Act 7, the Return of the Pantheon.
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The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

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March 2031, Spring

(Invitation)  We Shape Our Own Destiny
// January 23rd, 2031

It was the first time in forever that Serenity had ever asked Mason to lend her one of his Guardians to her just so she could go outside.  Under normal circumstances, Serenity would have opted to have one of her own Guardians or the Galactica take her. Probably Alexis or Violet, for that matter--but there was just so much tension amongst the Sailor Guardians that Serenity just needed to breathe.

She wanted to distance herself, so she opted for Jeremiah to come along with her. She wasn’t even sure how Layla would have responded had she brought one of the Outer Guardians along, and she desperately wanted to have a calm conversation with her.

She transformed for the first time in twelve years. That was a big deal, and even if it was short-lived, Serenity wanted to relay this news to Layla herself. She was sure that the others would have informed her, but Layla was a Guardian who Serenity looked up to as a mother figure, and hearing no word from her….

That was bad news.

So, Serenity grabbed her disguise pen and used it to transform into Serena Rose, a familiar disguise to most of her Sailor Guardians when she decided to go out into the city. The name wasn’t that unfamiliar to Crown Center, but Serenity was careful who she interacted with on a regular basis when she went outside of the Crystal Palace.

As the vehicle drove up to Infinity City and towards Dark King Tower, Serenity’s baby blues were fixated on the city streets. She felt overwhelmed by just being outside that the ability to summon that power made her look at her own city differently.

Getting out of the vehicle, Serenity instructed her companion to wait outside and headed up towards the penthouse suite that Layla lived in. She hadn’t been to these apartments in so long that a rush of memories came flooding in during the elevator ride.

Taking a deep breath, Serenity approached the door to Layla’s penthouse suite and knocked, briefly gazing downward at the old Eternal Sailor Moon brooch that was clutched in her hand.

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Sleep was hardly a reward for Layla Dawson, it was hardly an accomplishment that she would garner as many nights and days were spent with her focusing her attention on the footage at hand from several sources within the Lunarian database; slamming her hands against her desk as her tresses fell over her features -- expletives rolled off the course of her tongue as the rage that was present within her during the meeting was the guard was still present. She had yet to hear back from Uranus or Neptune about any meetings that she needed to be present for as she refused to meet with any of the Inners..and unfortunately that included Cynthia Lunette herself. Her eyes lifted up to the ongoing footage along with the compiled notes that were presented before her in regards to her findings on the side of the astrology -- well noted that many stars that were once bright and glowing with its rich iridescence were no longer as noticeable..almost as if a blanket of darkness was overlaying the lights that once made the night skies a beautiful was unsettling, her muscles tensed with worry, stress, anger, disappointment and an accumulation of other negative emotions. People didn’t realize this but Pluto was overwhelmed with a lot of emotions, it took everything in her not to unleash and unravel with those very thoughts that were slamming against the corners of her mind with a need of release, not to allow the very pangs that constantly tap danced against the core of her soul with knives -- chipping away her solid guard and emotional stability for the sake of one that was unstable all because people were stubborn, because people wouldn’t listen because people chose to be patronizing and abuse their power just because they did not like what she had to say in regards to their decision. ALL BECAUSE SHE WAS DOING HER JOB. Several calls to her cellular were ignored if they did not belong to Alexis, Violet, or Saturn -- those even included the likes of the Inner Guardians and Cynthia herself. She had nothing to say to any of them but yet a single text was sent out to Cidney as the tone that was laced within its message was jarring at best as the text would read: “When your attitude is corrected, call me with a place and time because we have a conversation to have and we needed to have it IMMEDIATELY.” just before pressing the send button with very little regrets to how the message might’ve been perceived.

