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When he'd picked up his lecture to read it, 78 students had been in the half circle lightly dimmed room to hear it. At the moment he was down to 76 1/2, the half being a french boy that was committed to leaving and near the door when Akari finally found his voice to break the literal 3 minutes of silence.

" I been looking at my original speech, what I was going to say to inspire and drive you toward the future. It was going to be great, about how aspirations and motivations were the key to staying attached to a passion worth following. But, -- I can't seem to get the words out..." Tapping the cards that held his prepared works multiple times on the table, hardly believing he was about to throw them in the trash... Yet, there they went, out of his hand and into waste. Maybe that's all they were worth anyway.

"2 days ago I was told something by a friend, and I..." Kari's jaw lingered, having a arduous time because he was about to quote Jeremiah in one of his paid speeches. The struggle was real, he'd kept his eyes directed at the surface of the podium like if he looked up that nosy brat would be there grinning with a ' knew you'd see it my way' type grin." I haven't been able to get it out of my mind."

One last pause... " Chaos is problematic and must be dealt with." Turning his back to the crowd, he'd go to the chalk board and write 'Evil' instead of chaos on its surface, he had to use the chalk because his power point had been tossed in a waste bin 43 seconds ago. " What is evil? Dictionary says..." If anyone was going to be impressed he knew the dictionary definition of evil off the top of his head, they'd probably become disappointment when he grabbed an actual heavy bound book and started flipping through it. "Pro-found-ly wicked and... immoral."  

" What have they just told you?...Evil, is defined by evil, which is a definition you have no choice to arrive at if you view evil as just an opinion. But I have a different perspective.... Lets get as close as we can.  How about, evil is a lack of order? -- Now we're back to chaos, but it's not very personal yet. So lets narrow the scope one more time, Evil is the lack of...." Directly under 'Evil' he drew another giant 'E' except the letters that followed this one were M-P-A-T-H-Y. " Empathy."

Setting down the chalk like a sword that had struck it's death blow, he returned to the podium that was equated with the true authority in the room." Empathy, when we do evil... It's because our empathy loses potency to do the thing we want to do, or the reality we want to happen." They needed to understand this, and so did Akari. It felt like Jeremiah was here with how much pressure this lecture was compiling on." Each of us, every single one of us has the potential to do evil. It's inside of us, and it's held back by empathy. Empathy can be compromised by fame, power, money, a dark inner voice...." Kari's hand found his hand to his chest, like he were ready to take a pledge."...Love."

"The world you're all going into, it's different than your parents world. Truths have been shown to you, maybe even challenges to the things you want. But, what are you willing to become for your desires? I can't tell you whats at the end of embracing boundless desire, it's something you have to experience for yourself. I hope you never do..."

" Give the queen a chance to prove having empathy for her and the world she wants to build is worth it, just a chance. Humanity tried it's way and we all know the results." He'd motion in a presenting gesture to a line of war books the world had faced. " Lets see if something more than human can bring about the Utopia we're always striving for."

With that, the light was flicked back on as Akari exited a room of 77 students.

Nasir, as a general rule, did not come out of the Crystal Palace. Oh, he was supposed to--Mason was encouraging him to branch out, to see the world he had hidden away from--but it wasn't easy for him to do so. The more people he was around, the more he had to close himself off to the world and he simply did not like to do so.

Where others relied upon instinct, cold reading, and so many other methods (some of which were often born of trauma, which did make him think of Doctor Mercer even if he had talents that helped it along), Nasir's empathy was born of the very magic that hummed within his being, a part of him that he could never deny.

It was that same empathy that let him pick up the flickers of the emotions of the students within the lecture hall. Nasir wasn't honestly sure what made him come to the lecture today, not beyond the fact that he had not seen Akari in a while. Well ... No, he could not count the times that Akari looked as if he were trying to sneak his way into the Crystal Palace without being noticed. As Nasir was not the rude sort, without some need to call Akari on it, he simply went along with it and humored the man.

