Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

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March 2031, Spring

an image of my brokenness
tag: saariyah (in the dreaming) // February 1st, 2031

It called to him in his sleep; a path that was no longer opened to him. Nasir had become adept at ignoring it, pushing it aside and not following it. Yet this night, with all that had happened, he focused upon it.

The reason?

Sailor Star Healer was within Elysion. It did not matter that Elysion was not open to those of the Crystal Empire--those who were not touched by Chaos and corruption--because he was its High Priest. The land, one of the representations of the heart of the Earth, was a part of him even now for all that he had to let go of a part of it. If he let the whispers in, if he focused, then he could still reach for it.

Not just that: search out the dreams of those there and touch them.

Yet it was only one dream he wanted to find and, strangely enough, Nasir found it easily. Even if he thought there were flickers of something familiar to him ... No, Nasir pushed that away and reached for the fractured dreamscape of a mind struggling to keep itself together.

From one moment to the next, Nasir breathed in within his body and breathed out within the dreaming. It was warped and twisted, just as he thought it would be, but worse than that: the strange, unfamiliar landscape that he thought might be Kinmoku was being consumed and overtaken by the more familiar sights of earth.

Reaching out with his power, Nasir took hold of the dreamscape and did not let go of it. It took him focusing, concentrating on securing what was before him. Nasir did not want it to be lost, did not-

An echo of pain lanced through him; it was not his pain but another. Letting go of what he was doing--a small area no longer crumbling and twisting into something else--Nasir turned around.

"I can feel you," he called out to the one who was hurt, to what was surely Saariyah. What would she be like? Would she even be- No, that thought was pushed away. Some part of her had to be okay, surely.

"Please, listen to my voice and follow it. I can help you but only if you come to me," called out Nasir once more. The seemingly young man moved forward, each footstep solidifying more of what he had started. It was hard to keep a hold of, something was pushing at it, but he was steadfast. If he could do anything--anything at all--to help Sailor Star Healer, then he would do so. Especially if it could help her be able to come back to where she was meant to be.

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Saariyah couldn’t recall the last time that she ran so much from something that she wasn’t even sure what it was. There was something consuming her mind, darkening spaces that were once within the light in the form of dark energy explosions. The dust from the debris darkened those spaces in a grey hue.

Already, the machine had erased the Sailor Wars from memory, but Saariyah still felt as though she was fighting a war.

It was a workout that she wasn’t prepared for, especially when she was disconnected from her Sailor Star Healer form. For whatever reason, when she tried transforming it would not respond – she was only met with pain inside her chest. She wasn’t sure where she was, but she knew that it wasn’t with Jeremiah, Violet or Cynthia.

Not after she was taken and then…blackness.

The sound of the explosions became louder, and one was close enough to hit her. Saariyah screamed in pain, falling to the ground after being unable to get out of the way as she saw more memories being erased. Even the scenery of her dream was beginning to shift from each explosion that took place, Kinmoku’s environment being altered to something more Earthlike.

….and even Kinmoku itself was becoming more and more unfamiliar to her, her memory replacing her status as a noble from the moon Healer as a wealthy American model. Her family and life experiences were all being replaced by falsehoods on Earth.

She grimaced, attempting to get up from the ground before another explosion hit and –

I can feel you.

Saariyah heard it all too clear. At first she wasn’t sure whose voice it was, but the more that she focused on it, Saariyah was beginning to have her suspicions…was that….?

Saariyah used up all the strength that she could muster to get up from the ground, her breathing heavy as she grimaced and groaned. She could feel the effects of the darkness engulfing her mind, trying to change who she was and she was powerless to fight back.

All she could do was run.

Except after the explosion hit her earlier, Saariyah’s strength to run was fading – she was limping and clutching onto what she could within her dream. She would have been grateful that this wasn’t the real world if she were aware, as she would have been certain that she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any running feats that she had done. Not with her actual physical condition.