She was frustrated, time after time, just to simply do her job came with its own complications as the Guardians would force her hands at rule-bending or even trying to break them in order to keep them safe. Not that she had a problem with doing so, but she felt as if that was fairly underappreciated. She felt that over the years she had done nothing but honor those who choose to still remain on the path of it’s my way or the highway. It didn’t even help that she was also trying to keep Cidney a secret yet the woman had an attitude during the Night of the battle, rather than being thankful that she was saving her ass -- she chose to be a brat and be snippy when she should’ve just been humbled. Then there was Cynthia, a respectable figure who threw a petulant tantrum upon the discovery and instead chose to completely disregard any and everything that the Outers had to say in regards to her being on the battlefield… It was almost as if it was pointless. It was a reflection of the question that she asked before… What was the point of being on a team when things like this were going to happen? When Chaos was in the midst and all they could do is bicker?

The woman took a deep breath and exhaled as the mocha-skinned woman decided to take a stride into the kitchen; grabbing her wine glass and an uncorked bottle of wine just so that she could settle herself on the nearest couch and try to relax her mind while also attempting to make sense of this situation, make sense of all the emotional distress she was beginning to feel from the left to the right as the situation with the Dark Alliance was intensifying and she felt helpless. What the hell were they going to do with a Queen who had no power...for now? What were they going to do? What COULD they do…

The woman simply shook her head and held the glass up with one hand while the bottle titled over in the other; pouring its rich contents into the glass as its beautiful garnet splashed and stained its translucent surface before sliding down into the river of red in tiny droplets. She was clearly able to get at least one sip after stirring it while placing the wine bottle on the table -- which was half-empty might she add just to emphasize just how stressed and disgruntled Sailor Pluto really was when she was by herself. She doesn’t even believe that she had the opportunity to express these emotions to anyone yet and she never planned to with the hopes in mind that this too shall pass. How foolish of her to think that way…

Another sip was set to happen until a knock on the door caught her attention, prompting her to raise her brow. “Who...could this be…?” She muttered under her breath before withdrawing the glass and setting it next to the bottle just so that she could stand on the tip of her toes and look out the peephole as her eyes landed on the visual of Serenity Rose..which only meant one thing. Her eyes rolled with a frustrated sigh and dropped her head a moment; a single hand on the door while the other was against the knob with its grip tight. She took a moment to decide whether she should even open this door and allow her in...or rather just simply ignore her just as she did everyone else.

This was truly..a frustrating situation that she obviously can tell was already unavoidable. The sounds of locks being undone could be heard distinctively just before the door opened just a bit to reveal Layla in her casual wear; lounge pants and a tank top with matching slippers as her eyes appeared to have been blank and her expression were rid of any emotion. It was almost as if Layla was emotionally unavailable at this point and yet she still chose to face her.

“...Can I help you, My Queen?”

A proper greeting that did not resonate as a friend visiting another friend but a soldier under royalty. Seeing that everyone seemed to be so fond of using that stance as of late. A clear indication that Layla was not exactly keen on visitors from anyone with the exception of a few...Cyn included, but she decided...she'll pay a penny for her thoughts.

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Startled baby blues gazed upward at Layla’s tall frame. She honestly wasn’t expecting her to open the door, but Serenity was grateful that she had. Serenity knew that out of any of the Guardians, it was Layla who was the fierce traditionalist, and she understood why. Millennia’s at the Space-Time Door would have done that to a person.

Serenity took a deep breath, her eyes looking back down towards the palm of her hand as she uncovered it to reveal Eternal Sailor Moon’s brooch. The relic had been residing within a drawer in her closet this whole time, her desire to not look at the brooch for over a decade remained strong.

“Time isn’t set in stone.” Serenity informed Layla, holding up her Eternal Brooch. She was extremely grateful that Layla lived at the penthouse suite of Dark King Tower, otherwise she would feel extremely uncomfortable revealing it in the open.

“Our destinies aren’t set in stone. My destiny…our destinies…change. You’re no longer at the Space-Time Door, that’s your changed destiny. You made that happen. You had the choice to go back to the Door, and instead here you are. I’ve changed my destiny… the energy is there and she’s needed again.”

