Seeing the Plan Through
// July 15th 2030

Adamao Megalos

"Now." With just one word, the command was issued, and the signal was sent to the explosives as they simultaneously exploded, leaving a large plume of smoke in their wake, followed by screams. Though Adamao stood slightly behind Jade, atop a building a safe distance away, he could hear the screams echoing in the chaos, the human sounds breaking through the sounds of the wreckage.

Stepping closer to his accomplice, Adamao stood right next to Jade, folding his arms across his chest, eyes scanning the skies. He couldn't see exactly what was happening on the ground level, there was still a thick smoke in the air, and it would take time to clear that before the small binocular glasses that Sapphire provided him would do any good. Until then though, Adamao could see other things, like the crumbling of the edge of a building as the side began falling, just before the entire building collapsed. Smiling, Adamao had hoped that might happen, adding to the destruction, and leaving a true physical reminder of what happened.

In time, that building would be cleared away, a new one rebuilt in its place, but until then, the city would continue to speak of the Black Moon Clan, they would talk about this moment for months to come, hopefully even years. "Everyone is going to know the Black Moon Clan now. The smart ones will follow us, and the others...they will know what we're willing to do." Eventually, this is what would happen to the Crystal Palace, bringing it down to nothing but crumbles and debris, but that plan was much further off.

"Do you see what I see?" A movement in the air caught Adamao's attention, turning to look at the person flying towards the ruin. Sailor Saturn, one of the queen's guardians, whom she claimed was a guardian for everyone. As if. "Fly as fast as you can, they're already dead." Speaking more to himself than Jade, Adamao watched as the Sailor Guardian disappeared under the cover of the smoke, joining those on the ground.

"Wiseman will be proud."

Their leader was a serious man, who didn't appreciate laziness or intolerance, and neither did Adamao. Perhaps that was why Adamao didn't personally have his own soldiers, not in the way that Jade or Rubeus did at least, because Adamao couldn't be bothered to put his trust in others like that. He and Sapphire were a team, and had always been, and now Sapphire's name would be just as important as Adamao's, following this attack. It was Sapphire who made the technology happen, who made it possible for Adamao to plant the explosives without detection, and he was very proud of his younger brother.

Emerald had retreated from the scene to the designated ‘safe zone’ after dropping her own explosives, willingly pressing a button to detonate them when Adamao had returned to her side. A mischievous smile formed on her features.
The explosion was massive. While Emerald knew that Adamao didn’t need her help, Emerald wanted to lend whatever hand she could. She was loyal to the Black Moon, but even more vehemently loyal to Adamao. Emerald had her own suspicions of Wiseman, but he was a human too. But how he managed to obtain power of his own, as well as being able to bestow them to others made her worry.
Emerald wrapped an arm around Adamao’s own, leaning against him flirtatiously. While Adamao’s crescent was hidden, Emerald’s was proudly displayed on her forehead.
“This is only the beginning.” Emerald concurred. “Wiseman should be proud. We do everything ourselves, unlike those other vermin that lurk Orlando. The more we continue to demonstrate our power, the more that the White Moon will fear us. You’ve done well for us, Adamao.”
Emerald praised, releasing Adamao from her grip. Emerald knew better than to be too clingy, but she couldn’t help it. Now was a time for celebration. “Let us celebrate tonight with a toast at headquarters, yes? Or do you have more in store? What do you desire for the Sailor Guardians?”
Just then, Emerald saw a pair of white wings in the sky after her attention left Sailor Saturn. Was that? Quickly, Emerald nudged Adamao, pointing towards the direction of where Neo Queen Serenity flew and landed. No, that couldn’t have been a bird, not with the way that it flew. “Is that…?”

Adamao Megalos

As he watched the aftermath of the attack, Adamao's eyes held firmly to the scene before them, even as Emerald wrapped an arm around his. She had been this way since Adamao first met her, as Jade, just a model back then, but she had been a touchy person. It wasn't that Adamao wasn't, or that he didn't appreciate her company, but when there was business to be had, and these days, there was always business to be had, Adamao was focused solely on that, just as he was now.

Finally looking towards Emerald, Adamao's gaze was pulled to her forehead, and the black mark that stood there. He didn't hide his mark in fear, but this mission hadn't been the right time to display his true form. Hiding the mark allowed Adamao to move freely on the ground and place the explosives, without anyone noticing him or trying to intervene and ruin his plan. Now, as they stood on the top of the building, with everyone's attention on the explosion, Adamao no longer had to hide.

