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April 2031
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She's my Little Deuce Coupe
// July 11, 2030
Song Cordelia

[Image: bugatti_veyron_grand_sport_vitesse_5k_wallpaper_1.png]
Location: Somewhere on Florida A1A, near the Canaveral National Seashore

They were losing sunlight, the sky an ombre of pink to purple, darkest at the distant horizon line. Waters that had sparkled a magnificent blue had deepened to a mysterious navy. The outline of the moon, which seemed so much closer these days, was outlining into sharper focus, rising to take reign as the sun deferred. The rushing ebb and flow of the ocean cresting on the coast was getting louder, closer, as the tide came in under the moon's influence. Cordelia's back was to the water, but she could hear the dependable rhyme of the waves - each one a little different, some bigger, some smaller, but always at the same dependable pace. She could hear the froth of the whitecaps licking the sand, sizzling like the pop of a soda can. Her fingers itched for her violin, so she could play along.

But she found a better way to occupy them.

Her hands intertwined with Charlie's, fingers linking as she pulled her spouse closer from where she sat, perched on the hood of the Bugatti, above the wheel - careful to keep her feet off the paint and heels resting on the wheel spokes for stability. The motion was not so much as sexual as it was familiar (though the undercurrent was certainly there), just wanting the other woman closer. The wind tousled her teal hair, brought in from the sea behind them, carrying the soothing smell of the brine and something else. The scent of atmosphere that would always be associated with the very person in front of her.

She had been worried about the ex-racer lately. The call to duty after a decade of normalcy had been all of them as the lives they had built in their civilian identities began to peel away for their true purpose. It had hit those of them in the spotlight hardest, and Uranus most of all. The tabloids had not left her alone. There was talk of revoking track medals. Uranus and Neptune took their mission as Sailor Guardians extremely personally and had proven their loyalty to the mission countless times. But the war for individuality and the love and admiration of their Queen was a struggle Charlie had always had.

So, Cordelia had complained and whined that she had not seen the ocean in forever. That Charlie had all those cars and had not taken her for a ride a week in weeks. While it was true Cordie missed being directly next to the water like this, this trip had not been for her. They needed to get away.

A1A was as close you could get to the Ocean without driving right on the sand that ran almost the entire length of the East Coast. In this area of Florida, it was a smaller two lane road. The roads had been updated as well as much of the country, to match modern technology, but they were still quieter, especially in central Florida. Anyone passing through was on Interstate-95 or the turnpike instead. It had taken very little convincing of the authorities (and a small donation) to convince them to man "road closed" signs north and south of about a 20 mile stretch.

Cordelia tilted her head up at Charlie, rubbing her thumb along her hand as the setting sun turned the racer's hair bright gold. She was beautiful like this, in the place where their two elements met. But still, there was something...

"Am I losing my touch?" she teased, any concern she might be feeling completely absent. "You're distracted."

Thread Title Inspiration: Beach Boy's Little Deuce Coupe
Takes place concurrently with Mother May I?

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Charlene Araceli

A weight had settled on Charlie's shoulders long enough ago now for her to have come to the realisation that it wasn't going to just be a temporary presence in her life. When she'd first noticed the feeling, the blonde had just brushed it aside and ignored it, convinced that it would be gone within a few months time. Months turned into years later, it had become quite clear that wasn't going to be the case.

Charlie didn't understand why the press just couldn't give it a rest already. It had been over four years since the Queen had revealed them to the public. Less so since her last race, but that wasn't the point. If anything, it seemed as though the riots had re-introduced the hateful rhetoric that had finally begun to dwindle out of the papers. There was slander everywhere now. She had become less receptive to the claims of cheating and foul-play. Oh, it still irked her, adding further fuel to the raging tempest deep within her core; Charlie had simply built up the walls needed to allow the comments to slide right over her.

But they'd really reached a new low with this one. There'd been plenty of talk over the years about revoking her various medals. For all she knew, some racing companies may have already done so. Charlie had made it a Point not to check. Now they were just being petty, bringing her less-influential sports careers into the picture. She hadn't even been a teenager when she'd dabbled in volleyball and football (-or what everyone else in America would call soccer) among other sports. Still, track... That had hit harder than she'd expected it to.

She hadn't even been awakened when she'd first gotten in to the sport, that was the true irony of it. Charlie had been blissfully unaware of her Duty, just desperately trying to find something that would bring her comfort when nothing else did. When she'd returned to the sport years later during her second run at high school, it was because she had found it.

Now people were trying to further disgrace her by throwing in to question every competition she'd ever done. It was laughable, if Charlie had been in the mood to laugh. She'd always been a competitive person, and stubborn at that. She'd never lost in a competition by herself. That was true before she'd remembered she was Sailor Uranus. Why would it have changed anything afterwards?

It didn't, but the public hadn't viewed it that way. Serenity had revealed their identities to the people in the hopes of making the Guardians more human to them. Charlie understood this. Instead, as an end result the Queen had made their civilian lives all the more alien.

Charlie wasn't the only one with a less-than-pleasurable view on the subject and she knew this. Regardless, she chose not to say anything about it. What was done was done, there was no changing the past now. Still, that seed of resentment was still there. She didn't want to feel as though the Queen had taken the decision out of Charlie's hands. Serenity had brought up the proposal to everyone months before it had actually happened. Had taken the time to hear their grievances and talk to everyone. Had to have known that her Guardians would support her every step of the way regardless of what choice was made. Had listened to Charlie's vehement disapproval and disagreements about her reasoning from day-to-day.

Had done it anyway.

The weight grew heavier.

Hands twining with her own brought the blonde back into the present and she stepped closer to the side of the vehicle. The option of resisting her lovers touch not even a glimmer of possibility. Charlie settled herself next to the smaller woman's side with ease, only slightly further down the hood, but with her shoes planted on the ground. The touched helped to ground Charlie, but it didn't stop the whirlwind that had been running through her mind since before they'd left. She squeezed Cordelia's digits tightly in her own before releasing, but without unlacing them. Now unwilling to rid herself of that point of contact.

Why was it that the universe seemed intent on testing them like this? After all herself and the rest of the Guardians had gone through with Galaxia, after all Cynthia had sacrificed to make sure everyone got out alive, all they were allotted was a break? Ten years, and then right back where they'd started? They'd been cheated.

Deep down, Charlie knew she would do it all over again for another peaceful ten years. Those had been the best ten years of her life.

"I am," she admitted gruffly, but Charlie at least had the sense to look a bit sheepish about it, "Sorry."

There was no denying what had been so blatantly obvious. She'd barely said two words on the drive over, though not entirely for lack of effort. The time to take a short break and just relax had been welcome and Cordelia didn't seem to particularly mind the silence. Charlie had never been the most talkative out of their circle of friends by a long shot, but there was a decided difference between selectively spoken and not speaking.

Especially when the other person is your spouse.

Cerulean eyes shifted to her side, torn away from a spot in the sky the first stars had begun to peak through, where dark purple had begun to meld into midnight blue. They landed onto a woman equally as breathtaking. Cordelia looked perfectly at home where she sat, and Charlie couldn't help a sense of wry satisfaction at that. Still, they had yet to actually move further than a few paces from her car. Charlie still made no motion to move, wasn't particularly inclined to, but asked the question regardless. They had come all the way to the ocean, after all.

"Did you want to go any closer?"

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