What Nasir did wonder was if Akari was aware of all the emotion that he generated in the students that listened to his lecture. He had to be aware, he had to know that they would now ask questions and some of them would-

Pushing himself up, Nasir moved quickly to follow him out. It was easy to slip through the exiting crowd, bobbing and weaving through people until he caught up with Akari.

"Akari!" called out Nasir. "... or should it be Professor Kil?" Another pause. "Doctor Kil? All of them apply, I suppose it just depends on your current preference." His nose wrinkled up, Nasir blowing silver-white curls out of his eyes and then raking his hand through them when they didn't stay out of the way. "It’s good to see you, regardless.” Nasir smiled widely, hoping that Akari would not mind the interruption to his day. “Your lecture was interesting."

There was little surprise that the voice of a student trailed him, he'd presented them with a challenge and that challenge could forge an entirely new path than the one they'd intended. But he didn't have all the answers, and a few questions would have revealed that Akari had been speaking in pluralities which were difficult to tell where they could lead. If even one student changed their heart on giving Cyn a chance, it was worth deviating.

When he'd turned though, it wasn't the face of someone he'd expected. In fact, it was probably the embodiment of the hardest questions life could throw his way. Akari was used to being the one asking questions, leading people to their own revelations about their problems and guiding them toward a solution they already knew was the only remedy. Mostly what Akari did was bring people to acceptance of reality. 

So when the embodiment of dreams and unreality faced him, it felt like actuality was testing to see if Akari was true to his own convictions. Had it been a normal students, he would have kept walking without an interaction - maybe throw some sage advice like ' ask the person in the mirror' or ' truth reveals itself without needing to be provoked' over a shoulder. But giving wisdom to a boy that radiated the concept was like trying to splash a river with a tea cup.

"Keep walking, come on." Nassir would need to draw on some vigor to catch up to and match Akari's pace if he wanted to continue this conversation. He'd rounded a corner which put him out of line of sight with the lecture hall, but some of those kids were quick. Usually they needed time to cram their school books into their bags too, so that stalled their pursuit. But not Nassir, he wasn't a student; this was just a boy drawn by whatever winds of fortune blew him toward -- That or Jeremiah got a hold of him. " I'm no professor, the psych hall sometimes request professionals in the field to speak. Not many volunteer, I do."

" You look, awake."
That was the word he'd wanted to use, and did in the end elect to invoke. It was a shifting of the conversation back to Helios, Akari didn't know how to speak about what he'd just said... it barely felt like he'd been the one to say them in the first place.

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Nasir's eyebrows rose upward, mostly in surprise at the entire keep walking, come on. It wasn't as if he couldn't, the seemingly young-looking man able to keep up with a few quick strides. A glance back towards the lecture hall and the students that were just now beginning to poke their heads out made him inclined to think that Akari was ... avoiding them?

Wouldn't it be better to stay and answer their questions? How else did you help them understand? What if they reached the wrong conclusions and needed more guidance? "I suppose," said Nasir, regarding the entire not a professor, "it'd take more time away from your helping people if you were teaching all the time ..."

On the other hand, Nasir looked a bit caught off guard at the next remark. "Why wouldn't I be?" He was very mindful of when he took his naps, especially when things were--as of late--so out of sorts. Still, it was very clear that Akari was out of sorts. He was, felt rather, all over the place.

... or ...


His nose wrinkled up as he tried to both parse and get a feel for the situation. There were still so many others floating around, younger and more vibrant, that it would take him a moment. "Are you heading to another engagement?" inquired Nasir, still keeping up Akari as he moved through hallways. "I wouldn't want to keep you." A smile was given. "I was just wanting to check in, speak with you." Nasir paused for a moment. "It's nothing that can't wait since it's unimportant." Which was one way to say that he really was here just to talk.

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It wasn't Akari's intention to make He-... Nassir feel as though he wasn't welcome. Hopefully, he'd bear with him for a few more steps,  - which would be the time frame in which the none-professor would be pushing a door aside with a metal 'click', opening the outside to both of them.