As the black crescent moon appeared on his forehead, Diamond's clothes changed to the white suit he wore within the clan, the thing that made him stand out as White Diamond. It was the name that Wiseman had chosen for him, and it had grown on Diamond, as had the white outfit. Aside from one of Emerald's soldiers, Diamond was the only one who strictly wore white, making him stand out and easily noticeable, which was what he wanted. If Diamond entered the room, he expected everyone to notice.

"Sapphire's ability to leave our mark behind was brilliant. I think he is coming along very nicely." It was no secret that Sapphire openly disagreed with Diamond at times, they were brothers, it had always been normal in their lives to argue at times, but Diamond no longer worried that Sapphire would pull away from the Black Moon Clan. It had been a great moment when Sapphire decided to join Diamond in the group, and now that Sapphire was using his brilliance to help them, Diamond couldn't be more proud of his kid brother.

Nodding, Diamond definitely wanted to celebrate this accomplishment with the others, so they could see just how much they didn't to step things up. "It will undoubtedly be on the news, I am very interested to see how the media acknowledges us." Gaze following the flying Soldier, Diamond shook his head slightly. "Leave them for now. Let this moment crush their spirits, how they failed to save everyone. With any luck, maybe one of them will get hurt too."

Diamond doubted the guardians would get physically hurt, but this attack wasn't about them, it was about the Black Moon Clan making a bigger name for themselves. Poked by Emerald, Diamond was about to snap at her for poking him, but the angel flying through the sky made him forget about Emerald. "Neo Queen Serenity...she left the palace." It was definitely her, Diamond stood close enough to touch her recently, and even though she was far away now, he knew it was her. "She won't last long in the public before she runs back to her palace." Sneering at the thought, she was the only thing that could possibly make this success for them a failure.

Emerald was grateful that Adamao hadn’t shoved her away. She wanted him to get used to her own affection, but Emerald knew that it would take quite a bit of time. There was something about Adamao’s own refusal to acknowledge her affection that intrigued her. It made her admire him even more.
Was it the challenge? No, Emerald knew that it couldn’t have been. She hadn’t felt like this towards anyone else. When Adamao shifted into White Diamond, a smirk appeared on her features. There was no use in hiding themselves. Granted, it was part of Diamond’s plan, but Emerald believed that anyone could claim it was a hoax if they didn’t make a brief appearance, even from a distance.
For some particular reason, it seemed that the city had eyes on its walls. No matter where you went, anything amiss became known. But as two Black Moons stood watching from a distance, Emerald wondered just how much of an impact they’d make.
Only time would tell.
“Yes,” Emerald nodded. “Sapphire has incredible talent. I’m glad that you managed to convince him to join our cause, I think he could aid us in much larger plans.”
Although White Diamond was the mastermind behind their plans, it was Sapphire who made it all possible.
She merely shrugged at Diamond’s remark. “The media isn’t our concern. I’ve worked with them long enough to know that they have a way to twist your words. You’ll want to observe citizens yourself, Adamao.” She advised as her gaze hadn’t left Sailor Saturn or Neo Queen Serenity.
She tightened her fist, but she was careful not to let Adamao see it. She knew that the most unlikely factor was bound to be a problem, it made her want to go below and observe as Jade. But this was Diamond’s mission, and she was at Diamond’s command.
If she runs back to the Palace.” Emerald readily corrected. “You do have a plan for her, don’t you? You shouldn’t let an opportunity like this go to waste.”

Adamao Megalos

Hands in the pockets of his white slacks, Diamond stood silently, watching as the queen disappeared in the haze of smoke, and he waited, though so far, nothing changed. The smoke didn't magically disappear, the buildings didn't rebuild themselves, everything remained in chaos, and that told Diamond that the queen wasn't about to magically fix everything, at least, not yet. Either she couldn't, or she didn't want to, or she was hesitating. Personally, he hoped she hesitated when she saw the carnage, because it would make everything he had said to her that much better.

"Then you can talk to the people, I've had enough of them for now. Some of them will never change, and it's sick." Even as they watched this on the news, people would still believe in the queen, they would still think that everything was changed for the better, and Diamond didn't want to hear it. Tonight was much better suited for celebrating with his brother. Though Diamond was the older brother, he needed Sapphire, they had always been close, and Diamond could never have accomplished everything in his life without his little brother. It pained him to admit that Sapphire was the smarter brother, as was evidenced by the explosives Sapphire created, but Sapphire hesitated too much in the moment, which was why he couldn't be present for this.

