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To say that Nehellenia had been busy since regaining her admittance into this realm of existance would have been a considerable understatement. She made a splash here in Orlando; the guise of a new form that, while it didn't look unlike her true form, looked human enough to afford her an amount of anonymity. Only those that truly needed to know who Morrigan truly was knew, and she was happy with that outcome. The first thing she did was forge an alliance with the Black Moon Clan, and the second was take that directly to the head of the Dark Kingdom.

Her dinner meeting with Lilith - with Metaria - had been days ago now and she had been sitting, stewing on what had happened there. Lilith agreed to work with Morrigan, and with the Black Moon Clan, with this alliance. She saw the benefits just as Morrigan had, and just as she had convinced Adrian that they existed. Of course, Adrian was yet to be aware of the fact that the Dark Kingdom would be involved in this; no, in truth, the Black Moon was not even aware that Morrigan was involved with them, even if only through extension.

But Morrigan's arm and political savvy was apparently what was needed to bring the two opposing factions together against their shared enemy. The White Moon Kingdom was unsteady, with a young queen that was clearly not yet ready to lead - and both the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon sought to remove Serenity from her throne, even if they both had different endgames. The aspects of said endgame could be worked out later, or perhaps lead to something altogether different.

What mattered right now was that they agreed to work with one another, and Morrigan already had her foot three quarters of the way through the door. The Black Moon's Wiseman was hiding something, seeking to power his Dark Crystal for his ambitious deeds; and surely, he was keeping at least some aspect of that away from his Black Moon Clan. Nehellenia knew how agents of Chaos worked, being one herself. She suspected even without proof that his sights were on the Silver Crystal, yet...

White Diamond was the first obstacle, and she would deal with Wiseman later, with his help ideally. She planned to bring Lilith and that plucky girl, Jade, in as well. Either way; she had made plans to meet with Adrian at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art today, and that was where she was. She had been sitting, placed in front of a large painting, dressed in black and gold and admiring the piece. She clicked her tongue and checked her watch.

"My, I do hope he's not late..."

When Adrian got the message to meet with Morrigan at the local museum, he was somewhat taken aback. It was a surprise, only because he did not think she would be interested in something like that. But maybe he was wrong in presuming that. He did not know what she had in her previous life but that was not any of his concern. Regardless, she was a woman with good taste, he thought.

Adrian's schedule was a bit hectic but he left work early to prepare meeting with the dark queen. It had been a long time since he last visited the museum and wondered if much changed. He could not recall the last time he visited; perhaps when his father was still alive. Those memories nearly flooded Adrian's mind, the choices he made...the moment when he could not turn back from all this.

He sighed heavily as he ventured to the cafe to order his usual and, as expected, wait a while. It was not terrible at this time of day but he did not wish to keep Morrigan waiting too long. He was eager to meet with her to see what nefarious plans she had in store to disrupt the White Moon further.

Adrian got his order of hot tea and sipped on it while making his way to his car. It would not be long to get to the museum at this rate so he wanted to enjoy whatever peace and quiet he had before going back to business.

Traffic was not too bad and Adrian arrived safely to the entrance. He finished the last of his tea and discarded the cup as he entered the doors into the museum. He looked around to find the peculiar moon queen in the crowds and found a familiar presence just in front of one painting. Adrian smiled and quietly approached Morrigan.

"I hope you weren't waiting too long," he muttered. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

Morrigan was a woman that had a taste for the finer things in life. Her own beauty led her to being attracted to things that could, in a general sense, be labeled beautiful; in the past she had been seen as vain and narcissistic, labels that she couldn't really disagree with no matter how much she may have wanted. She still was those things, all things considered - she was absolutely of the belied that no one alive today could match her own measure of beauty, but... The things that were featured here in this museum did not strictly match the very idea of 'alive.'

The paintings that sat on the wall were all beautiful. These were the things that she would surround herself when the Dead Moon - or at the very least the Dark Alliance - took over the world in place of the White Moon. These were the things that she wanted to have by her; they radiated the same energy that she did and that pleased her. Even waiting for Adrian as she was, she didn't mind it, as she stared up at the painting. It was old; not quite as ancient as Morrigan herself, even if her current body maintained the appearance of a young woman in her thirties.

There was a part of her that was saddened that she missed the Earth's middle ages and the art that it spawned. Something about the pieces from those days reminded Morrigan of the Dead Moon and the Silver Millennium, and all of the things that came from that time. There was a saying that history oft repeated itself, and when it came to this strange blue planet, she suspected that to be the truth. Humanity fell after the destruction of the Golden Kingdom, but thousands of years later it was back to the way that it had been before then. And only a few hundred after that, it had surpassed them.

Perplexing, the human's tenacity. And yet... so intriguing all the same.

Perhaps that was part of what interested Morrigan to the actions of the Black Moon Clan. Perhaps that was what led her to creating this alliance between the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon Clan. She wasn't about to speculate on her own purposes andm otives, but she was willing to admit that it was likely all the same. She saw what these humans had to offer, even if they may prove just to be a mean's to an end, and she wanted Metaria to see the same. Lilith was at least enlightened enough to see what the Black Moon had to offer the Dark Kingdom.

And then there he was, the White Diamond of the Black Moon himself. Morrigan smiled when he arrived and motioned for him to sit beside her on the bench that she occupied.

"Quite. I find myself at home here, in a way," Morrigan offered to the young man. Her tone was pleasant enough - insofar as she could manage at the least. "I trust that you're well, and that you've further considered our deal?"

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Adrian nodded when she offered him a seat next to him. The commander was about to sit but hummed when Morrigan's words piqued his interest. He was unsure if she was trying to impress him or if she was genuinely interested in the arts they surrounded themselves with. Adrian took a better glance around and was relieved to see some forms of art that did not have the influence of the White Moon. He could definitely see how it would feel like home but there was no time to be distracted with idle talk. He forced himself to remain attention on the discussion at hand.

"I've given it some thought," he began, finally taking a seat next to the dark woman. Her presence was a bit intimidating up close, but nothing Adrian could not handle. He smiled, taking notice of what this new ally would bring to their cause. "I have no problems with forming an alliance with you. What are your terms though? Anything more I should be aware of, that could be of use to us both?"

Perhaps there were other abilities, or even secrets, that Nehelenia had that could be useful. She told Adrian and his team who she was, even some of her own abilities, but he felt like there was something more to her than what she presented. Perhaps that was the real purpose for this meeting; get to know her more than his subordinates ever will. Leader to leader.

He awaited a response, his eyes wandering to the paintings when the dark moon queen was not speaking. Adrian was not in a rush to finish anything emergent and felt calmer the longer he was at the museum.

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