That’s when she saw him: a familiar young man, but there was something amiss about him that made Saariyah have a double take. His hair wasn’t silver. Her eyes fluttered, and even now there was a noticeable oddity to them: one eye was lighter than the other.

She grimaced.

“Nasir?” Saariyah asked with utmost uncertainty in her tone. “Is that really—?”


She collapsed to her knees, clutching her head as she screamed from pain. The effects of the machine quickly touching base with her memories of Nasir and attempting to erase them, only because it was the most recent memory of hers that surfaced.

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Without a moment's thought, Nasir rushed forward as soon as Saariyah came into view. "Yes, yes." There was a heavy emphasis on the second yes, a reassurance he wanted to convey. Yet Saariyah crumpled to the ground and screamed in pain. A pain that echoed within him. Wincing, but pushing it away, Nasir dropped to his knees in front of her and pulled her into his embrace.

"It is me," he reassured, even as she screamed. "Sorry for ..." Trailing off, Nasir was unable to get the words out that he was sorry for not respecting her personal space. Mostly that was due to the fact she was screaming louder and louder. He could see the dreaming--Saariyah's mind within it--shifting and changing into something else entirely.

That was not acceptable.

Holding to her, Nasir once more focused upon securing the space they were now within. "Just hold to me," he whispered, "and I will do what I can." His mismatched eyes closed, Nasir keeping one arm around Saariyah as he pressed a hand to the ground beneath him. Within her mind were the fragmented memories of her home--of Healer--and it was from those that he worked.

"Think of your homeland, Saariyah. Think of those you love and care for. Hold to them as best you can." Whether she stopped screaming or not, he did not truly pay attention--even with her so close--because everything was going into securing the fragments. Piecing them back together into something that would secure at least part of Saariyah's psyche even though-

Another blast of something whistled above, whatever it was that was ripping apart her mind--her memories; the very things that shaped who she was--and was falling straight towards them. Yet before it could hit, just as it might have torn into them both, a light (a strangely dark light) erupted from Nasir and encircled them. The blast hit the barrier that surged into being, diffusing along it and crackling with power.

Within the space of a few heartbeats, another blast came and it crackled along the barrier that he had created. For now, Nasir was not speaking. His brow was creased in concentration, working as fast as he could to piece together things here.

Even if ...

Even if this was, in some ways, a prison. What he made here would be deep within Saariyah's mind, within the part of her that touched upon the dreaming. Would that be enough? Nasir did not think about it, he just focused on gathering and pulling upon the pieces that could be salvaged and put back together here.

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While Saariyah would have normally been averse to the embrace, it was strangely comforting. There was something genuine that she felt from Nasir’s embrace that she felt that she needed right now. She didn’t return it, though, and instead remained hunched over clutching her head, screaming in pain.

All she could do was follow his lead. She didn’t want to move, but she didn’t like that she felt so vulnerable and someone completely unexpected was seeing her vulnerability. But her vulnerability had been a thing as of late, she knew – and she hated it so much. No one should have been able to see this side of her unless they were close.

Nasir wasn’t exactly close, far from it – but Saariyah trusted him more for his genuine nature.

Her homeland?

He wanted her to think of Infinity City? Parts of her dream shifted to mimic that scenery, of places that she’d gone to within Infinity City. There was a specific part of her dream where Kinmoku remained visible, but Saariyah wasn’t sure why that was – was it a vacation that she’d gone on?

Saariyah wasn’t even completely aware that she was controlling the shifting scenery with her mind.

The people that she loved? The thought of them made her head hurt more. She grimaced, crying, trying to remember names and faces of people, but her memories were a jumbled mess. Liuxing? The most precious person to her was already erased from memory, an alarming factor as an image of her didn’t crop up in her dream.

Hadn’t it been for Nasir, Saariyah probably would have collapsed onto the ground when she heard sound from above. Her eyes were forced shut, her body trembling until she sensed the energy from Nasir shielding them both.