"I admit, you did well Emerald. So much destruction from just two of us." Could they have done more if Rubeus and the Sisters were involved? Diamond wasn't sure, but he was secretly glad that Emerald had insisted he use her. Just two of them made it easier, less concern about anyone being recognized and their activities pointed out before they could detonate the bombs. Sometimes less was more, as Diamond was trying to teach Emerald, even now as she questioned the queen.

Shaking his head, Diamond wasn't stupid enough to try and take on the queen right now. "She's surrounded by her guardians, there's nothing we can do right now, but we've done enough. She's weak inside, and seeing her people suffering and dead...she'll realize I was right."

Smirking, Diamond hadn't mentioned to anyone that he had talked to the queen, face to face. Unsure of what the others would say, Diamond now knew that he had been in the right to engage the queen at her palace. "I spoke with her, outside of her palace, she came out. I voiced the concerns of her people, of how they distrust her, of how she isn't protecting them while locked away in her palace, that she doesn't care. Now she can see it for herself, and she will know that it's all because of her, because people don't think she cares. It will crush her."

At least, Diamond hoped it would work out that way. He saw it in her eyes, he was sure of it, how much she seemed to care when he pointed out that she didn't. She was so quick to defend herself over and over, but the evidence was in her face now, she hadn't protected anyone today.

Talk to the people? No way.
When Emerald heard that, there was no way that she was going to be doing her own investigations on the situation. She wasn’t going to play nice, she’d known already that she’d easily blow their cover if she got irritated enough. But Emerald also knew that she had to prove herself to Diamond.
Hopefully, he’d change his mind and forget that she’d ever brought up the topic. But she wanted to make it known about the media’s own stance. There was no trusting them.
But when Diamond confessed that she’d done well, Emerald refocused her attention on that. A smile formed on her features as she brushed her hair aside. “Thank you for your praise, Diamond. It means a lot to me. We work well as a team and that’s what matters.”
Her eyebrow perked when he mentioned that he’d talked to her before. He….he had that opportunity? Brown hues quickly refocused her attention on him, startled. “When did you meet with that false Queen?”
The more he talked about it, the more she felt her grip tighten. To get so close….as to talk to the Queen, was shocking. Who else had known about the encounter?
“We shall see.” Emerald’s gaze refocused on the Queen, unable to meet Diamond’s own. More Guardians had arrived and that irritated Emerald. The Queen had a way of surprising the world with power. No one was expecting her to give Earthlings immortality. Just how much power did she have? Could she fix this?
“Diamond, the Queen shouldn’t be the only concern. The King is a threat. When has he demonstrated concern for his own race?”

Adamao Megalos

Diamond hadn't doubted Emerald's ability to carry out the plan, she was cunning and ruthless, that was obvious, but Diamond's concerns had been over Emerald's temper. Prone to getting angry very quickly, Diamond had feared that Emerald might lash out at the people before the plan was complete, and may have alerted them to be suspicious. She hadn't though, and Diamond was happy that everything went off without a hitch, at least, it was going smoothly, until the queen showed herself.

Though Diamond had spoken to the queen face to face before, he hadn't actually expected her to come. He figured she would have remained behind her crystal gates and given some sort of media release about how sorry she was to the families affected. Instead, she had surprised everyone by coming out, but if she was actually a help, that was still to be seen.

"I wouldn't have called it a meeting. Though I do believe our latest recruits of soldiers were because of that. People are so weak-minded, all it takes is saying something they never heard before and suddenly they're on your side. I'm not entirely convinced our newest soldiers will last long, but we do need people who are expendable at times." As cold and callous as it might have sounded to someone else, Diamond often found himself suspicious of the motives behind some of their recruits. If they moved in rank beyond soldiers, then Diamond would give them the respect they earned, but until then, Diamond often left the soldiers in the care of the other commanders, while he was busy preparing new plans with Wiseman.

Turning his gaze away from the ruin unfolding before them, Diamond arched a brow in curiosity as Emerald questioned the King. It wasn't something that people talked of often, when discussing the new royals, it was always about the queen. Even Diamond didn't pay much attention at all to the king, in so many ways, he didn't matter. "A good question. As far as I'm concerned, he as alien to the Earth now as the queen. He allowed her to take control."

