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jeremiah mercer

thirty-six; golden king of healing and purification.
⤷ Earnest and charming, Jeremiah can be extremely personable and gets along with some of the most taciturn and cantankerous individuals (and if you met his twin sister, you would understand why this is). He moves forward in his life with a strength of will that is damn near indomitable. Not that this doesn't make him come across as stubborn or thick-headed, because he is.

Practically an immovable force once his mind is set, it isn't exactly easy to get him to back down. It can be done though it often necessitates debating him or--and this is the quickest method--tell him that what he is doing is not the best way to go about things. Or just flat tell him he is being a dumbass and needs to rest because someone else can handle it and his sense of self-preservation cannot possibly be that busted.

Jeremiah genuinely does mean well and just wants to help when he can. An idealist at heart, even if realism and pessimism attempt to drown it out, he can often be counted on to be there when the cards are down. Whether it's helping you move or just quiet hanging out time, he'll be there and sometimes even when you don't say anything because he's already on it.


u mad bro?
⤷ On the surface while it may seem like Jeremiah makes friends--and easily so--most are not actually let close. It takes a particular individual to be able to get close to him, to find the introvert that he truly is underneath the surface. Jeremiah works hard to make sure that no one knows the ways to get to his soft underbelly. Being corrupted twice makes him well aware of the flaws, not only in himself but in the people around him. He is hyperaware, more than most, of just how far one can fall if they are not careful.

Ultimately, however, most only see the charming intellectual (sometimes troll) exterior, the man that pushes everyone to be their best with methods others might not consider. For those that are let in, let past his barriers to the softer side, they discover a man who is ornery, snarky, and darkly humorous. That, at the end of the day, is what he wants. Jeremiah wants to be around people who will push for that, push at him, and won't just immediately bend. He needs the pushback, the challenge, and without he finds himself stagnant and unhappy.


duty comes first.
⤷ Jeremiah has very little to no interest in romantic relationships, preferring the few close platonic relationships he has over the idea of anything more. While Jeremiah considers himself to be asexual, the truth of the matter is that he is both demisexual and demiromantic. Combined with the fact that duty comes before everything else in his life, the odds of him pursuing a romance are very slim.


are you sure you're on the right side?
⤷ Despite the fact that most are not aware of the true history of the Golden Kings, Jeremiah can never forget that they were once on opposite sides due to the corruption of Chaos. As he is aware of how Chaos operates, Jeremiah is more inclined to at least try talking first with those on the opposite side of the battlefield. This is especially true of those that he recognizes as Planetary Knights, wanting to see them freed of Chaos's hold. There may be some that cannot be saved but Jeremiah will always try.

It is only when he is without recourse, when there is no other way, that he will consent to see them destroyed. Keep in mind this does not mean he won't throw down because Jeremiah will, he will fight for what he believes in; he simply will not write someone off as a lost cause without making an attempt to save them (likely more than once).

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