Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

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He sat in a chair at the front of the table. The head, as if he were the one in charge here. He was, sort of, at least of part of it, but the others towered above him in power and stature. He felt like he was constantly in the shadow of Wiseman, and he didn't exactly like it. It was one of those dynamics - Wiseman had given him this power, and he could take it away. Zale didn't like that uncertainty, and he certainly didn't like feeling like he had to stay on someone's good side. Especially someone as... unpredictable as Wiseman was. But still, the enchantment with the specter was still there, so Zale often dismissed these thoughts as quickly as they came.

The record on the player was crooning an old Sinatra album as he waited. He was early - a gray suit on his body with a white button up underneath, no tie, the buttons at the neck falling open. Zale was casual when he could be, and for whatever reason he felt like he could be here. Nevermind the fact that so many of the DA were beautiful women, women he'd love to hold in some form or the other. Zale was figuring out he was a bit more of a lover than a fighter, but he knew that the only person getting his hands on that would change anything would be her, and he knew that was so, so far out of his fingers.

He crossed one ankle across the opposite knee and thought about it for a moment. That was what this meeting was about. Her. Eternal Sailor Moon had shown up in not one, but two battles, and there were rumored other sightings too, but only those two confirmed. His hand went to his chin, thumb running over the bit of stubble on his face that was left from the shave a few days prior. His face was thoughtful, and he was staring off into space when the movement at the door came. Blinking the stare out of his eyes, he looked over and gave a charming smile to whomever had entered.


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The sound of her high heeled shoes echoed as she progressed through the corridors of the building the meeting was said to take place in. It was simplistic in design, and a bit dreary for Mina's liking. It was probably because it didn't have any visible windows that allowed natural sunlight to come in. But Mina was willing to let that fact slide; after all, she wasn't here as a designer. No, today she was here for an entirely different reason.

From the moment she had opened her eyes again, Mina has heard about the existence of a so called Alliance, the members of which were former enemies of Neo-Queen Serenity. It also appeared that the true Queen, Nehelenia, held a rather important position in that Alliance. But other than that, Mina did not know much else about it, nor about its members. That's why, when she heard about the meeting that was to be held today, Mina had no doubt that she wanted in. She wanted to be of aid for Her Majesty, and besides, the thought of the other people who might attend made her curious.

And so she was here today, on her way to what appeared to be an office of sorts. Seeing as this was an official gathering, Mina had put a lot of effort into her appearance. She wore a white summer dress with a pattern of black flowers, and her feet were shod in a pair of black Louboutins with a striking red bottom. Her blonde, silky locks were unbound, falling on her nape, shoulders and upper back. Trying to keep her look simple, clean and dignified, as well as not to steal much focus for her Queen, she did not wear any piece of jewelry, and her makeup was subtle.

She wasn't entirely sure how long it took her, but within a very short while she had reached the end of the corridor, and stood in front of a heavy wooden door. Mina slowly opened the door and entered into the office, in which an unfamiliar figure of a man was seated in a chair. The man seemed to have noticed her, as he greeted her with one simple word, to which Mina did not answer - she was too busy examining the man from head to toe.

My my, what a hawtie.

Mina was starting to feel her heart beating strongly inside her bosom. Truth be told, she did not know what to expect when coming here today, but one thing she did not think she'd find here today was an eye candy as this man was. But if there was one thing she has learned since coming back to existence in this new form, it was that life could be full of surprises.

"Good afternoon", she answered his greeting, trying to sound as casual as she could have, given the circumstances. "I take it that you are the one who set this appointment, seeing as you are the first to arrive?"

She was well aware that other members of the Alliance were supposed to arrive, sooner or later, her Queen included. Right now, though, Mina had hoped that these other, unnamed people would take their time, and allow her and Mr. Handsome spend some time on their own.

@"Dark Alliance"

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Oh good, something was happening where she could get involved in -- about damn time. Her and Poppy were getting a bit antsy and frankly perhaps a little annoyed, mostly on her end as it seemed that things were moving slowly within this organization as if time was waiting for them to make their move on hand and foot when it was in fact, the complete opposite. As if the crystal palace wasn't capable of repairing the deep wounds that were delivered by them personally in several different angles, beginning with Elysion and of course, she had taken the time to observe the Venusian princess who seemed to be dealing with her own obligations as the very energy that was once prominent and glowing with pride was now waning, something that brought a wicked smile to Danica's features as the feminine couldn't wait for the right moment to make her appearance before that little pest in her side...but as the saying goes -- good things come to those who wait...