Emerald shrugged when Diamond talked about their newest recruits. “As long as they aren’t a subordinate of mine, I don’t care. They knew that death was imminent by joining warfare. If they are truly for our cause, then they’d appreciate their death being honorable and fighting for what’s right.”
Emerald knew that people could easily be manipulated, she was skilled at that. But lately, the manipulation game had gotten boring and she’d left any recruiting to her subordinates. She was surprised when Diamond had patience to continue recruiting weaklings.
“Good. Then he’s a free target to ki—“ Emerald’s words were cutoff when a white light began to cover the area, shielding her eyes from it just in case of any unknown side effects.
“That bitch!” Emerald exclaimed, finally losing her temper. Just as they’d succeeded, had this been a fail for them too? Emerald tried to comprehend the situation below, but the commotion still prevented her from fully understanding what was going on. That was, until they’d see the alien Queen fall.
“That power! What’s your command, Diamond?” Quickly, brown hues darted towards him. That power….was that what they were truly up against? What had it done?
“She’s got a weakness…” She smirked.

Adamao Megalos

Shrugging, Diamond didn't care who took the new recruits under their care, but it wasn't going to be him, and Sapphire never took on any recruits. "One of the Specter sisters can take them then." Someone would take the new recruits, Diamond was never concerned about that, or the new recruits would screw up right away and they would be disposed of, either way, the Black Moon name would continue to circulate.

Standing near Emerald when the light appeared, Diamond had to look away, unable to look directly into the blinding light. It was her, of course it was her, and while Diamond hoped that she wasn't undoing all the work they had just done, he also knew this had been a possibility.

Looking back up as the light dimmed, Diamond stepped closer to Emerald and put his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them gently to keep her in her spot. "We talked about this, remember? Another huge display of power makes it clear she's not human, and if she brought anyone back from the dead...that's all the more proof to show that she's too powerful to be allowed to roam freely and do as she pleases."

They could teleport to the site again, sure, but Diamond had a feeling that would be useless. Some of the Guardians seemed to have the ability to disappear into thin air too, disappearing in less time than it took to simply turn around. Could they teleport? Diamond wasn't sure, but he did want to know more about their powers, all their powers. With the queen falling, the guardians would have rushed to her side, there would be no getting to her at this moment.

"If one outdoor market is too much for the queen to use her powers and stay standing, then I suppose Sapphire has some more work ahead of him." They would need more explosions, a bigger area, but if they could draw the queen out again and force her to use her powers, they could lay a proper trap for her.

"Lets see what she did." Teleporting away from where he stood with Emerald, Diamond appeared on a tall building just beyond the damage from the explosion. People were focused on the market, where the queen and her guardians had been, though they seemed to have disappeared by now. Bodies still lay on the ground, causing Diamond to smile. This was all he needed to see.

"Perhaps she can't truly heal the dead? Good to know. Now about that king of hers..." Trailing off, Diamond knew they needed a grander plan now, and he would bring the Black Moon together to talk of what had transpired today. "I'll see you back at headquarters." Their job was done here, nothing more was going to happen today. Teleporting away again, Diamond returned to their headquarters.

“What?” Emerald blurted, sharply gazing at Diamond at that remark. Did he realize what that meant? A soldier taking their own subordinate meant promotion to commander, with the approval of their own commander. She’d known that Petz probably would have jumped at the chance to have that edge over her sisters. But Emerald wasn’t about to have that if she could help it.
“Hmph.  Then Chiral and Achiral will deal with them, not me.” Emerald crossed her arms stubbornly. “I’m not about to see those one of those pathetic sisters be promoted, and I’m sure Rubeus won’t.”
Then again, maybe he would. He’d known it’d simply irritate the hell out of Emerald. Emerald however eased herself when Diamond placed his hands on her shoulders. Whether he knew it or not, Emerald saw it as a personal comfort. An edge that she had over all of the other female soldiers.
“Yes….My apologies, Diamond.” Emerald averted her gaze back towards the White Moon Queen. “Then we know what move to make next. We must do something bigger in order to drain her fully. Next time, I’m sure her Guardians won’t let her make a foolish move.” But then there was also Endymion. They had to act quickly, as Emerald was uncertain if their powers were able to be unified. Was another bigger, bolder move proper? Emerald wondered whether or not it was best to simply target each of the Guardians individually and put them out, weakening the Queen by numbers.
As plans began to form in Emerald’s mind, Emerald knew that she wanted in on the next attack. She’d make a point to talk to Chiral and Achiral. When Diamond teleported away, Emerald would soon follow, this time phasing into an alleyway and without her Black Moon symbol on her forehead. Emerald wanted to watch more, she wasn’t about to quickly retreat back to headquarters like Diamond.
She’d acknowledge his departure with a mere nod, staying hidden within the shadows as she watched the chaos continue to unfold.

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