Moving to open the lid, Serenity revealed that the Silver Crystal resided within the brooch again. For twelve years, the Silver Crystal resided on a pedestal in her own closet as well. Never touching the brooch.

“Jeremiah is downstairs.” Serenity informed her calmly. “You know I respect you more than that to come here for an argument, Layla…”

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Layla didn’t have any intention of opening the door, to begin with, but she figured thirty to 60 seconds of her time placed at this moment was not going to kill her. She was the Guardian of Time after all… Not to mention, she made a trip all the way what was the point in having her time wasted? Not like she had all the time to spare, no?

Brown optics remained locked on the Queen’s own before glancing down at the Eternal Moon Brooch, raising a brow as she was still trying to understand her purpose for showing her a relic that had not been active for many years, one that she figured she’d give back to Luna considering that her time as a soldier had come to an end and her reign as the queen had begun anew. Was this the purpose of her disturbing her from her business? Was this the point of her coming here? To show her a brooch? Not that it was any brooch but it was the last item that she had ever laid hands on before taking on the mantle as queen.

The moment words began to part from Serenity’s lips was the moment that Layla’s glossed ones pinched together and yet she was silent, allowing her the room to talk as the words were settling in her mind about destiny and the like; how she had changed her own destiny by not remaining in at the Time Door as Queen Serenity had planned for her to do for eons..but that was different. Fairly different. She couldn’t possibly compare one to the other as it simply did not correlate together nor did make least not in her own opinion.

She was always going to have her ties to the Time door and nothing about that was going to change -- she even found herself going back there on certain days to ensure the space within the Door was never disrupted with Chaos...despite the air around it growing thicker than usual..which concerned her considering the chains of events that were transpiring even now. It made her question what was to come and whether she needed to inform the Outer Guardians of its matters...

“She is needed but she is unable to access that power right now. So there will have to be alternative measures to take, but someone is simply far too stubborn to accept that truth..”

She answered plainly as her eyes peered at the brooch opening to reveal the silver crystal that was inside of its center; acting as the throbbing vessel that was needed to power the item and enhance the very prowess that was Eternal Sailor Moon; prompting her to take a pause and simply gave her a glance as she mentioned something about Jeremiah being downstairs and how she did not come to argue.

“Huh….I guess my queen CAN listen...sometimes.”

A term she used loosely as her vocals flourished with sarcasm, a clear indication of Layla’s frustrations beginning to rear its ugly head a bit before opening the door a bit more just so that she could be in full view, her arms coming to cross beneath her bosom as her shoulder leaned slightly to the left.

“So I assume that since you’re showing me this, that means that you have discovered you might be able to still transform?”

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Serenity knew that most of the recent chaos was because of her inability to transform, but Serenity was determined to find a way to stabilize her transformation for good. Without a Sailor Moon, Serenity was quick to realize that there was no functional team. The Sol Guardians were a mess, and she reflected on much of that the few nights prior.

It didn’t help either that up until recently, most of the Sols were off doing their own thing. Serenity saw the flaws in their current setup, and she was determined to change that. That was why she allowed the Queensguard to form. Together, they were an unstoppable force, but divided they would have fallen into a chaotic disaster.

That’s where they were at now.

“I’m stubborn because I wasn’t ever instructed otherwise to stand down, even when I was discovered to be Princess Serenity. I know when to stand up for what’s right and wrong. Would you four have loved me if I wasn't who I am?” Serenity reminded her, calmly, with a soft smile forming on her features. “I fought against you three when you were determined to make up your mind about Sailor Saturn…and look who she became to you now. Was I wrong in my choice?”

Serenity knew that there were exceptions to rules. She knew when to see beyond what most thought was right, and she was willing to accept change before anyone else was willing to do so. She knew that she was too harsh during the meeting, and she was willing to accept that after Mason – but that didn’t make anyone else’s behaviors acceptable either.

She was willing to be the bigger person, but she wasn’t willing to ignore the fact that everyone seemed to not believe in her power.