The tainted Venusian slid across the floor in form of dark energy, her Esoteric figure taking shape of a serpent as the mass slipped from the left then to the right before coming to a still not too far behind the one who seemed to have feminine features but there was something particularly unique about this one, yet she could not place her finger on it just yet. She just knew that there was a rather allure about the figure before her not to mention the amount of class and elegance that was in the style that she graced into the room. Seemed like she was Danica's kind of girl to hang around, not that she didn't enjoy Poppy's presence, of course. It was just the mere fact that it was just as good to find herself in the presence of someone who knew fashion like the back of their hand...but that was something worth getting into at a later date.

The dark energy came to a still as its form burst to life in a contained explosion while vibrant electricity and toxicity spiraled around the mass as the goop suddenly stretched upward; its form molding and kneading until it took on a more womanly shape with a chromatic shape of an inverted upside down moon symbol made its graceful appearance upon the center of her forehead as the energy would soon disperse.

Upon its departure was the revelation of Sailor Aphrodite or better known as Amethyst, as the feminine presence stood before the two clad in a jet black jumpsuit that was unbuttoned by two buttons -- allowing her to bare a bit of cleavage, as the chill in the air brushed against her honey-brown complexion with a diamond necklace dangling around her neck with diamond piercings as accessories with while one hand propped itself against the base of her hip and the other lifted to toss the golden silk behind her before clearing her throat; cerulean irises fluttering to reveal themselves to the two before her.

"Good Evening..."

Those words enunciated with a polite yet sultry tone -- properly fitting for the one who bore the Venusian blood that ran through her veins along with the natural beauty that was flowing through her pores as the woman took to her approach, heels clacking against the floor's surface as her tongue trailed over her upper lip before dipping back into her mouth as hips switched from the left then to the right, her stride similar to that of a supermodel before standing beside Wilhemina.

"I see punctuality is a strong suit within this...organization." She spoke aloud. "A pleasure to meet you both..." Those words leaving her lips as her form gave a forward lean to bow respectfully to them both as she was just programmed to be respectful to all members regardless of status as they were meant to be addressed as such, otherwise punishment would be swift and while Danica possessed sadomasochistic tendencies -- she didn't wish to make matters worse by breaking the neck of someone else because they chose to tame her.

@"The Dark Alliance"

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She knew what this was about. She had felt the energy as soon as it'd been unleashed, there was no way not to have. This meeting was more of a formality, called by the newly crowned high prince of the organization. Estrella knew the man well, having worked with him before and after her becoming Galaxia once again. He was the smiling face that the girls wooed over, so any chance to have him come on screen and offer his expert advice, on politics or the like, was a welcomed thing. He seemed to adore the attention too, so she always knew he was going to be available for whatever she needed him to do.

The media loved him too, his story and his background, the young man who'd lost his family so young, his triumph in his position. Galaxia hated him. She had a certain dislike towards men in particular, if she was being quite frank about it, but he was different. Loathsome, almost, in the way he acted towards almost anyone with feminine features, or some men, even, perhaps. She wouldn't put it past him. He was nothing more than a flirt, using that to get his way with just about anyone who'd buckle, and so many did. She looked down on them for it. She was fairly sure he'd stopped after Phi had nearly stabbed him in the front office of her floor, and he knew better than to pull anything with her.

Speaking of, the twins walked behind her as she stepped through the golden halls of Elysion, going towards the meeting room that they were holding the entire thing in. The soft tinkle of her armored outfit echoed through the corridors. She'd heard that they were going to be welcoming even the lower members of the alliance, as the re-emergence of Eternal Sailor Moon meant that everyone had to be on extra guard when it came to their attacks now. She was nothing to take lightly, and considering that most of their force was more or less corrupted by Wiseman or Chaos itself, her healing and purifying abilities could... put a wrench in things quickly, if they weren't careful.

