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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
Spring 2031 (March 1st - June 30th)

Time Jump Act 6

Time Jump Act 6

As discussed in the plotting channel, we have all agreed to do a time jump! With the time jump also has come a new skin featuring Fireball.

Here’s what we’ve discussed insofar that has happened during the time jump:
  • The time jump will begin on March 1st, 2031.
  • Nehellenia has been purified and is working with the Crystal Empire now. She is now considered to be the official Goddess of the Moon, and all characters in the Nether Moon will have been purified alongside her. Therefore, Zirconia, Hawk’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, and Fish Eye are now part of the Crystal Empire alongside Nehellenia.
  • Neo Moon and Diana would have setup arrangements to meet with the Crystal Empire during the time jump. All members of the Crystal Empire are now fully aware of who they are, have potentially regained memories of their encounters with them due to their encounter with the Future Moon, and are aware of their war-torn future. This means that there is absolutely reason for the Future Moon to be interacting with the Crystal Empire by this point in time, and entering the Crystal Palace.
  • Helios was temporarily taken from the Crystal Empire by the Future Moon. This was due in part to the fact that his powers were on the fritz (as a side effect of Nehelenia's power shift). With Nehelenia's ascension as the Goddess of the Moon, Helios' powers have stabilized now serves Nehelenia (thus serving as an additional tie-in to the deities and the priest/esses that serve them). Additionally, Helios is once more within the Crystal Palace with the reveal of the Future Moon to the Crystal Empire.
  • The seal on Elysion is still intact, but the Crystal Empire is aware that Nehellenia has every power to remove it. Unfortunately, Metaria is fighting hard to keep the seal up, but without the aid of Nehellenia to keep the territory.
  • Star Healer and the knights are still corrupted, however those who have chosen to be purified at any time are free to change their affiliation to purified. You may explain in your character’s history who purified them and the situation at hand. Please inform staff if you opt to do this, so that way we can change your character’s faction to the Crystal Empire. New Planetary Knights may also opt to be purified!
  • Spectrolite would have been purified by this point. There would have been an operation to get Star Healer back into the fold, and instead they captured Spectrolite.
  • Characters will premonition abilities will be feeling a shift in the wind, as the revival of deities, Guardians, and priests/priestesses of old will be reviving behind-the-scenes when the new faction unveils.
  • Queen Liuxing (Fireball) has begun her patrols for Sailor Star Healer, and has been spotted as a Sailor Guardian. Although it has not been threaded yet, it’s safe to assume that by the time jump, Cynthia and Liuxing have talked.
  • The Moon Kingdom is now accessible to everyone, but Queen Nehellenia, who is now governing the moon, is putting measurements to ensure the Dark Alliance cannot step foot. It is believed that in order for Elysion to fully be purified, Nehellenia must step foot on its soil, but cannot as Metaria is putting up every effort to prevent it.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon has officially been released! You can check them out on their documentation page as well as canon roster for roles!


Before starting any threads in the time skip, we are asking that you post in this thread with a small blurb about what happened to your character. We know that this time skip is only a few short weeks, compared to our previous ones, but this time skip will involve plot heavy things! It doesn’t have to be overly detailed, just a sentence or two, so everyone else is informed.

That said, be aware that if you’re no longer interested in a character, feel free to specify as well. Remember that our Activity Check is still ongoing, and this will also be part of the AC. 

If you are posting in any threads and wish to simply begin in the time jump instead as your threads are either near completion or have been stagnant, feel free to specify here as well – we’ll understand!

