had been going quite well. The large empty Auracite containers he gathered, had been fused together and the focal point for the energy beam had been perfectly finished earlier that day. The test program ran on the main screen of the computer he had set up, but maintaining the energy needed just for that device was a major task all in it's own. But this was a project Labradorite refused to give up on, no matter the cost.

But as he worked, he over heard whispers of minor lackeys passing through the hallways, mumbling something about Sailor Moon. "HEY! Back to work! NOW!" As soon as the lackeys appeared, they were gone; leaving Labradorite alone once more. Was it true? Did the White Moon bitch really leave the safety of her Crystal Palace only to skimp around town? Clearly to gloat over her victory at the acquisition of Spectrolite.

The thought of it infuriated him more.

Pausing his work on the Barrier Generator for now, Labradorite chose to take a much need break and quickly departed from Elysion for the surface.

Under his human guise of Lee Morgan, it surprisingly took little time to locate Eternal Sailor Moon, strangely standing along on a random rooftop. Was this another White Moon trick to lure out members of the Dark Alliance? There was only one safe way to find out. Labradorite, quickly ducked into a dark alleyway before being spotted by Sailor Moon and summoned a perfect Mirror Image of himself in Knight form. Empowering this image with a fully charged Auracite Crystal, the Knight version of himself with a tained, lightforged Greatsword on it's back took the Crystal without hesitation.

"You know what to do..."

The image nodded and departed from the alleyway. Labradorite then quickly cloaked himself in his Invisibility ability and departed the alleyway in a different direction. A few minutes later, he settled himself in a parking structure a city block away from where Sailor Moon stood. He didn't need to be physically near her, the image he sent would do the job instead, acting as his eyes, ears and mouth.

The perfect image of Labradorite however, quickly made it's way to where Etenal Sailor Moon stood, landing softly on the rooftop several feet behind her. The tainted, lightforged Greatsword could be easily seen strapped to it's back, and it clenched the Auracite Crystal tightly.

Seeing through its eyes, Labradorite spoke...

"You have some nerve..... Haven't you and your Senshi caused enough damage already?" The image pointed a finger at her. "Return Spectorlite to us, immediately! He is not yours to have!"

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Zoisite's mood was abysmal, though he did his best to keep it from bleeding over to others (Sevik and Nasir did not count as they were empaths and thus cheaters that he could not hide from). It meant that he had taken to carrying out his duties far, far more seriously and that some of his mischievous behavior had fallen to the wayside. He did his best to not let it slip entirely and--truth be told--Cynthia helped to ensure that. If anything, the fact that he was serving as both bodyguard and double ensured he eased up some (though her attempts to make him take it easy, while well-meaning, were gently rebuked as he needed to work and not be left alone with his thoughts).

As long as he kept moving forward, then everything would eventually work out.

Even if ...

Well, there was something about the purification of Nehellenia--her return as Hecate--that resonated with him. Zoisite felt as if he was missing something, though what it was he could not say. Only that it felt as if there was knowledge he should have had but could not call upon. It certainly did not help his mood, just as the capture of Saturn Knight instead of Saariyah had not.

None of which particularly mattered at the moment, Zoisite keeping an eye on Sailor Moon as she flew ahead. Letting ill thoughts and otherwise distract him while they were on patrol was not helpful in the slightest, so he pushed them away and focused properly. Usually, he kept a slight distance from Sailor Moon--their joint presence tended to be a beacon of sorts, after all--and did so tonight.

Not that it meant he didn't hear her whine, because he did, as she was unable to sense something. Zoisite was going to respond, stretching out his own senses (it hurt to think they were sharper because of Saariyah) to see what he picked up and felt the ping! of a familiar presence; a Knight.

Queerly bright blue-green eyes narrowed as something flared to life, brighter than the Knight's presence and hiding it even as it moved towards Sailor Moon. A silver eyebrow arched, listening to what was said before rolling his eyes. If he wanted to figure out where the Knight truly was, he needed to remove what was hindering his senses. Zoisite moved--fast enough that his movement could not be traced by the naked eye--and appeared behind the empty illusion.

That told him everything he needed to know about who it was they were dealing with even as he used a burst of energy to dissipate the illusion. Were things not as they currently were, Zoisite might have let the illusion continue on but not when it interfered with the potential retrieval of another Knight. Especially considering who it potentially was ...