That, and the acquisition of one of the Starlights. Oh, what fun. It reminded her so much of when she'd taken the Galactica, and she vaguely wondered where Lethe and Mnemosyne were. Having the submit without having to kill them, that was a sweet moment indeed. She smirked to herself as she turned the corner and entered the room, a gravity of power coming with her than emptied the room of any nonsense right away. Her heeled boots stabbed against the marbled floors, her gaze going straight through the other two women, right to Zale, who cleared his throat at her stare and sat up a bit less casually.

"They did say we were welcoming everyone to this meeting, I hope this will be enough room." Chi mentioned behind her, as the two moved over to a spot and sat, with Phi bringing out her laptop to set up to take notes from the meeting. Galaxia nodded at the pair and then moved past Amethyst and Fisheye, giving them both a quick look over and a nod of some approval, sitting down in a chair near the head.

"Girls. Sit down." She said, motioning. "If you don't know, which you should, I'm Sailor Galaxia. Who are you?" She was asking the girl in the black more than Fisheye, she knew that she was one of Nehelenia's little creatures. The other, however, perked her interest more, and for a very, very important reason.

This girl had a Sailor Crystal.

She squinted a bit at her as she made her introduction, and then nodded. "Well, welcome to both of you. I'm sure we'll be working together much more closely in the coming times." She left it vague and a bit foreboding in her tone. The girl with the Sailor Crystal was, again, the one she directed it at more. She wouldn't say anthing. Not yet. She wanted to know more, and she glanced over at her subordinates in the corner, who were poised and ready to begin their notes.
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Nehelenia did not believe in being tardy, something that she believed had been made clear to the rest of the Dark Alliance. So while she hadn't been overly inclined to join the rest of the Alliance on Elysion, when she received word that there was a meeting called - by Prince Diamond no less - it was made clear by the Lemures that operated as her own personal assistants that she would be there. This time, in the guise of Morrigan De Lune rather than her own physical personage. She didn't see the need to risk her beautiful, physical form without reason.

The access to the teleporter from the moon to Elysion was something of a boon to the entire Alliance, though only insofar as Nehelenia allowed it to be. With the help of the Serenity AI Nehelenia was aware that she could turn the teleporter off whenever she so chose to, but she hadn't had her reasons yet. She was keen to allow Metaria and Blue Sapphire to do their own research whilst havoc spread across the earth, and it wasn't like they were getting very many questions from Serenity and her ilk in any sort of official capacity. Elysion was off limits to them anyway.

Nehelenia appeared from the teleporter with Azazer and Tiger's Eye at her side, having sent Fish ahead to signal their arrival before long. The trio hadn't been back for long and they hadn't gone far from Nehelenia's sight, something that was increased by the fact that her magic would allow her to find them whenever she needed to. She didn't keep them on leashes, and in fact she encouraged them to embrace the world, but she wanted to be sure that they were safe. She couldn't afford to lose them again. After all, when it came down to it Nehelenia, Azazer, Wilhemina, and Tiger's Eye were the only pure Lunarian's alive now.

She did not announce herself as she walked in, trailing somewhat behind Galaxia as she did so, wearing the best pantsuit that she could afford herself and that money could buy. She wore a pair of expensive sunglasses on her face at first, but she walked into the meeting place with enough confidence and swagger that it was hardly noticed when she removed them and placed them in the bag that she carried in her hands as well. Taking a comfortable seat on the opposite end of the table from White Diamond, Nehelenia removed a makeup compact and checked her makeup before smiling - politely if unsettlingly, for the fact that Morrigan rarely smiled - at everyone else here.

"My, my. Look at the crowd we've gathered today. Zale, Estrella, lovely as always. I trust that you're aware of my darlings?" Nehelenia said, gesturing first to Mina as she arrived before the rest of them, and then individually to Azazer and Tiger Eye. Nehelenia wagered she knew what the meeting was about, but she didn't speak it into existence. She had seen her nieces dreams firsthand and felt her power. This meeting was absolutely about the existence of at least one Sailor Moon.
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Her posture eventually straightened as she admittedly chose to stand at least for the moment while waiting for the arrival of Nemesis and the rest of the shades; her introduction finished as iridescent blues fell on the incoming presence of both Nehellenia and Galaxia -- her features voided of any emotion to their arrival as the feminine figures began to speak and bringing about the mention of the room's space as Zale cleared his throat a bit when Galaxia marked her arrival. Digits slipped up and tucked themselves behind her ear so that the few strands that fell to the front was quickly tucked away before hearing the brief introduction from Galaxia's lips herself. Her hands slithered into the pockets of her blazer and canted her head to the side inquisitively.