Lifting one hand in the boy looking ancients direction to pause his movements, he found a bench the students normally sat in to get some shade while eating outside of the school. This was a good a place as any to have the conversation, Akari lowered his hand giving him permission to follow again as this 'conspiracy' reached its conclusion with him gaining a seat.

It would take a true act of effort to track him from classroom to here, and if anyone did go through that much effort - then that meant they were truly moved, and really needed answers. The stress at the idea of giving them the wrong ones weighed Kari down, but he wasn't going to be smoking in front of a being that understood dreams that hadn't even been slept over yet.

' Did Jeremiah figure out about my nightmares from our talk 2 days ago? Did he send him?'

That would be frustrating, the idea that absolutely nothing escaped Zo's eyes meant Akari was exposed and understood even while miles away. But should it be too surprising? All four men had experienced the same events, likely each one had similar reactions. But what did such events mean for the runt? The easiest to manipulate?

" Schools a good place for you, unlike the rest of the people that look your age - you'd actually have the right temperament. Too bad they probably couldn't teach you much of anything." Kari motioned for Nassir to take the seat, keeping a distracted eye on the door they'd just come from.


Nasir really did not like it when things felt awkward. It was bad enough when he felt awkward but picking it up in others only made his own worse. That, among other reasons, why he worked hard to help others and ensure they were at ease.

What would it take to get Akari there? Getting him out and away from potential students was part of it but did not get him all the way there. The low level of anxiety buzzed at the edge of Nasir's awareness and made him rub a hand across his own chest as if that could do away with the weight that was beginning to settle there.

"... we could move further away," said Nasir after a moment of consideration, he turned and looked down the path that led away from the building, "I think I saw a cafe? It would not be so busy right now since it isn't lunchtime and the students are still in class." Really, Nasir just wanted things to be calm.

He shook his head, however, at the idea of being a student. "Unfortunately the topics that interest me are ones that are not taught," he replied, "and likely will not be for some time." There was a pause before Nasir further explained. "Magic waned after the fall of the Silver Millenium, fading away until it was the stuff of myth and legend. It began to flow once more with their coronation so many years ago now and with their actual ascension we should expect to see it properly return but it will take time."

He still had not taken a seat, waiting to see if Akari wanted to take their talking to a place not so out in the open and likely more private. "It is that study that I find interesting, especially in the understanding of magic and how it relates to the world we live in." Nasir paused, before adding: "As learning what I missed, the history of the world while I was within Elysion, is something I have been able to learn through other means."

Being a psychologist wasn't just a fancy title, it meant he was capable of deduction in certain areas of actuality. Nasir -- kept his feet, his tone was full of concern like he understood Akari's condition. Maybe he did, hiding emotions wasn't one of his gifts. Normally, he'd just deflect the topic back onto the subject and human nature being what it was; people were eager to talk about themselves.

But not him.

Akari shifted his stance so that his back was too the door, acknowledging that his social partner at the time was a being that sought remedies for all kinds of ills. In that way, he did remind him of Jeremiah. Akari wasn't like them, he could ignore one person suffering if he believed he could prevented a larger plethora of people from suffering. Why make things personal? There were hundreds of other people that could be lost by putting focus on a single person. That's why he talked to the most dangerous people in the city, talking the imprisoned out of going back out and destroying more lives and causing more chaos was -- the better gamble.

Of course the conservation would move to magic and the Silver Millennium. He'd been doing rather well for a few months avoiding those exchanges, if Jadeite couldn't latch onto a topic then by default -- Akari could maintain control of it. Now this picnic table was about to become the war room for two very powerful beings... and he'd already committed to remaining in this spot.


" I don't know much on those topics myself, up until recently I was stabilizing the East. Peace and Harmony,  doing what I was destined for. How about you? Does your power just pull you in random directions? Trying to find something?" Intention or chance, always a good question to ask. It spoke of an aim, and aims had something behind them more than whimsical curiosity.

He was no longer looking around, his attention was on the Ruler of Dreams, unwilling to disclose his own.

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