Serenity nodded her head at Layla’s final remark, teardrops forming from her eyes as she reflected on her frustrations from that night. Her grip on the Eternal brooch tightened immensely as she lowered it, closing the lid.

“I transformed.” Serenity informed her. “For the first time in twelve years, Sailor Moon called out to me… I transformed. She’s still there somewhere. I think that means that…we all have a chance to prevent this disaster from happening again, just like before….”

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Was she joking? Why would this even be a question that rose from her lips? Why would this even escape her mind into the open? They were protective of her regardless of anything and loved her more than anything else in the world that they would lay their lives down for her -- something that they all have showed her time after time again, Saturn included because that was just something that came with being the guardian of the Sol System and Neo Queen Serenity’s personal Guards. Something that was just integrated into their hearts and souls the day that they rose and became in tune with their Sailor Crystals.

“We would’ve loved you regardless of who you are. Whether you chose to follow the path that was laid before you by Queen Serenity or your own. But that’s not an excuse for the mere fact that your behavior was absolutely unacceptable, Cynthia. I don’t know any other way to put it.” What she failed to realize was that the Outer Guardians would’ve worked fine with or without them, Alexis would’ve probably shunned her for saying that out loud but it was the truth -- they did it prior to making the decision to work with them and if push came to shove? They would be fine without them. The soft smile that was forming upon the Queen’s features was not affecting the blankless gaze that was prominent upon her features not to mention the fact that her lips remained pinched together even after she spoke about the meeting. “That was different. Sailor Saturn originally was deemed a threat and a danger to the universe as a whole. She is the Mistress of destruction for heaven’s sake. You can’t even compare the situation to this. Because this is different. I’m not going to allow you to use a situation like that as a means to prove a point because it won’t fly with me. Even if it does with Mason and Alexis.” She said, crossing her arms as stern eyes kept its gaze on her person. “Whether or not you were wrong. Unlike Saturn. You are unable to defend yourself right now. You can’t even transform let alone access that power at this very moment.”

When was she going to understand that? Why was she so hell-bent? “You can’t even accept the reality of the situation because you’re too STUCK on this notion inside of your head that we don’t believe in your power. That we don’t believe in YOU. For HEAVEN Sakes. YOU’RE THE DAUGHTER OF QUEEN SERENITY. And Like it or not, whether or not you truly will accept it. YOU ARE A LUNARIAN QUEEN just as MUCH as you are a Gaian one. You were born on Earth but that is no excuse to deny the true nature of your lineage. You have much to learn my Queen. MUCH TO LEARN.” Her rage was bubbling at this point, even showing traces of its presence in her vocals.

“WE have never placed any doubt in you as a Sailor Guardian. Queen or not...but at the moment your focus needs to be TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET BEYOND THIS OBSTACLE. LET US BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE BATTLEFIELD. Because at the moment? You are incapable of being on it. You don’t have the means.”

She remarked before glancing down at the moon brooch. For someone who was so willing to accept the change? That sure did sound like her opinion anyway. Layla caught a glimpse of the tears that were welling in her eyes as the next set of words also brought her to a moment of silence as the woman revealed that she was able to transform for the first time in over twelve years. “I see.” Those were her only words as her nerves were unraveling and she needed to settle them down a moment as the harsh glare that was within her hues would soften a bit and simply shook her head as the other took the time to explain this to her. Something that she already knew but just didn’t know how….she believes that was probably her biggest frustrations amongst other things but that was nothing to worry Cynthia about at least for right now.


Her voice was soft for once...trying to settle her nerves and calm down as it was no sense of being irrational about these things? That wasn’t even in Layla’s personality but she just simply needed to be..sympathetic to the nature of the situation. It was a delicate one...but it was one that frustrated Layla too. Did that make her selfish? Or was it just the mere fact that she was overwhelmed with a lot right now? She didn't understand it all but she just..sighed of frustration before finishing her sentence.

"It's not like I'm happy for you, Cynthia...but I...It's a long story nor is it important...but how long did this transformation last? How long were you able to maintain your form?”

