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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
Spring 2031 (March 1st - June 30th)

there's a war inside of me
// January 30th, 2031

“Is that,” Saariyah felt a sharp twinge in her chest, grimacing as she breathed heavily amidst the sobbing. The twinge – ever so repetitive – was one that Saariyah was wondering how come she was still alive. A normal person would have died from feeling so much pain, and yet….

She was still alive.

Saariyah’s grip upon his shirt tightened, her body trembling as she tried to keep herself together. The more negative thoughts that rushed through her mind, the more that she felt vulnerable to the twinge.  She wanted it to stop so much, but every so often, it just continued.

“Any relation to why you’re called Zoisite?” Saariyah inquired, her gaze downcast, unable to see the concerned look on his features. Yet she didn’t need to, not with the remark that soon followed.

“No, I know what I saw,” Saariyah insisted, and although she wasn’t deliberately putting the blame on Chiharu, she was. Why would there be any reason for someone to land a blow on their own protector? It shook Saariyah to the core, her body trembled at the mere thought – at the idea that Liuxing could strike her down at any moment.

“Nothing should ever come to that…” Saariyah murmured, only barely aware of his attempts at comfort. It didn’t help that it only made her more terrified of Chiharu, and it didn’t do anything but aid the negative thoughts.

When he wrapped his arms around her, Saariyah was momentarily relieved to hear that he would not go to Liuxing. What she didn’t like was what had followed. Her being healed by Cynthia?! Never in her wildest dreams would she ever imagined having to be healed by Neo Queen Serenity. It was insulting to Liuxing’s own power if she chose that path, but it was even worse if she found out about her current predicament, was it not…?

“No,” Saariyah shook her head. “You don’t need to postpone that meeting for me, I’m not worth it—I can handle it.” Saariyah attempted to push herself back a little then, trying to demonstrate that she was capable of handling things….

…and failing miserably. Her strength was weak, the trembles that her body made had made it more difficult to push away.

“If you go to the meeting, I’ll consent to Cynthia even if I won’t like it.” Saariyah begged as she felt the cheek press.

“It’s just…this twinge in my chest, Jeremiah,” Saariyah murmured. “It just keeps coming…but I—"

Saariyah’s train of thought was caught off-guard on the remarks that soon followed. He couldn’t risk? He wanted to ensure her safety? What….?

Saariyah was having the hardest time processing all of that. Outside of her own comrades, there was no one who truly cared to ensure that she was safe. Not even amongst the Galactica, she was certain about that. While she understood their frustrations with their own trials with Chaos, Saariyah was unwilling to allow the mindset that that they should receive sympathy.

But this? This surprised her.

“Why do I matter to you so much…?” Saariyah finally asked, trying to refrain from showing weakness. She needed to remain strong, to show that she was capable of handling herself. But this had completely caught her off-guard.

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The sharp pain, the way that Saariyah just barely held back twitching and worse from the pain, was not missed. As Jeremiah exhale, still holding to her, another touch of healing flowed to bolster her own. It should have put things to rights and yet ...

No, it was only bandaging what was likely a rot from within. One that he could not properly perceive, not yet at least. Cynthia would understand, he thought, or even Liuxing (though one of those was not really an option, given what had already been discussed). It ate at his thoughts in ways he did not like, much the same way as the corruption his body was purifying slowly did as well.

"It was," replied Jeremiah quietly. "For whatever reason, mine ..." With the arm not wrapped securely around Saariyah, Jeremiah raised it to briefly touch his chest. There, just above his heart and the tips of his fingers, appeared the manifestation of his Knight Gem. It glittered, a brilliant blue-green not unlike his eyes, but what was most noticeable was that it looked as if a small portion had been chipped off. "It does look similar to some types of zoisite." As he exhaled again, it faded away and his hand fell away.

"I'm not disagreeing with you, Saariyah," he responded. "Only that the truth of what happened--the circumstances around it--are not known. The Dark Kingdom ... They have no qualms in twisting your memories, especially if you are like one of us and once existed within the Silver Millennium. It makes you an easier tool to control if they can twist your memories so that you look upon those of the Moon and other planets negatively." He was quiet a moment before adding: "... but no, whatever happened between them? It should have never come down to having to cut him down. A knight exists to serve their royal, just the same as you serve your Queen. Whatever happened, it shouldn't have."

Truthfully, it was disturbing to think of what it meant, but there was no missing the fear--of Guardian Saturn no less--that was present where none had been. Still, Jeremiah frowned as Saariyah protested postponing the meeting. In fact, in a better mindset, he would have pushed back, but instead, her behavior (coupled with the fear and otherwise within her and himself, along with the corruption eating at his thoughts) meant that he eventually sucked in a breath and nodded.