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  • Cynthia would be focusing her attention on the knights and finding Saariyah, as well as dealing with Moon Kingdom shenanigans now that Queen Nehellenia is on the throne!
  • Diana would be acting as a liaison for the Future Moon and advising the Crystal Empire.
  • Saariyah as aforementioned is still corrupted, and has been able to summon homunculus at full power for some time now. She is more aggressive, violent and cranky with the loss of her partner, Spectrolite, and more willing now to attack the Crystal Empire and Galactica. She has been receiving headaches whenever Spectrolite receives purification that have been interfering with her work, and may be more subjectable to slipping up. She has been working with Labradorite at times in efforts to pull larger schemes as she no longer has a partner.
  • Green Emerald may be scheming up at this point on leaving the Black Moon, as she feels disillusioned with their cause due to their affiliation with the Dark Alliance. She would still be hunting down Sailor Pluto.
  • Queen Metaria has been focusing her efforts on ensuring that Elysion remains theirs after Nehellenia’s loss, will still be conducting meetings, so on and so forth. However, she is not as friendly to approach as before. Metaria is also outraged on recent events, and is more prone to taking drastic measures in efforts to prevent failure. Failure, to her, is not an option.
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  • Jeremiah (Zoisite) after a run-in with Saariyah on her birthday, coordinated heavily with other individuals of the Crystal Empire and Galactica to attempt and capture Saariyah. Unfortunately, the operation resulted in the capture and purification of Spectrolite instead which ... does not sit well with him (and left him in a worse mood than ever). At least now they can focus on regaining the other Planetary Knights, which he focuses heavily on with Kunzite, but trying to recover Saariyah has a higher priority in his mind. This also means that he has been working more with Lucy as they got business to take care of and there's no time for breaks.
  • Kasidhe (Sailor Venus) is still working on getting her head out of her arse. After some run-ins with Dark Alliance folks (thinking she was an easy target, especially for corruption), she is finally beginning to question that maybe she needs to ... rethink everything, especially since no one seems to expect anything of her and looks down on her.
  • Chandra (Sailor Star Maker) has picked a lot of the slack where running the Starlights are concerned, especially since Queen Liuxing (Fireball) has started participating in patrols and taken it upon themselves to carry out whatever training there is (sorry Liuxing, this is the only way they will consider it). The fact that they ended up with a Planetary Knight instead of Saariyah has left a sour taste in their mouth.
  • Leandro (Spectrolite / Saturn Knight) is on edge a lot. Practically a ghost within the Crystal Palace, he appears only when summoned. Mostly he is reconciling his now complete memories, the settling of Mitra's presence within himself, and more. There is a lot of guilt to be dealt with regarding Saariyah, especially considering the touch of Destruction upon her Star Seed and his own lingering connection to her (that requires periodic purification as well as leaves him with her true memories). He is on board with saving the other Planetary Knights and working with the Crystal Empire and Galactica. It is more an issue of if they're willing to work with someone who hid in their midst for so long as well as corrupted one of their own. Never mind that his lover, Aster Scmidt, is still corrupted and part of the Dark Alliance. Leandro worries what his absence will do to Aster, just as he knows his own mental state suffers as they brought balance to one another. Never mind the guilt and otherwise that revolves around what he did to Saariyah, whom he also wants to see saved to right the wrongs he committed.
  • Nasir (Helios) has learned the truth of his heritage finally. Thanks to the purification of Nehelenia--becoming the Goddess Hecate--his powers had settled and he is now her High Priest, though ostensibly he works as a bridge of sort between the Crystal Empire and the New Moon Kingdom. Plus Cidney is back in his life, his memories of her restored, and for once he feels far, far better about what the future holds.
  • Dion (Tsukino Kenji) is taking the reveal of Hecate--along with maybe other gods--surprisingly well? Mostly he is working in whatever way he can to figure out what can be done about Lilith Rey as well as continue to push that the Crystal Empire is doing everything it can regarding the Dark Alliance. (PS: Dion would totally adopt Hecate as a Lunette if allowed, just so everyone knows. He is that chill about it.)
  • Azazer (Hawk's Eye) is absolutely stoked to now be part of the Crystal Empire and truly part of the Moon once more (because he can rock being a Lunarian and not pretend to be human okay). He has been working with Hecate to help smooth things out now that she has returned to her full glory.
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  • Alexis is having some mixed feelings about these new developments. More people among the Palace means security will need to be heightened again and she wonders if the new Moon Goddess and her people can truly be trusted. The existence of the Future Moon also doesn't sit well with her though exactly why is something she's still trying to figure out. Alexis is leaving the business of the Knights, Saariyah and purification to those more qualified. On a positive note, she's finally realized that getting back to her roots brings her more clarity. Alexis has been spending a little more time on the track and getting her run on, and making more time for her family.
  • Zirconia herself had existed as an incomplete soul since her death in the Silver Millennium, not being a soul chosen for reincarnation in the future. Part of her existed in the memories of Nehellenia where she created a mirror image of her to exist outside her prison. And when she awoke as Nemain Chaos had made her soul more cohesive by combining the ancient fragments of her soul with this mirror image. However, with the purification of Chaos' touch on her rebirth, her soul was made complete once more. This will be an adjustment for her for a while