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Her behavior was unacceptable?

Serenity begged to differ, but she wasn’t going to argue that fact. That wasn’t what was important right now. She and Mason talked about it, and that’s where she was going to keep it. But the more that Layla talked, the more wrong she was.

“I can’t compare it to this?” Serenity inhaled, her baby blues firm as she gazed up at Layla’s tall frame. “You three were determined to kill an innocent girl because you weren’t willing to give her a chance; and here you are, telling me I can’t compare what happened in the meeting to that? Of course I can. I can compare it because you’re not willing to give me a chance. You’re clinging to old traditions and unwilling to accept change. That’s always been the fault of you four, Layla.”

“Do you know why I feel that you don’t believe in my power?” Serenity asked, taking a few steps back. “Because the Silver Crystal can detect your energies, Layla. You know that better than anyone~! Sailor Moon was born from the love of all… You know that~!” Serenity exhaled then, attempting to control her own angers and frustrations at Layla.

“The Silver Crystal rejected my desires to transform because no one wanted me to transform. There, I said it – you all say you didn’t want to coddle me, but you are~! And finally when I’ve had enough, it’s letting me transform. The Silver Crystal is listening to my heart.” Serenity wanted so desperately to demonstrate her transformation then, but she’d known that her energies were easily detectible within the area they were in.

Then, there was something that sparked a fire within Serenity that Layla said.

She was the daughter of Queen Serenity. She was a Lunarian Queen.

Serenity – no, Cynthia – took a few more steps back then, looking up at Layla’s tall frame dumbfounded. Had she… had she forgotten who she was? She wasn’t Princess Serenity, the true daughter of Queen Serenity. She was Cynthia Lunette, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lunette.

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Cynthia felt as though she’d grown in height then, but it was only her own imagination on just how confident she felt. “Queen Serenity and I had this conversation… I am Cynthia Lunette first and foremost. I am not Princess Serenity. I was reborn on Earth to live the life of a human, my actual Mama is (Ikuko) Lunette and (Kenji) Lunette is my Papa. I have a brother here on Earth, too. I AM A HUMAN~!!” Cynthia yelled; her small frame leaned forward just a little during her shout.


“I was destined to live the life of a human girl. I have, and I am now going to face my destiny as a human girl who has become Queen. It is now my duty…. to fulfill the wish that we had thousands of years ago, to unite the Earth and Moon…and I will be doing that, but as a human Queen.” Serenity felt the disguise of Serena Rose fade then, revealing her identity as Neo Queen Serenity in civilian attire.

Cynthia’s crescent moon shined brightly on her forehead, the power that she felt surging within from her own confidence strong. There was something within the palm of her fingertips that called out to her, edging her onto transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.

But she refrained. Instead, she held up her hand, showing that power to Layla as it surged through her fingertips.

“I’ve been asleep for too long,” Cynthia said firmly. “I’m awake now, and it seems that I have a lot more work to do than I thought previously… You’re free to believe what you want, Layla. But I know who I am. I am Cynthia Lunette and I will always be Neo Queen Serenity second. I’m a human…. I have my own faults…. I learn to grow from them, accept change and endure the hardships that comes from difficult decisions. But I refuse to continue to live in the past…and as the Guardian of Space-Time, you should know that too….”

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The drive over to the Dark King Tower had been mostly quiet, Jeremiah easily discerning that heavy topics were weighing upon Cynthia's mind. Considering where they were going ... Well, it was a given that they were. Still, the silver-haired man enjoyed the opportunity to be able to protect the Queen his King so loved.

... that and if things did not go well with this particular Outer Senshi, then the Queen would have someone with her that would do as needed to be done. (As Jeremiah was so very judging when it came to certain subjects of late, especially considering that the entire protect and support your Queen was not being adhered too.)

Jeremiah had settled into the car, parked outside of the Dark King Tower after seeing Cynthia to the elevator and on her way up. He thumbed at his phone, tapping through until he was on the page he had left off on. For the next however long, Jeremiah was going to enjoy reading poetry.