"I'm fairly aware of who you are and your capabilities madam...not to mention your title as the Galaxy's most dangerous Sailor Guardian..and as far as who I am? Hm...I'm someone who could potentially be your best friend if you'd have me as such but call me Amethyst. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Galaxia. As well as your comrades...Sailor Chi...Sailor Phi..."

She mused before nodding to the two who took a seat as it was evident that interest was going to elevate from several people the more they made their grand entrance into the meeting hall -- especially considering Sailor Aphrodite had something that they were probably aiming to obtain...a sailor crystal....except hers was tainted and clouded with the thorns of evil, leaving little room for purification as Chaos and Wiseman himself continued to keep a stronghold on her along with the rest of the Shades. Her tone, while foreboding at best? It did not prompt her to flinch as a smile was curling at those features instead, considering the woman was trying to strike fear in her when it just simply stroke the sadomasochist's urges a little more as excitement blossomed within her core but just as that smile appeared it also..disappeared as her gaze turned to Nehellenia who did not address her but instead made her presence known to the room and even offered her own words with a smile -- one that she doesn't recollect seeing very often in the future as it never meant anything was something to take heed of.

"And Good Evening to you as well, Lady Nehellenia..."

Unbeknownst to them, Wiseman had prepped most of the Shades on their mission with impending knowledge of every existential being within the organization except in their own timeline? They were the elites of the organization, the commanders that set in the very roles that the individuals were standing in now. The girl was respectable to mostly everyone regardless of rank as she simply had to play her cards right herself -- which meant addressing one even if she was apparently invisible to those who may see her as nothing more than a speck of dust, unaware of the use she could be to them.

@"The Dark Alliance"
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Truth be told, Azazer vastly preferred staying within the Moon Kingdom than Elysion. That Mother his Queen preferred it as well only solidified it. Of course, the other reason was that there was someone within the Dark Alliance currently who unsettled him in ways that he did not want to talk about. At least not to anyone that was not his mother. She would understand his unease, he knew.

Regardless, Azazer had opted to wear a more human appearance--blonde hair and blue eyes--much as his Queen wore Morrigan de Lune's appearance as if she had been born within the body. With Mina sent ahead, heralding their arrival, it left Azazer and Tiger's Eye to flank her sides as escorts (as was good and proper). A shiver went down his spine as they appeared on the teleporter pad, though whether it was because of the oddness of teleporting or some other reason remained to be seen.

It really did not matter.

Azazer followed after Nehelenia and, aside from the elaborate braid that his hair was pulled into, looked to have dressed properly with respect to the image that the Queen wanted to present. For now, however, he was just watching everyone as they joined. With this many people present, it would be far too easy to see what he wanted to. (After all: the best source of gossip was being able to look at a person and see what their dreams were.)

Eventually, at the greeting provided by Nehelenia, Azazer swept into a bow with one arm across his torso and the other held out. "It is an honor to properly meet you, your Highnesses." Thankfully he did not need to make a jab at Tiger's Eye to do the same and Mina had already been here, so ...

It was handled.

From there Azazer continued to stay at Nehelenia's side, though he did wave at Mina because of course he did.
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The call for a meeting was not at all a surprise, though Spectrolite doubted greatly that the reason for it was because Sailor Star Healer had been brought into the fold as Smokey Quartz. There were so many reasons that it could be but only a handful that could truly warrant a meeting calling them all to Elysion. It was probably about the fact that Sailor Moon had made an appearance, not once but twice. Oh, there had been other reported sitings but none of them had been substantiated yet.

Saariyah was currently tucked away, sleeping within a machine that would see her mind twisted and repurposed for the Dark Alliance and Queen Metaria's purposes. It was Queen Metaria that Spectrolite appeared with today, both an escort and heralding her arrival with his presence.

He stepped within the room, standing at the door and holding it open for the Queen that would follow in. There was no need for him to speak, nothing that warranted him bothering to talk. If there was a reason to, he would either do so or Metaria will ask something of him. Besides: his actions spoke enough for him.