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  • Cidney has been doing more of the same while also mending and creating bridges between the Future Moon and the Crystal Empire. This means she's been more of a presence around the Crystal Palace, though saying that she's moved in full time probably wouldn't be correct. She's been going out frequently in search of aspects of the Dark Alliance and in an effort to find a way to break into Elysion, and she assisted Neo Queen Serenity in purifying Queen Nehelenia once and for all. She's becoming increasingly aware that the changes that have been made to timeline probably mean that she and the rest of her court have no home to return to.
  • Hecate, once formerly known as Queen Nehelenia, has undergone the most significant changes. Upon realizing that Metaria is a tyrant among her people on top of trying to conquer the Earth and that Wiseman was a mad man, Nehelenia reneged on her deal with the Dark Alliance - the very alliance that she created. First reaching out to Neo Queen Serenity in order to understand the other side a bit better, this led to all three Lunarian royals coming together and, with the help of the Illusory Silver Crystal, purified Nehelenia since the first time in her life. Upon doing so the Moon recognized Nehelenia as the new queen and deity of the moon and the moon kingdom, restoring itself to it's former glory based on the heyday of the Silver Millennium. Upon becoming Hecate, goddess of the moon and of magic, a chain reaction occurred throughout the former territories of the Silver Millennium, restoring other deities to life or to this realm. Now she is on house arrest because the Crystal Empire still doesn't fully trust her, meaning that she's stuck between the Moon Palace and the Crystal Palace. They probably don't realize she's their best asset with regards to defeating Metaria.
  • Lucy is currently leading the Sailor Guardians on account of the fact that Alexis has taken a back seat and that Sailor Saturn isn't actively around at the moment - and she's grown to be suited to that just fine. She's still keeping Kasidhe on a leash but she's actively allowed her to mend bridges back in with the group, and she has at this point entirely forgiven Sailor Mars for things that were said and done what feels like ages ago now. Lucy welcomes the advent of the new Moon Kingdom and the addition of the Future Moon, though time travel gives her a headache and she's still not entirely sure what to make of Nehelenia's heel-turn and evolution into Hecate... but they need all the help they can get and she's willing to feel it out.
  • Aster is pissed. Y'all took his mans. He's been wilin' and going a little bit off the rails, and is kind of an uncontrollable quantity ever since Zoisite half-purified him and he's been dealing with that bullshit. Leandro was the only thing that was keeping him calm and measured, and now he's not there. He's gunning for the Crystal Empire - and for Sailor Venus in particular.
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  • Liuxing • Queen Fireball; has begun to participate in patrols in search of the corrupted Star Healer. She has not yet gotten into any scuffles or altercations with homonuculi or the Dark Alliance, however has been sighted as Sailor Fireball once or twice.

    It should be noted, that despite training with Star Maker, Sailor Fireball is considered less powerful than the Eternal-level senshi, due to the fact that she's both out of practice, not in a healthy or clear headspace, and because it has been generations since the last iteration of a Sailor Fireball. She has the potential to be more powerful, given the right (hehe) circumstances.