What he was not expecting as made a dent in his reading--oh, he should have--was the distant hum of a presence he was familiar with. Without thinking about it, Jeremiah was getting out of the car, doors locked and cane(-sword) in hand, and made a quick jog towards the double doors and then inside. He bypassed the option of the elevator, opting for the stairs because he could cheat to get up faster.

Just as he was opening the door to the floor, there was a brighter flare this time, and a heartbeat later his phone buzzed with a warning.

"... bloody hell," he muttered under his breath, catching the tail-end of the conversation between Cynthia and Layla. The real concern, however, was the flare of the Queen's true presence--including the bright glow of the crescent moon on her forehead--and what attention that could draw.

While part of him could appreciate what he saw, Cynthia making a stand, Jeremiah knew that they were potentially on borrowed time. The truth was this: him being out was bad enough but his presence was nothing like Cynthia's. Where he could simply aggravate lesser beings of Chaos, she could aggravate everybloodyfuckingthing that wore I <3 CHAOS on a shirt, dunked themselves in the kool-aid it passed around because HAIL CHAOS or whatever shite they did to convince themselves they were on the right path.

Point was, they would need to go.

The other point was that he was going to have to visit with the security room in the building because he really should not have second-guessed his desire to hack the security feeds to hide the meeting.

"I don't mean to interrupt," said Jeremiah, who clearly did mean to interrupt (because he's judging you, Layla, and you are being found lacking right now), "but as it seems that Miss Dawson does not have the decency to let you in, nor listen to you, might we depart?" Not only did the silver-haired man flip his phone around to share the screen--though not so Layla could see it--the brief flicker of Cynthia's bright and clear power visible, but then tapped his finger of his finger to his forehead as well to indicate the flare of the crescent move.

... and then he gave her a smile and thumbs up because it was about time. Just, you know, not the best place for it but he fully supported the Queen finding herself and her power. "I'll need to make a stop before we depart but it shouldn't take too long either." His head inclined towards a security camera. Other than all of that, of course, Jeremiah would slip right back into being the picture of a perfect escort.

PS: Still judging you, Layla.

@Cynthia Lunette @Layla Dawson

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Baby blues fluttered from Jeremiah’s appearance and the fact that he took the stairs, wondering just why he made his way up when Cynthia would have thought that he’d have stayed downstairs. Except, well, her question was already answered – the gesture towards her forehead was enough, along with the additional footage from his cell phone for extra measure.

She felt embarrassed, her cheeks flushed from realization that she demonstrated that much power in a public and at Layla. She didn’t exactly mean to get that angry, but the reality was, was that she had.

Eternal Sailor Moon was now back and there was no hiding it either. Her Guardians, while they all may have been divided presently, would have felt that return. The truth was though, was that Cynthia did wish that she came back differently, with more support from each of her Guardians. Would the power even last this time; Cynthia wondered as she took a deep breath, closing her eyes as the energy levels that she demonstrated began to fade.

Shaking her head disappointingly, Cynthia gazed back up towards Layla shortly after Jeremiah’s harsh words were said. “I expected so much more from you, Layla,” Cynthia scolded calmly as she began to walk away, heading towards the staircase.

Part of her wanted to take the elevator down, but Jeremiah wasn’t wrong – it was quicker to take the stairs. Pulling out her disguise pen, Cynthia held it up and exclaimed, “Moon Power, change me into Serena Rose!” The final demonstration of power would have led to the disguise of Serena Rose, which Cynthia was sure could have been erased from the video footage. The fact of the matter was, was that Layla also owned this building, so she wasn’t terribly worried about Jeremiah not being able to delete the footage of her power demonstration.

Opening the door to the stairwell, Cynthia began to head downstairs first, but as she made her way down the first flight, Cynthia noticed that there were curious onlookers taking a peek, whispering words to one another as they wondered just what the heck was going on up on the penthouse suite.

Cynthia exit.

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