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Are you interested in applying to Eternal? Great! We’d love to have you. Presently, Eternal has converted to using a Member Profile based application template. This means that in order to submit it, we will require you to register as your character and fill it out in your Settings > Edit Profile.

You will then respond to this thread with the following template in order to inform staff that you have finished your application. When you are approved, staff will alert you in this thread and inform you that you’ve not only been sorted, but you’ll also receive a player development forum for you to use at your disposal.

If your application requires revisions, we will inform you as well that you've received a Private Message on your account informing you of the necessary adjustments. Once you've made your first IC post, your request for reviews will be deleted from this thread.

It is imperative that you respond to Private Messages. Failure to respond to them will lead to staff assumption that you are no longer working on your application.

After your revisions have been complete, you will again post in this thread to inform staff that you're finished with your revisions. Rinse and repeat until your application is approved or declined.

Staff will never post reviews publicly in this thread. Responses will always be generic templates.

Please remember that we do not have individual threads for our profiles, and instead we encourage you to use our Claims Directory to access characters.

Respond with your Character Account!

[post][b]Character Applying For[/b]:
[b]Character's Faction[/b]: Crystal Empire, Future Moon, Galactica, Dark Alliance.
[b]Your Name[/b]:
[b]Your Age[/b]:
[b]Reservation Expiration Date[/b]:

Character Applying For: Carter Celestro, Moon Knight
Character's Faction: Dark Alliance.
Your Name: Danath
Your Age: 38
Reservation Expiration Date: October 27, 2020

@Carter Celestro

PM Sent

You've received a private message about your application!

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