    She still remains icy towards the Crystal Empire, however relations did begin to improve following her meeting with Neo Queen Serenity. They then were dashed following the failed rescue of Star Healer, which has left her disappointed and even more reckless in her efforts to retrieve Star Healer. She still remains overly protective of the remaining Starlights as well as the Galactica.
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  • Sevik (Kunzite) has been helping Zoicite in coordinating efforts to recover Saariyah and has mixed feelings over Spectrolite's presence in the palace.  He is less than pleased to have Spectrolite instead of Saariyah, but is looking for ways they can use this to their advantage.  His main focus with moving forward is to recover the remaining knights, although, he considers Saariyah's recovery as being equally important.
  • Pandora (Sailor Neptune) continues to assist Cynthia in her official capacity as the queen's advisor, while searching for the Neptune Knight.  Ever since learning of the knights' existence, she's felt a building sense of urgency to find hers.  She wants to see all the knights recovered and also Saariyah.  She worries more about her friend with each day that passes.  She felt Hecate's powers awaken.  She can also feel that there will be other gods that will awaken, but at this point she doesn't know who or when.
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★ Luna has combined forces with her daughter and husband to advise members of both Future Moon and Crystal Empire. She is currently coming to the terms that there has been a major change in the dynamics of what she once knew as Nehellenia ascended to the light of purity as Hecate and claimed her rightful throne over the Moon Kingdom and aligned with the Crystal Empire. This turn of events has made Luna rather wary and uncertain of how much she could truly trust the woman as she is not only a former member of the Dark Alliance but she is someone notorious for underhanded intentions that are often shrouded with the cloud of kindness...which more often than not, tends to get Cynthia in trouble which leads to more concerns...but Luna is casting aside her doubts and concerns for the sake of having good faith in the Neo Queen's judgment, wanting nothing more than to support her in her decision in regards to the matter. In fact, she is also willing to help the Nether Queen in bringing the Moon Kingdom back to its former glory if she was willing to accept such an offer as a means of truce. However, this does not exclude Saturn Knight from the wariness and side-eye as the male is not only a former dark alliance member but he is also responsible for the corruption and darkness that has been induced within Star Healer's Star Seed -- which has, in turn, made Luna's feelings towards Saturn Knight rather personal as there is a current dislike lingering...though she does best to remain cordial and not allow her personal feelings and opinions bleed into the situation as she is an advisor -- the head advisor before anything else...but that does not take away from her struggles to fully accept Saturn Knight as one of them. But in the meantime, Luna is currently working with her husband to gather intel on the Dark Alliance -- finding some pretty interesting discoveries, especially ones involving two Black Moon Soldiers by the names of Amethyst and Black Spinel as data on those two are limited compared to the others leaving the Mautians with more questions than answers.

★ Sailor Pluto ⎯ Layla has been very quiet in regards to both Nehellenia and Saturn Knight as these two were not only members of the Dark Alliance but they also both have inflicted pain towards those she protect and serve in a number of ways that the Plutonian deems unforgivable -- leading to severe trust issues and internal conflicts that often clash with her moral reason and loyalty to serve. It has become a hard struggle for her as of late as the incoming members have committed acts that are deemed unforgivable and deserving a crime worth than death considering that she is an Outer Guardian and is sworn to demolish anyone who dared to cross the threshold of the outer rings and/or threatened harm against the heiress. But with the current changes happening so rapidly, it's leading Layla towards an internal crossroads that she must battle within herself. Another major change in the dynamics comes at the halt of her revelation in regards to Neo Moon's identity to the Crystal Empire after battling with the matter for as long as she has -- leading to further solidify the combining of Future Moon and Crystal Empire itself as both Eras have combined together to work alongside each other to tackle the Dark Alliance...which unfortunately did not come without its own trials and tribulations...including the fact that Pluto now has to deal with the fact that Nether Moon is now apart of the Empire as well. She has also been trying to handle her personal affairs as a civilian, maintaining her business with the Towers and also making sure her identity remains hidden to those with great interests (i.e Jade) as the fears mount within that Jade gaining speed could pose a greater danger than she could ever imagine. Not to mention, since the big meeting? She has been trying to do her own personal research in regards to the ongoings of this Pluto Knight and her Kingdom -- seeing that she wasn't aware that there was anyone protecting the planet, to begin with. She has also made amends with both Cynthia and Cidney and come to accept that sometimes in order for new traditions to be born, old ones must die or change for the greater good...that sometimes change is a good thing...even if it's hard to accept.