The only oddity was that Danburite was not with him as he often was. Danburite and Spectrolite worked as a duo, were often a pair, but not so much tonight in escorting Queen Metaria. The reason was a valid one: Sailor Venus was weakened and now was the time to attack her. What Danburite would do with her, Spectrolite was not sure, but he had no doubts that it could be handled by the Venusian knight. (The real reason was likely similar to why Spectrolite was uncomfortable within Elysion: it unsettled certain aspects that were better left alone. Not that he would reveal this, it was his secret to keep.)

Once properly within the meeting room--and only after Queen Metaria had entered and moved in front of him--Spectrolite greeted the proper individuals with a silent bow. He was, ever as always, unnerving to be around for some purely because he simply lacked the presence that any living individual had. The mask certainly was not helping either but it was not coming off any time soon. For now, unless conversation was warranted, the Saturnian was absolutely still and quiet; as if he was not even alive.
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It had been all over the news. Reports of the return of Sailor Moon had hit the headlines and reached her office at City Hall. Rumors even spread amongst the Crystal Palace staff that Neo Queen Serenity was actively seen training against her Sailor Guardians, and eventually, the careless slipup of a servant had made its way to the media in the hands of the opposition.

More importantly, Sailor Moon had engaged in combat against a new recruit, Aragonite, who had quickly received praise. There were also reports of another Sailor Moon from Green Emerald, and while Lilith may have had her doubts on the commander’s words at first, her activities were becoming more known.

Despite all of this, Lilith was in a good mood, as under her care, it was becoming obvious that her soldiers were becoming a force to be reckoned with. Even four days ago, when Lilith had received word that Spectrolite had captured a certain intergalactic Sailor Guardian, Lilith was rather smug.

That attitude hadn’t left her spirits.

Lilith arrived at the meeting after being heralded in by Spectrolite, her now favorite knight, after having checked up on the progress of Sailor Star Healer’s brainwashing. According to the machine, she was set for release later that evening – giving her plenty of time for this meeting. After having lost the Generals to the Crystal Empire, Lilith fully intended to make sure that Zoisite was hit hard from this. 

There could be no mistakes henceforth.

Lilith carried herself into the meeting room with absolute confidence, dressed in a black and red business suit with a red star brooch at the pocket of the blazer.

“I do hope all of you are enjoying yourselves.” Lilith smiled. “Let us proceed with matters, shall we?”

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i wanna see the ground give way

Seeing her out on the battlefield, transformed with bright colors and large white wings, looking like an awe-inspiring angel from the skies, was something strange for Poppy. Something strange for anyone, especially considering the fact that Poppy only had another grunt with her, no one too particularly special. No one that could stand up to one of the weaker sailor guardians, much less HER. Poppy knew how powerful the eternal version of Sailor Moon was, if only through stories and such. So much that when she'd appeared, Poppy's only actions had been to stare in awe for a moment, and then fling some fish and run. It was the only course of action. She hadn't been reprimanded for it.

But then, she had brought that news with her. The news of Neo Queen Serenity in all her transformed glory. It had rocked Zale, who she had reported it to, enough that he had no choice but to call this meeting. She also, though she'd kept this to herself, thought that perhaps them being there had prompted this. They being her and Danica and the others. There were out of timeline, in a place they were never supposed to be. Thus, things that weren't supposed to happen were happening. But, Poppy wasn't the time guru, as it were. That was someone else, and she might bring it up. But then again...

She stepped into the room, moving quickly and awkwardly towards Danica, who was the only person in the room she really knew all that well. She was supposed to report to Dean, but he was usually so busy. Zale seemed accessible, though she didn't understand him that well. He had a bit of flirtatiousness about him, and it went over her head completely. He had found this out pretty quickly, and he thought it was hilarious. None of that mattered right now. What mattered was waiting for the rest of the room to fill up, which was awkward enough. Poppy sort of nudged Danica, feeling the eyes of Galaxia peering into both of them.

"I think she knows..." She muttered softly, giving Danica a smile that seemed mismatched to her tone of voice, and she nodded a little bit, somehow trying to tell her that it was something to be talked about later.

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