Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

(Invitation)  Not Everyone's Cup O' Tea
Tag: Star Fighter
Even when Diana was a little kitten, she loved fish, and that was still evident today and even more desirable now that she managed to gain funds of her own. She preferred to eat fish over most meals if she could help it, but she understood why it wasn’t any of the other girls’ cup o’ tea.

So today, Diana had opted to have lunch by her lonesome at one of the restaurants she had once frequented the last time they time-traveled into the past. Infinity City was massive and a much different environment than Crystal City, but that was okay!

It gave Diana an opportunity to explore and learn about the current times, and since her boss had already sent her on a mission here separate from Cidney, she was fine with that. Except…. well, when she saw a line of people waiting outside when she arrived after a bus ride there.

That was a big disappointment and caused her to sigh and pout. “That’s not fair. I came all this way for some good, tasty fish and this place is packed with a 35-minute wait! Who does that?? And I’m only one party too…”

That’s what upset Diana the most. Even when she was just one person, surely it would have been easier to get a table than with a group of people, wouldn’t it?

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