Even as he smoothed a hand down her back to ease the trembling as best he could. "Then I will hold the meeting but as soon as it concludes, Saariyah, I am coming back with Cynthia." In the back of his mind, he knew that it should have been Liuxing but at least she was consenting to be healed in the first place. "I know and it shouldn't hurt anymore, you should be healed and purified, but you're not and ..." He was repeating--again--and yet he had no qualms with offering her what healing he could to try and ease it but it was a drop in the ocean; easing only to see it return eventually at the same level or worse.

"Do I truly need to spell it out to you, Saariyah? You love Liuxing, do you not? Would do anything you could to protect her and keep her safe from harm? Do all that you could for Chandra or [Star Fighter]? Despite what protests they might have?" Jeremiah's eyes burned, cheek still pressed to the top of her head and trying to regulate his breathing. "The same applies between us. The love, care, and affection I hold for you are such that seeing you like this, especially considering my own history, means that I will do whatever is necessary to see you spared from harm." Many forms of love were not romantic, especially the platonic love that existed between comrades in arms, and this was the case now.

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Saariyah could feel it, Jeremiah’s healing flowing from within. While at this moment, she would have liked to say that it was welcomed, it wasn’t – not when the reality of the situation was sinking in and clawing at her very being.

“Will you stop?” Saariyah said in a soft murmur, the pain that she felt was draining at much of the energy she had. “I know what purification does to you.” Saariyah had welcomed the healing when the situation wasn’t met with clarity, but now that it was…. Saariyah wouldn’t allow it. How could she, when she knew what could happen?

She wasn’t about to fail someone else.

And upon seeing the manifestation of his own Knight Gem, there was a brief shudder from Saariyah as she momentarily considered the atrocious powers that could alter a person’s Star Seed. “It shouldn’t,” Saariyah noted. “And it makes me hate this planet for all of the unnatural things that occur. Queen Metaria is just as bad as Galaxia…”

Any foe that they faced who dared to violate the very essence of a person was cruel and unforgiveable. She listened to what Jeremiah had to say on the Dark Kingdom, and he still had yet to change her mind. “But I’m also not like you,” Saariyah grimaced from the twinge. “So where do I fit the criteria to deserve that? Just because I’m a Sailor Guardian?”

Unless because of the Alliance that was formed recently, the Dark Kingdom was getting wiser, branching away from their normal standards and making them harder to detect. Saariyah somehow doubted it, though. Surely, someone from the planet Saturn had enough intelligence to conduct their own private missions.


“Heh, I guess we’ll find out.” Saariyah replied dryly. From the voice that she heard surfacing from within, telling her to go find him, Saariyah wondered if it would truly end here. She hated to think that she was now compromised.

“I can’t convince you otherwise, can I?” They both would have known it, she didn’t want Cynthia to heal her, but in Saariyah’s eyes it was better than seeing her Queen’s reaction. She was Liuxing’s constant companion, her senior lady, and if any of the three Starlights had ever seen the most of Liuxing’s emotions… it was most likely Saariyah. She didn’t like to see her Queen crying, just as much as she was now.

As cruel as it sounded, Saariyah could deal with Cynthia’s emotions – they were nothing that got under her skin. Liuxing’s, on the other hand, did.

She felt another sharp, deep, twinge inside her chest, her own body shuddered and trembled from what she felt. While Saariyah felt Jeremiah’s own attempts at comforting, it didn’t stop what was happening from within – he was right.

What he said next though was a strong word, one which Saariyah had known that she’d ranted to him about in the past. He knew better than to use that word lightly, and to hear it from him now… Saariyah didn’t know what to think. All she felt she could do was attempt to prevent the stream of tears. They weren’t from happiness, make no mistake – she was still suffering and the only thing that surged through her mind was the belief that through all of this, she was still failing yet another person close to her.

“You always know how to get me,” Saariyah murmured, burying her face into his chest. While her words might have suggested that Saariyah didn’t feel similar, it was very much the opposite – her body language, the grip that she instead placed on Jeremiah when she otherwise could have put more energy into moving away was an indication of that.  "But what makes you think I'd let you do something that foolish, too?"

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"I'm fine," Jeremiah immediately replied and on the surface he was. Except that he knew his limits--painfully well--and all that he had done would have been beyond him were it not for the fact that his zoisite stone was in Cynthia's possession with the Silver Crystal. It was something to think on later; just why were his powers not only resonating but being amplified? There was no time to focus on it but it lingered in the back of his mind all the same.