Although Saariyah tried her hardest to remain still, her body was attempting to push away from Nasir and his dark light energy. Her mind was struggling to comprehend it, wanting to force it away because the machine didn't agree with it….

....until the shield was finally put up in place. Saariyah felt like she could breathe, but she still couldn’t fully grasp the situation at hand.

“I don’t know what is happening to me, Nasir,” Saariyah finally spoke, her voice sounded hoarse from all the screaming. “I don’t know what is real. How are you here?”

Saariyah wasn't even aware that Nasir was concentrating heavily on just keeping her memories together, she still didn't completely shift from her hunched position despite the fact that she attempted to push away from him.

That didn't excuse the fact that his presence didn't make any sense to her.

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So much was already gone.

That knowledge settled into his mind with a horrifying realization as he worked, scrambling to create a patchwork that would secure something of Saariyah while they were clearly taking apart her memory and who she was bit by bit. It took longer than he liked, only distantly aware of the screams and holding to the silver-haired woman regardless of her trying to push away, but Nasir managed it.

The anchor for this bastion was secured.

Yet even while he achieved that, he still had to keep working to pull at what he could. They have taken so much, he thought, realizing that where Kinmoku was meant to be, Earth had taken its place. Only the barest flickers of it remained, just as-



Liuxing was gone. Were Kesatria and Chandra still there? Jeremiah? Violet? Luna? Nasir had to find what he could, even if it was Jeremiah's use of British idioms when agitated, the soft feel of Luna's fur under fingers ... His attention was split, working and listening to Saariyah who could actually speak with the shield in place.

"It's the Dreaming," answered Nasir, "where all minds travel. I traversed it looking to find you and I did." Whether or not that would be really understood was up in the air.

"You were taken," he definitely had that distracted tone of voice going on, "captured and ..." His grip loosened, though Nasir still kept an arm around Saariyah so that it would be a more direct way to ensure she could benefit from the tranquility and otherwise his presence could bring within the Dreaming.

(In the back of his mind, however, he realized that he was able to push away some of the darkness more than he should have. It listened for all that it did not want to.)

"They're changing your memories; taking them away and replacing them with false ones." His eyes watered, though it could have been either exertion or emotion that caused it. "Turning you into someone else, Saariyah. I'm trying to st- save what I can."

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The Dreaming?

Saariyah grimaced, unable to fully comprehend exactly what he was saying. How was any of this possible? How was he capable of communicating with her if she was dreaming? Saariyah’s body remained still as he kept hold of her, her mismatched green hued eyes taking a look around the vicinity of where she was.

It was, perhaps, the first time that she’d actually done so since she’d awoken in this bizarre landscape that seemed like never-ending warfare. “I’m not even going to bother asking for the specifics of how that’s even possible,” Saariyah grumbled. Whereas she normally would have made a snarky remark about how bizarre this planet was, Saariyah in this situation could not – she, after all, believed that Earth was her planet.

…until almost abruptly, a fragmented image of Kinmoku managed to resurface, but the image presented itself as a distorted and was on its way to vanishing almost as quickly as it came.

What Nasir went on to explaining shook Saariyah as her mismatched green hued eyes were stunned. “What do you mean that I was taken and captured? Saariyah demanded, the recollection that she was with Violet, Jeremiah and Cynthia had long-since been erased from memory after one of the previous explosions.

“Nasir, you know I don’t like playing games. I’m not—” Who was it that she knew who liked games? Saariyah’s memories attempted to focus on that, but to no avail. She grimaced, placing a palm against the side of her head.

I’m trying to st-

That’s all that she needed to hear when she realized just what Nasir was attempting to do with his powers.  Another grimace and a huff, Saariyah did not believe that she deserved his efforts. Saariyah would attempt to move into a position where she would be able to face him. The fact that his eyes were watering…

Saariyah huffed.

