Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
March 2031, Spring

(Invitation)  Awaiting The Gavel Drop
Tag: Annie // Jan, --, 2031

It wasn't a direct violation of trust, he'd asked permission to leave 'in his own way'. 5 hours tops, he'd be back and just say he was on a patrol or something. Palace was so large who could contradict it? Besides, Alexis knew the importance of getting out once in a while. And hey, Cynthia was the one who said 'why aren't you married yet?' can't do that inside a palace. What could honestly happen, anyway? He could fight, and unlike the rest of everyone in that glorified prison - he didn't give off some kind of sensible vibe that they were the property of Charles Xavier. 

Cynthia used to sneak out at night all the time, course she did it to save the world and he did it to -- compete in a midnight motorcycle race.  Anyone of the competitors could have some magical powers, annnnd it was practically a no rules (besides cross a finish line) event. So yeah, every reason not to do this existed. 

Training, just training.

Since the forces of 'win at all costs' were going to be working overtime at the track, he'd decided it was probably best to make sure his bike was in perfect racing condition before entering. So, he'd pulled into a mechanics pit and paid some of the rental cost to use their equipment. It was no surprise he wasn't the only motorcycle here, and some of them he fully expected to see again at the stroke of the day's end.

Taking off his helmet and setting it on the workbench, he got to checking spark plugs and compressors, making sure the numbers were he needed them to be. " Oh great, NOW you start getting more creative with your punishments." His imagination had decided to fill in the gaps of more consequences he hadn't yet considered. Too late now, pot committed. "In for a penny in for a..." POUND!... Someone was having a hard time getting their own vehicle back in order.

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