"If you wish to issue demands," called out Zoisite, "perhaps you should do so yourself and not send illusions." Pause. "Or are you worried that you will meet the same fate if you do not?" As in be rescued. If there was anything else to be said, then Sailor Moon could say it. Zoisite had spoken his piece.

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Sailor Moon would have been stunned that she wasn’t outright attack, but this wasn’t the case – the moment that she heard their foe from behind demand that Spectrolite was returned to them, she was grateful for the opportunity to talk.

“Thank you,” Sailor Moon murmured softly to Zoisite, as he had caught wind of their new foe before she had. “Do you think that he’d be able to hear us…?” Her words were spoken loud enough only for Zoisite to hear.

It was an honest question, but if he was able to send illusions after them, perhaps it was possible that he was able to hear remnants of their conversation. Sailor Moon inched closer to Zoisite, her feathery wings resting on her back.

Following his Zoisite’s lead, her baby blues took in their surroundings, making sure that they weren’t caught off guard. Their foes had become more hostile as of late with all of the losses to their team, and rightfully so – but the fact that they were being mislead hurt.

“Saturn Knight isn’t yours to have,” Sailor Moon added. “If he was yours to have, don’t you think he would have returned to you by now on his own? He is free to do as he pleases, he’s not imprisoned in our palace…”

At least that’s what she wanted to believe. While Saturn Knight was free to do as he pleased, he was also heavily watched by her Guardians and most of all, the Galactica. He wasn’t trusted within their fold, but he also knew better now than to behave so recklessly as to return to Queen Metaria. But who, she wondered, were they dealing with now? It brought up some questions that she had realized that they hadn’t fully demanded more information on: the appearances and personalities of the knights, who was allied with the Dark Alliance.

Another meeting was definitely in order, but would Leandro be willing to comply?

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Well, that was...Disappointing... the words were quietly breathed as the connection with his Image suddenly ended. It would seem getting information from the White Witch would require Labradorite to get...closer to the target. A feat he most certainly would not dare to attempt. Just as he was ready to retreat...

If you wish to issue your so yourself....

What?! Labradorite wondered to himself. Was that the person he dispersed his image or another trick of the White Witch? He reached out with his senses, trying to make sense of the situation when the answer came so clearly...

The image of Sailor Moon appeared briefly in his mind. Do you think he can hear us...

It was the Auracite Crystal! The Mirror Image was lost but the focal energy source used to empower it remained! The fools, it was clear they were blind as to how Labradorite operated and now the mistake would cost them dearly. Oh, I can do MUCH more than HEAR you Sailor Moon! Fully re-establishing his connection with the Auracite Crystal, Labradorite snapped his fingers.

As Sailor Moon and Zoisite conversed, the Auracite Crystal that the previous image held bounced on the ground twice before flashing and reactivating the image Zoisite dismissed. The perfect Image of Labradorite suddenly reappeared, Greatsword in hand. It quickly leapt back and away from the pair. "Do you have any idea just how much THAT STINGS!?" Greatsword stretched his neck out before taking on a defensive position with his weapon. The glowing Auracite Crystal was still in hand. He had to play this smart, the last thing he needed to do was give away his actual position. "I assure you I am no mere illusion." His lavender eyes looked to Zoisite. "The infamous Zoisite. Its because of YOU I am forced to track down Danburite and drag him back for reconditioning. Do not presume that the same tricks you used on THEM will work on me!"

"As for Spectrolite," he suddenly stood up and smiled, "You may have filled his head with your White Moon lies, but the moment he sets foot outside your Crystal Walls," image held up the glowing Auracite Crystal in its hand, it flashed once more upon receiving orders from the real Labradorite and three more copies appeared behind Greatsword. Greataxe took point while Polearm and Daggers flanked Greatsword. "He will be mine for the taking." All weapons drawn, it was clear a fight would take place at this moment. A distraction from the real event was about to take place.

The real Labradorite sighed, realizing maintaining this charade was taking more energy than he was able to spare. He lazily looked over his should and saw an LED buildboard displaying the upcoming release of the latest version of Overwatch featuring a fully revamped Mercy.


Moving deeper into the parking garage, Labradorite removed a Summoning Crystal for the Homunculus and another Auracite Crystal. He then dropped his invisibility cloak and began focusing on summoning the dark version of the video game character. The effort would require the entire Auracite Crystal to complete.

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