“You don’t have to do that for me,” Saariyah informed him, placing a palm against his arm. “I don’t know what’s going on, but whatever happened to me to be in this situation it’s no one’s fault but my own. I’m more careful than that. I’ll deal with the consequences as they come, you shouldn’t—”

Another blast from above, Saariyah almost wanted to duck if it wasn’t for the fact that Nasir had his barrier. “Harm yourself for me.”

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There was not much that he could respond to explain what he was doing, so it was for the best that Saariyah did not inquire further. All that mattered was that he could, that he was capable of this and so much more (although his powers still fluctuated wildly at times). As soon as he saw a flicker of Kinmoku, Nasir reached out towards it with a hand--the other arm still holding to Saariyah--and worked to pull it forward. It crystallized in his hand, bright and glimmering before he pressed his hand to the ground to protect it (it would slowly flower, not unlike the flowers that Kinmokuseian Queen was known for).

"And you know that I wouldn't play a game like this," replied Nasir, breathless as he continued to reach for and give sanctuary to what bits of memories remained. Beneath them, greenery stretched out within the confines of the sanctuary he had created, each blade of grass and blossom that grew within another aspect of Saariyah that he was trying to protect and secure.

Sweat gathered between his shoulders, only there because he thought it should be within the dreaming just like the tears that burned his eyes, as he tried to keep himself focused. Saariyah's words, however, made him turn his mismatched gaze towards hers with an intensity that he rarely had. "The only harm that is being done is to you," answered Nasir. "This is merely a test of skills I do not use as much as I should." A breath was released. "I have held my own against Queen Nehelenia, this should be nothing."

Yet it was not as Nasir had to work against not just corruption and its influence upon memories but the very machine that Saariyah had been placed within. "None of this is your fault!" countered Nasir. "These consequences will take everything that makes you you and I am trying to protect what remains of your memories!"

Another boom echoed, the landscape outside of the bubbled space more and more barren as it went on. Even if what remained within was secured, it was still only parts of the whole that should have been there. All that truly remained was within the space that he had created.

"... this space ..." his voice fell in volume, "is all that I can secure against what they've done to you and even that will be buried deep within you." A necessity to protect it but it was not the ideal situation.

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Saariyah growled when she heard him correct her like that, providing a harsh reminder of the situation that they were presently in. If it wasn’t for their – or rather, her – situation there would have simply been no need for any of this.

“Oh yeah? Well, hopefully that will remain intact, won’t it?” Saariyah grumbled irritably, feeling a twinge alongside her head as she placed a palm against the left side of her face. Saariyah never truly studied dream magic, finding it disinteresting and unhelpful to reality. Therefore, this would have been possibly Saariyah’s own first encounter with it as she observed Nasir.

It made sense, she supposed, considering Nasir’s position and duty. Saariyah would have attempted to offer her own healing abilities when she saw him sweating, but her own distrust in herself, coupled with the numerous distractions within the dream, prevented her from attempting. There was a small amount of concern for Nasir as she wondered if he would feel it when he awoke, but…that wouldn’t be a concern that she would possibly have later.

It hurt.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Saariyah huffed, as the truth was that he probably had to. “But you have your reasons for not using your power. You’re not a Sailor Guardian and shouldn’t have to nearly as often.”

Saariyah had a hard time believing that it wasn’t her fault, unable to fully comprehend the situation at hand. She, after all, did not recall being placed within the machine that she was in, but it had made its own presence known with the blasts from above.

“And how am I supposed to tell what’s the truth when I’m awake?” Saariyah demanded. “How is any of this supposed to help me later? You can’t access dreams in the waking world!” If it turned out that Nasir was simply being foolish, engaging in a fool’s mission, Saariyah would surely scold him for it later. She could only hope that there would be a reason for all of this that would be beneficial later.

“Most people can’t even control or remember their dreams.” Saariyah’s mismatched green hues looked away from Nasir at that moment, an indication that she was actually referring to herself. “So am I supposed to just remain here?"

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