★ Sailor Mars ⎯ Jacquelyn has made her amends with both members of the Crystal Empire (Knights and Guardians alike) in regards to her behavior when her comrades needed her the most, finding that she has a self-journey to partake on in regards to everything that she had been going through as far as her relatives and the stressful matters concerning the dark alliance. It prompted a ton of emotional breakdowns and spiritual and emotional meditation along with prayer to be able to get past her current issues not to mention strive above and beyond her means necessary to restore the respect and approval that she once had down to her position as a spiritual advisor and second-in-command; both of which have rightfully been restored as Jacqui has now been working with Lucy to respectively lead the Empire. She has come to humble herself even more while also bearing appreciation for those who handled things in her absence as well as those who found it in their hearts to forgive her. As far as the appearance of Future Moon is concerned, Jacqui has come to embrace them just as she did before -- finding their presence to be exciting as they are the future of their Kingdom and the next generation of whom which will carry on their legacy, which makes her heart swell with pride...but for the New Moon, these feelings are different. Like Lucy, she is also welcoming of those who are willing to see the light beyond the darkness but also questions just as much and how far she could truly throw the Nether Moon Kingdom in terms of the trust; considering that they were once enemies but that did not mean that Jacqui couldn't find it in her heart of hearts to forgive...just that it would take a while and holding grudges simply went against the very nature of her beliefs anyhow. Saturn Knight is also placed in the same category as even he has done some unspeakable things that were worthy of judgment...but she could sense the clawing guilt that rages him...a feeling that was far too familiar for her to even place into words as she sympathized with his heart...hoping that he soon find peace in the raging storm that clouds his heart and mind. However, there has been a shift in the spiritual sense...finding that their troubles were only just beginning as negativity shrouds the flames that burn vividly before her; casting a dark shadow that sought to conceal the very light its embers blaze; leaving Jacqui greatly concerned about the next strike their enemy will make.

★ Sailor Amphritite ⎯ Gabriella has actively accepted the decision made by Cydney to work with Crystal Empire in the present-day -- leaving her with tons of excitement as she gets to work alongside the women she idolized as a child and aspired to be as she got older. It excited her to her core to where the girl actually fangirled for a brief twenty minutes (No seriously, she squealed!) -- in spite of how things are in the future, learning how the women as a whole were before they became as regal and as poise as they are now. She has collectively been working with her fellow comrades to not only find out intel about the Dark Alliance but she has also been working on her own personal life as record companies and producers are now starting to pay attention to her. She eventually gained the courage to upload her music and shoot her shot with the internet which has been rather receptive in a positive manner with her music -- leading her to become quite the popular topic in pop culture as an underrated new artist with songs like "One Of Them Days" and "Show Love".

★ Sailor Aphrodite ⎯ Danica has been working to get in touch with the remaining Shades as now was the time to accomplish the goal at hand as Nehellenia and Saturn have now become "traitors" in the eyes of Aphrodite, choosing to find themselves aligned with the Crystal Empire. She refuses to disappoint Wiseman and certainly will not be allowing any further nuisances beyond this point. The chain of events that have transpired at this point of time has led to a considerable amount of irritation as it did not fit up to par with the Shade's expectations of the very people she serves in the future... It also did not help that she was growing impatient alongside Nemesis with being treated like a "subordinate" when she was in fact, far more of a greater asset than any of them could ever imagine. She was not only sadomasochistic but she was also someone who was extremely volatile despite her calm and calculating demeanor that often left those who crossed her path with fear and an unwavering need to beg for mercy. She currently feels as though they are moving too slow with their plans and while the "traitors" have dismissed themselves from the alliance? She figures now would be the time for Metaria and the rest of the Kings and Queens to weed out the weaklings so that only the strong can and WILL survive... Because of the time for chaos? the time for destruction? It is dawning upon them soon and it is only a matter of time before Aphrodite decides to reveal the true nature of her identity, especially with the Future Moon Kingdom now revealing themselves... It made things far more interesting than one was willing to admit...and needless to say? This was going to be more fun than she realizes.
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To say that the current turn of events have been disappointing is a complete and total understatement. With all that had happen so quickly in the short few weeks only made Labradorite wish he had remained on the farm and never left.

