Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
Spring 2031 (March 1st - June 30th)

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It was hard to say exactly when Nemain had joined the meeting. She made no grand entrance as many members of the Alliance seemed keen on. After all, Nemain was no Queen, no great influence. Such entrances were reserved for others. She didn't particularly want to be noticed, anyway.

Her unique abilities allowed her to avoid having to walk into the door altogether. Elysion was a central leyline nexus, making it easy for her to simply travel along them from her shop and appear directly in her seat. For this event, however, she'd left Morpheus to guard the more....sensitive items she kept there.

Looking over the faces gathered, it occured to Nemain that save for Nehelenia and her children she didn't know who any of these people were. Perhaps she could have taken a more active role in getting more familiar with the other members of the Alliance, but in all honesty Nemain preferred to focus on the goals that mattered to her own family.

Nemain offered a slight smile to the Trio and a bow of her head to Nehelenia, the purposeful curls pinned to her head shifting just a bit. It would be interesting to at least listen to what these people had to say. It would certainly help her see things clearer.

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Her eyes caught a glimpse of the Neptunian making her way towards her and only settled in tandem next to her as bright blues fell back on focus towards Galaxia who seemed to have a pique of interest towards the Shades -- her hands remaining in her pockets as the look upon her visage were unchanged. She didn't seem to be particularly moved by the interest but figured that making friends with the strongest warrior amongst several others within the Alliance was a sure start to getting them on the right foot and kick this mission in gear towards accomplishment.

Needless to say, she anticipated a conversation being had with Galaxia after everything was said and done because she was sure that curiosity was in dire need of getting the itch scratched and there simply had to be a game plan rendered in the mind of the Venusian -- trailing her tongue over her lips before hearing Poseidon speak up, shifting her gaze in time to see the odd...way that she was handling the method of emotional reactions. Something that they would work on in due time as people would probably find her really weird or simply not take her seriously...thus underestimating the woman's capabilities. In fact, there was a very strong vibe pulling at the strings of her thoughts that the girls weren't being taken seriously because of the mere fact that they were lowly recruits but also because they were not "known" amongst the organization.

Something that was set to change at some point in time...

She was obviously unaware of this revelation of Eternal Sailor Moon's appearance but she was sure that Poppy would not leave that tidbit out or any others really when this meeting was done as it was a bad look in the eyes of outsiders looking in but also because it oozed of communication issues that are technically non-existent as they were a group within a group. She was definitely anticipating a conversation by the time this meeting was over and was set to relay said information to Nemesis who decidedly sent her and Poppy in her absence who stated she could attend for matters that were undisclosed...

"Let her. If she be it...perhaps we could form a nice little friendship with her...after all, budding relationships might be key to completing our task. Otherwise, Wiseman would not be too pleased..nor would Nemesis. Making sure that things do not tilt in the favor of the Crystal Empire and Future Moon is the ultimate goal...and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on them.....the potential of making them taste their own blood makes me excited.."

She replied casually but low enough for only Poppy's ears to catch wind of as the nudge brought her attention back to the lingering eyes.

"And soon, they'll come to realize...we're far greater assets than they're willing to give us credit for.."

Her eyes turned and caught glimpse of several arrivals that looked rather...interesting, to say the least as her palms slipped from her pockets and immediately curled into across while patiently waiting for this meeting to begin as her head gave a bow to the arrivals in respect of acknowledgment and nothing more.

@"The Dark Alliance"
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"That would be me. We haven't met yet? White Diamond." He gave Mina a smile, standing up and reaching to take her hand in a shake, before glancing up as Danica walked in shortly after. "Ah, you as well, miss." He gave her a quick, very quick, once-over, as well as the other girl, before gesturing to the seats around the table and all. "Please, have a seat. Glad the both of you could make it." He glanced down at the Rolex on his wrist and moved to lower the sound of the music that was playing in the background. He knew better than to sit back down though, because he knew the queens would be arriving soon. He was right.

"Ah, Sailor Galaxia, glad you could come as well, I know your schedule is always so full." There was almost a hint of sarcasm in his voice, but he reeled it in as best as he could. It was a well kept secret that the two of them did not get along at all. Galaxia had her extreme distaste in men in general, and especially ones who were stupid enough to flirt with her. Zale had been the latter, and he'd paid for it dearly in reputation with her. That was one of his gravest mistakes thus far in this organization. Nehelenia followed shortly, and he gave her a bit of a bow as she walked in, flanked by the other two of hers, and the first girl fell in with them. So she was one of the Moon Queen's? They were all eccentric, but Wilhemina had given off rather... normal vibes to him.

