February Activity Check
Feb 12th - March 11th //

February's activity check is here! This check, we will be requiring you to abide by how many posts your character requires in the site rules. For example, if you're playing a faction leader, you should post 2 IC posts for that character in this check. Supporting roles only require one post.

This AC will end March 11th at 9:15PM EST.

Also always rememeber that our AC's do permit absences to be posted as they are a month long. We really don't mind! Just make sure you post in the absence thread.

As a fair note, there will be only one reminder at the end of the activity check period this time. We feel that it is up to you to post on your own and hold yourself accountable for activity.

F means the canon is a faction leader.
S means the canon is a supporting role.

SAFE means that the characters were cleared for this AC.
NOT SAFE: Means the character posted last AC, but must  still post this AC to be cleared.
AT RISK Means that the character did not post last AC, as their player either 1) didn't reply to the AC, 2) failed to post, 3) posted last minute, or 4) were exempt from last month's AC. Failure to post this AC will result in those characters being reopened.


Neo Queen Serenity (F)
Sailor Star Healer (S)
Green Emerald (S)
Mars Knight (S)
Jadeite (S)
Queen Metaria (F)
Queen Nehellenia (F)
Sailor Jupiter (F)
Sailor Venus (F)
White Diamond (F)
Moon Knight (F)
Pluto Knight (S)
Sailor Mercury (F)

Sailor Star Fighter (F)
Neo Sailor Moon (F)
Sailor Pluto (F)
Sailor Vesta (S)
Sailor Saturn (F)

Cynthia: One and two
Saariyah: Better Times
Jade: Retail Therapy
Lilith: Call to war and Darkness Surrounds Us

London: Light of the Moon and Light of the Moon
Kelvin: Still Life
Iseul: Save the Queen and Edible Conversations

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Hyun: New Year Troubles

Roxanne: Call to War

Adrian: Reflecting, Darkness Envelops Us

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@Morrigan de Lune: Darkness Surrounds Us and What's Your Deal?
@Luciana Del Rosario: Are You Satisfied? and Save the Queen


Sailor Pluto
Sailor Vesta

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@Cressida Voclain Save the Queen and Dark Times Ahead

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