"I promise," he repeated, knowing that Saariyah would understand how serious he was. Promises were not made lightly; they bound him to his word and that was something he would not break. "Nothing will happen to me." Besides, the real issue was that he had not slept since the day Elysion was corrupted but shhhh.

"It is how she controls those under her thrall, without her presence and influx of power ..." Jeremiah let out a breath. "An individual will not survive their Star Seed being turned to stone." That was part of the reason why those of the Dark Kingdom were so fixated on gathering energy, not only did it empower Metaria but it ensured their survival. There was no real response as Saariyah expressed her hatred for some of what happened on Earth, not when Jeremiah felt similar, and instead just held her even as she shuddered.

"You are powerful," said Jeremiah quietly, "and you are a healer, much like me, and that is a power--when corrupted--can be twisted to horrible ends by Chaos. Just as I can think of countless more reasons why you would be targeted, none of which I wish to speak of but know they exist." His grip tightened, just barely, on Saariyah as he thought of them. Mostly, however, there was a part of him that whispered this was deliberate on Metaria's part; a move to not only hurt but take someone important to the Golden Kings, to him especially.

Those thoughts were enough to distract him for a moment, to not fully parse what else Saariyah said until he heard I can't convince you otherwise, can I?. "You absolutely cannot," he replied, "because this is beyond me and ..." Well, the quick look that he gave her said that he knew exactly what was on her mind. Between the fact that she would not want to be seen by [Queen Fireball] like this and his fears (fueled by corruption) that the Saariyah might have pulled a similar promise (to kill her) from her Queen and fellow Starlights, Cynthia was the best choice.

Jeremiah knew what he said would have a heavy impact, just as she was unable to deny he was right. Someone else might have misread her, might have thought her words were a rejection, the silver-haired man knew otherwise. He was, after all, well-versed in being able to read her (and her actions said a great deal). It was why he wrapped his arms around her fully, holding her even as she hid her face against his chest and resting his chin gently on top of her head. "I think what you mean to say is that if the situation was reversed, you would be doing the exact same thing, Saariyah. Foolishness or not, these are the things we do for those who matter the most."

He let his eyes slide shut, trying to steady his breathing and the quick staccato of his heart so that it would help ease Saariyah's own (even if it would not ease the pain). "Just rest, alright? You can't put me in my place for foolishness like you are now anyway." Eventually, he would have to leave but not before Pandora arrived and he was able to do at least a couple more things. For now, however, his focus was on Saariyah and doing what he could.

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The chaotic energies that were surging within her body told her otherwise, attempting to amplify the fact that he had broken the promise that he would kill her if something like this were to occur. It made her chest ache, the pain visible on her features as she tried to push it back.

No, Saariyah knew that he wouldn’t easily break promises, and she knew that if he had, it was with a very good reason. She knew that when she asked him what she had that it went against everything they believed as a healer. She wasn’t going to let Chaos’s push consume.

“Thanks,” Saariyah said sarcastically, choosing not to retort to his promise and only his acknowledgement to her power.  “But I don’t feel powerful right now relying on another person’s cleansing.” She felt very much the opposite and she hated it so much.

“I trained myself to be the most spiritual of my team. Sailor Crystals are precious to us, and it’s important to understand them. I would hope that with the training that I’ve undergone, that my Sailor Crystal wouldn’t easily submit to Queen Metaria’s whims. But this – this is something I haven’t anticipated.” Saariyah confessed. “I can only hope that with my training, I can defeat those odds. My spiritualism is beyond yours, unless you’ve suddenly surpassed your teacher.”

Saariyah’s power in spiritualism defied most others understanding of it, and she prided herself in being able to detect not only a Sailor Crystal’s demise, when they were born, and the type. As a healer, it only amplified her spiritualism. It was her power that provided much aid to her team during the Sailor Wars, being able to evade Sailor Galaxia’s Shadow Galactica as much as they had.

She’d be damned if she went down like this, and she felt the pressure even more so as he wrapped his arms around, held her, and placed his head against hers.

“For someone deserving,” Saariyah confessed, though she knew that that wasn’t always the case. Back in the day, she remembered her objections to Sailor Moon’s purification abilities, believing them to be powerless against their foes and that all was lost. It was perhaps why, when it came to this situation, it brought a little more light and tolerance than she would have previously thought.

Saariyah knew that she wouldn’t use purification powers on everyone though if she had them, but Jeremiah was certainly someone she would. She knew that now, especially after she had more faith in purification than she previously had. She just wasn’t the sort to throw her own feelings out there, she felt vulnerable enough.

“Just do what  you have to do,” Saariyah replied. Rest was the least thing on her mind, and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to. “I’ll be fine, and I’ll be looking forward to that.”

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