"Queen Nehelenia," he gestured as she walked in, to a seat, and he'd wait until Lilith entered before stepped back to where he had been sitting and pushing his chair out of the way. It was almost time to start, he thought, glancing at Spectrolite and giving him a nod, and then catching eye of the skinny, tiny little blonde who'd reported one of the sightings to him. It had been by accident, really, she was one of the other's charges - water-based powers so perhaps Dean's - wait, where WAS Dean? Zale almost grumbled under his breath. His little brother had seemed to be far more interested in his robots than actual life. Zale moved to turn the record player off.

"Well, I believe that's enough for now, the others can trickle in as they like." The important people were there, he thought to himself, before clearing his throat. "First of all, for those who I haven't met yet, it's nice to do so now. I'm known here as White Diamond. We've never had a proper meeting among the lot of us, so this is overdue. Things have taken an unforeseen turn." He stated, hands going to the table as he wondered how best to spit this out.

"There have been at least two sightings of someone who seemed to be, or at least looked like, Sailor Moon. One of them seemed to be someone who simply looked like her. The other, I'm being told, seemed to legitimately be Eternal Sailor Moon." A few gasps and murmurs had come from the room at the news, but a few didn't seem all that surprised. It wouldn't surprise Zale if they had already heard somehow. Jade hadn't arrived yet either, or he would have made eye contact with her for the next bit.

"That being said. I want all of you to be extremely careful on your next missions. If it is actually Neo Queen Serenity and she's found a way to transform, it changes everything. She is extremely powerful and you would do best to not take her lightly." Zale, unlike some people, actually did care about the well-being of people within the alliance, from the lowest grunts to the higher ups. He cared a little MORE about the higher ups, but everyone was an asset.


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She was terribly bored with how slow things had been moving within this supposed Dark Alliance - neverminded the fact that she had far less power than she would've enjoyed. The cons of her vesselization meant that her own alliance required time to grow, causing them to join the cause later than others - and, she supposed, it was only fair that they were distrustful of her. They were right to be - but they should also be afraid of her, afraid of easily she could snap on them, how her own desires did not technically align with their own. She only wanted to allow her master to consume the planet, as that is what he wanted. She was merely a tool for him and his own means, she owed him that much.

But this Dark Alliance could prove beneficial to them, no matter how beneath her she thought they were. Thusly, this supposed meeting caught her interest, despite the fact that it was called by the supposed "prince" of the Black Moon. Her eyes had practically rolled out of her head when he had summoned the meeting, but her master had bid her to attend, as he and Germatoid were off doing who knows what, and Kaolinite was barely competent enough to be trusted with matters regarding the higher ranking members.

The woman hadn't cared enough to show up on time - this meeting wasn't of high priority for her, as she made it known. Stepping into the meeting room, Mistress 9 made sure her entrance was noticed, her heels clicking over the glossy floor as her navy dress trailed along it. She said nothing, not at first - half of the people in the room didn't deserve her breath, let alone any acknowledgement; she couldn't help but remember her master's words to her, to play nice with them. Even she knew they had their uses, and she supposed she owed her own existence to them, in a way. She wouldn't let them know her own feelings on that matter, however.

Sighing loudly, she allowed herself to lower herself into one of the numerous chairs scattered throughout the area, her legs and arms crossing over themselves. Her eyes were pinned on White Diamond, and him alone, as he spoke, her eyes narrowing with every word that crossed from his lips. The re-emergence of Eternal Sailor Moon was, indeed, cause for concern - but the way the man announced how he wanted them all to be careful and not take her lightly nearly made the Messiah of Silence vomit. Clicking her tongue, the woman raised her chin, nails gripping around her own elbows. "I think none of you are stupid enough to question her power, but perhaps caution should be in effect," She cooed, eyes sparking in her own condescending way. She personally held no fear for Eternal Sailor Moon - she had once tasted that power, of holiness and light. No, what she was more concerned about was a specific little girl that had yet to show her little face. All she cared about was Sailor Saturn - let the others worry about the host of the Silver Crystal. 
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“Thank you for the recap, Prince Diamond. I can confirm that Sailor Moon has regained her power,” Lilith informed them. "But I am unsure of this other Sailor Moon."

She recalled an impromptu meeting as well as Sailor Star Healer’s own memories. While Lilith might not have been constantly observing the machine do its work, she had familiarized herself with some of Sailor Star Healer’s true memories. How could she not take advantage of the opportunity?

“From two inside sources.” Lilith smirked, holding up two fingers as she stepped forward. Lilith’s attention shifted momentarily to Mistress Nine’s own remark. “Considering our histories, it would be foolish to underestimate her. We have formed this Alliance to ensure that failure is not tolerated. You are dead to us if you come back as a failure. Remember that.”

