An Unfortunate Encounter
Tag: Zahid // July 15th, 2018

After Emerald took her own precautions and did as Adamao asked, Emerald began to head back towards the rooftop that was their designated meeting place. She was careful not to teleport, as while she enjoyed the ability, Emerald didn’t want to make it a habit. In fact, the designated meeting spot was not too far from the bomb site. She could manage.
Although Emerald was proud to be a member of the Black Moon, she was careful to wear a hat that barely hid her crescent mark for now. She wanted to make use of her powers when she needed it, without the need to transform. The marketplace was buzzing with people just as Adamao had wanted, and she didn’t want her ‘suspicious activities’ being pinpointed on Jade.
Regardless of the perfection that she and Adamao ensured, the media and police had their ways of uncovering information. It was irritating. No matter how hard she tried to insist this to her clan mates, it seemed that they believed the media was on their side.
The fact of the matter was, was that the media was on nobody’s side. Not even the White Moon.
As Emerald hurried through the streets of Crystal City, Emerald’s attention was also fixated on what was behind her, frequently glancing back towards the bomb site. It was then that she bumped into someone face first, her eyes widened in embarrassment.
“Get out of my way!”  Emerald commanded, ready to shove them to keep moving.

Zahid Sherazi

Thank goodness for this off day, because Zahid had so many errands to run.  His schedule had been remarkably busy as of late.  Though that did include some of his more... clandestine activities.  And here he had promised himself that he wouldn't let the Dark Kingdom interfere with his mundane life.  Well.  No use kicking himself over it now.  He strode down the sidewalk toward the marketplace, his thoughts focused on the list of chores he needed to do.

Or someone could barrel into him.  That worked too.

To be fair, Zahid did see her coming.  He simply wasn't quick enough to get out of the way in time.  "Shite," he muttered, mostly to himself.  Then, "Sorry."  The words fell out of his mouth purely out of reflex, though he did sort of mean them. It wasn't like he intended to run into someone today. He'd even left his headphones off for that exact purpose, fear of distraction on such a busy road.

Then the woman started yelling at him, and Zahid felt a lot less bad. One had to wonder what, exactly, the rush was; where the fire was. The question didn't hold his curiosity for long. Just... whatever. Not his problem. She wanted Zahid out of the way? He stepped aside clearing the path for her. "By all means."

Sorry? That’s all he had to say? Sharp, brown hues gazed towards the young man in front of him before he side stepped. For a moment, Emerald was taken aback. She was expecting retaliation, something to stop her from getting to Adamao on time.
Granted, the bombs weren’t going to explode until they pressed the button, and Emerald knew that Adamao knew not to press without her nearby. It wouldn’t settle well with the clan if there were internal casualties so early.
“Hmph. You should be stepping aside, filthy vermin.”  Emerald whipped her hair aside, a small flash of her black crescent could be seen as she moved forward to continue towards her destination. Emerald hadn’t even recognized who she’d nearly barged into, but she didn’t care.
Anyone who wasn’t a celebrity status or well, Adamao, was vermin.

Zahid Sherazi

This woman seemed totally baffled by a display of basic manners, which honestly fell perfectly in line with the rest of this encounter.  What on earth was her damage?  It wasn't as though he did that on purpose.

Then he saw the mark on the woman's forehead, the brief glimpse of the black crescent moon.  Well, well, well, didn't that explain a few things.  'Vermin,' was he?  How ironic.  One wondered why he had even bothered being polite to such an irritating little rat.

But no, he couldn't express those thoughts out loud.  He was Zahid today, not Kyanite.  There was a flash of calculation, dark eyes lingering on the dark marking half a second longer than one should.  Then Zahid's expression settled into one of mild bemusement, eyebrow raised as he frowned in confusion at this woman's outburst.

"Okay, then..."  He turned to be on his way; the faster he could get away from this madwoman, the better.  In his mind, though, he was already amending his route.  His original destination was out of the question.  If one of the Black Moon was running away from there, then that meant either Sailor Guardians or trouble or both. Whichever it was, he would rather view it from a distance before deciding whether or not he wanted to jump in.

As he turned the corner, he mentally praised the woman for being so wonderfully, conveniently memorable.

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