It was bad enough that he forced himself to work with the former Pet Smokey Quartz now turned equal in regards of rank and responsibility. The corrupted Senshi had grown more powerful after the loss of Spectrolite, and even more volatile given their connection. Labradorite didn't care for Smokey's opinion of the location or the look of the farm, but choosing to side with her opinion that the current location needed to be abandoned before the Crystal Empire appeared was taken into the highest consideration. As such, in a few short days, the pair had successfully removed all the damning equipment used in the energy farming and moved it to Elysion for more useful purposes.

The over seeing of the Dark Knights were now his responsibility, specifically now that Danburite, in his complete and broken status, had become a MAJOR liability. It was clear that this hot mess would require complete and total reconditioning in order to bring him under control again. Of course, Labradorite would have to track him down and drag him back first.

And then there was Spectrolite.

The fool had gone and gotten himself captured and completely purified. How could he be such an idiot and allow such an act to occur???! As the highest ranking Knight of the Dark Kingdom, Spectrolite was Metaria's favorite toy. His successful corruption of his pet Smokey Quartz boosted him to favorable heights with Queen Metaria. Only now, to throw it all away by sacrificing himself for the little pet.

He was there that night. When Smokey allowed herself to be cornered by the Crystal Empire, dropping her guard and nearly allowing herself to be caged like the animal that she was. Learning of the incident, Spectrolite came to Labradorite to recruit his help. Agreeing, the pair had set out to rescue the cornered pet only to be ambushed by nearly the entire CRYSTAL EMPIRE! Caught by surprise, Labradorite watched as  Spectrolite swapped places with Smokey; allowing her and Labradorite to escape. Before fleeing with Smokey, Labradorite aided his commander by leaving images behind and using a Flashbang Auracite Crystal to blind and occupy the CE pursuers.

None of that mattered now. Metaria was beyond infuriated by Labradorite's failure. She seemed relieved to see Smokey returned safely but her anger and frustrations over the loss of Spectrolite were all directed at Labradorite. The wounds inflicted by her tyrade still had not fully healed.

With the barrier around Elysion being threaten, Labradorite has become heavily involved in using the equipment salvaged from his farm, before the Crystal Empire raided the site; transforming it into a makeshift energy barrier transmitting device. By using the large empty Auracite containers, Labradorite is hoping to create a new barrier before Nehelenia brings down the previous one. The only issue is the vast amount of energy required to run and maintain the equipment.

For now, plans within the shattered Dark Alliance must move forward. The time spent working with Smokey Quartz strategizing coordinated attacks; has also been spent trying to rally the scattered members of the Dark Alliance to reforming again.

Lastly, Labradorite has been trying to improve the power of his Mirror Images. To a point where he is trying to expand the power to create illusionary surroundings, but the strain on him has been very taxing and the illusions wither and fail after only a few brief moments.
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  • Wilhelmina Fischer // Fish Eye: I imagine the transition from the Dark Alliance to the Crystal Empire caught Mina by surprise. While she had no doubt she would follow Nehelenia Hecate wherever she goes, Mina was never tainted by Chaos to begin with. Thus, with a mind of her own, she finds it hard to get used to seeing the people she referred to as enemies for so long as friends. She is willing to try, though, for the sake of her Queen.

    In a more practical manner, I think she'd have to move to the Crystal Palace, because that's where she'll be protected from any actions of the Alliance. In the palace, she'd probably focus on making dresses that celebrate Hecate's position as the Queen of the Moon, and possibly to other members of the court - if they'd be willing to trust her, that is.

    I think at some point she will be involved in fights, maybe even ones with Smokey Quartz, whom she's met, but that might take a while.

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