“Now,” Lilith gestured towards her new favorite, Spectrolite, urging him forward. “I am going to say this once, and only once. Do not go on a mission alone if you can help it. Lilith instructed.

“We have in our possession a Sailor Guardian, the handmaid of Queen Fireball, Sailor Star Healer, who is currently undergoing…brainwashing.” She chuckled at the light use of the term.

“I would like to thank Wiseman, Sailor Galaxia, and Blue Sapphire for the creation of this miraculous device. Spectrolite and Sailor Galaxia will be able to inform you more of this device's capabilities and it will useful to us.” If Spectrolite was wearing the gloves, Lilith would gesture towards them.

“The Crystal Empire will surely retaliate. We will likely see more sightings of Sailor Moon and her team, and I would not be surprised if the Sailor Starlights retaliate with their precious Queen. According to Sailor Star Healer’s memories, her Queen has purification powers.” Lilith would narrow her eyes towards the Black Moon, knowing their dislike in extraterrestrials.

“Sailor Star Healer will believe herself to be returning to us, and that the Crystal Empire captured her. Her assigned codename is Smokey Quartz. You will all treat her as one of our own or I will have retribution. She will be awakening tonight, and she will believe that she is an Earthling.”

The fact that she believed herself to be an Earthling was the very reason that Lilith had narrowed her eyes specifically at those within the Black Moon. It was her own silent way of saying hush, as she wouldn't hear anything towards it. The levels of brainwashing that Sailor Star Healer had been undergoing was beyond like anyone else within the Alliance in the past or present. There would be no mistakes made, and that was a point that Lilith was trying to make.

"Fellow agents," Lilith smiled towards each and every one of them. "I hope you realize that everyone here has an opportunity with the current circumstances. We can manipulate all of this to our own benefit if we play the correct cards. The Mighty Chaos is in our favor."

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Spectrolite would have been content to stay in the background, a silent protector and servant to Queen Metaria. That, of course, fell away when she gestured him forward. He did so, though any detection of him even breathing was not possible, and he raised his right hand to tighten his glove before repeating the action with the left as they were gestured towards.

"While the kinks are being currently worked out--so that more will be able to make use of these gloves--they do currently allow for the direct application of Chaos to an individual's Star Seed." He did mean a Sailor Crystal or a True Star Seed as, at the end of the day, they were still stronger variations of a Star Seed (just empowered).

"These gloves are what enabled the corruption and capture of Smokey Quartz," continued Spectrolite, already obeying and referring to Sailor Star Healer by her new identity. (Even if there was a flash of memory within his mind, not his own, of a planet with three moons. It was pushed away.) "I will be her handler, should there be any issues, take it up with me." Mostly to ensure that nothing compromised Smokey Quartz's transition. The other part about how if Queen Metaria wanted retribution it would be Spectrolite appearing went unsaid. (Though it would likely lead to a meeting with the High Queen because she would have her price as well.) "It is through the cooperation, our Dark Alliance, that we have been able to achieve this."

The fact of the matter was that things were in his favor, though why that unsettled him, Spectrolite could not put to words. What he did was push it to the side, thinking about what else would need to be shared. "There is one additional matter that has been confirmed," spoke Spectrolite, his voice low but carrying.

"While generally believed that the titles of the Golden Kings are misnomers, empty things that hold no real meaning, it is confirmed that Zoisite is capable of purification as well. We are not aware of the current strength of his purification but it is something to keep in mind should he be encountered." The fact that Zoisite had been able to purify Smokey Quartz had been disconcerting, yet he had not been able to fully heal her Sailor Crystal. If he had been ... Well, they would not be enjoying this victory and capture of one of the Galactica.
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It was rather odd for Labradorite to be summoned away from his duties at the farm. In fact, it was rather odd that Labradorite was even summoned at all. He had wondered for quite a long time that maybe the Dark Empire had completely forgotten about him and just assumed that the Auracite Crystals delivered themselves. It was a rather grim and sour thought to be had, that much was for certain, but now here he was, appearing in the Kingdom of Elysion for some kind of meeting between each of the Dark factions. The idea of being summoned to something so trivial, wasting his valuable time, it was a complete insult.

Regardless, Labradorite was no fool. No, no. He wasn't certain if appearing before Metaria could set off a negative chain reaction against him. So, the best idea for him at this moment, was to be present but completely not seen. He chose his spot in the back of the room, remaining near an entrance way for a quick escape. Completely cloaked in his ability to HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT, the invisibility shroud would keep him safe, at least for now.

He had brought a few of the smaller Auracite Crystals for use, one them helping him maintain his lengthy invisibility, while the others were could be used should the meeting suddenly turn sour. Something Labradorite would hope he had no need for. But for now, he remained in the back, watching and listening to all those that spoke, remaining silent all the while.
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