Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

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When you were best friends with someone, you were supposed to understand them. You were supposed to forgive them for the things that they did wrong, and stand by them when they needed the support. Lucy had been best friends with Cynthia - Neo Queen Serenity - since they were both freshman in highschool, nearly twenty years ago now, and then for a lifetime besides. How many times had there been that Lucy forgave Cynthia for something that she did and vice versa? How many times had they fought by each other's sides? How many?

If Lucy had to put a figure on it, or at least a term, she would have said countless. The two of them, and the other Sol Guardians, had been involved in countless battles - some that weren't even their fights to begin with but had become theirs after the fact. Right now, Lucy felt like an awful friend; the emotions that she was harboring right now were dangerous, toxic, upsetting... but Lucy couldn't shake them, no matter how hard she tried. Especially not after the events of the masquerade ball.

Lucy understood that Cynthia was new at this whole 'queen' thing, and that she didn't really have anyone to show her how it was done. She understood that and she respected it - and yet, at the same time, Cynthia led the Sailor Guardians as Sailor Moon and as their princess throughout their entire teen years, and then well into their early twenties. Sometimes, it was true that leaders made mistakes, but... back to back mistakes like this...

First, Cynthia made the decision to out the Sol Guardians (or, well, most of them) and their identities to the public in an effort to combat any panic. For most of them, it didn't seem to make a difference - but it hit close to home for Lucy. She lost everything when it first came out, and she made it a point to try and get back up again, to smile despite the pain. That didn't work, at least not in the long term. Then Cynthia recklessly went out on her own and was attacked, a result of her own carelessness. Lucy had no choice but to forgive her. She had been hurt.

And then there was the ball, and of all things, the Crystal Palace was the thing that had come under fire, with so many civilians trapped inside alongside the Dark Kingdom's knights. That was on Cynthia, too, and things were just starting to mount more and more and more. Ultimately, Lucy loved the Neo Queen like she was her own sister, but... when was enough enough? When could they say okay, and will it all to stop? When would it be time for them to be more proactive than they were being now? Lucy didn't know.

She paced the halls of the Crystal Palace now, back and forth, twiddling her thumbs as she thought of it all. She needed to let it out. Lucy had never been afraid of confrontation before now, and she never would be in the future, but... with one of the other guardians it was different. With Cyn, it was still even more different. But that didn't matter now. Lucy took a deep breath - her free reign of the castle as a Sailor Guardian was useful. She had to do this. For a moment she stood in front of the large double doors of the throne room of the palace, and soon... She pushed through.

She felt small when compared to the walls and the pillars of the Crystal Palace, but she puffed her chest as best as she could and displayed as much confidence as she could muster in the moment.

"Cyn?" she called out to the queen, "we need to talk. Now."

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The royal ball was a disaster and Serenity knew it all too well. While things seemed as though they were going perfect at first, no one had anticipated that their enemies would make an appearance. Or maybe they had, but Serenity was too oblivious to the fact that she legitimately called for them to appear.

She tried so hard to believe that the whole thing was within the best intentions. But the political persons that were at the ball were put into danger, no -- everyone was. She was so grateful that she'd managed to discover a new power that she had, the ability to force someone out of the Crystal Palace, but Serenity still didn't know how to fully control it. Why did it have to happen then?

It felt like something straight out of a fairytale. Her whole life felt like one, even her past. Serenity tried her best to ignore it, and as the bickering between her political staff team continued to transpire in the throne room, Serenity ran her right hand against her face downward. She agreed with their outbursts, the need to act quickly and to ensure the safety of citizens. But none of them knew just how big of a threat that Chaos was.

Serenity did.

Serenity breathed, standing up as she attempted to speak amongst them. There was just so much yelling, and even one dared to mention one of the most unique technological finds of the century made the same exact day of the royal ball -- a teleportation device found at the Golden Palace ruins. Their suggestion was daring, to use it and send people to the Moon Kingdom and uncover secrets to defeat their foes.

She liked the sound of it, but nobody understood the extent of the ancient technology. Serenity's azure hues soon turned sharply when Lucy bursted through the throne room, even demanding to speak. Somehow, Lucy was a breath of fresh air, no matter how urgent she seemed.

"Yes, we do," Serenity readily agreed, the exhaustion clearly written on her features. Her palms folded in front of her as she looked towards her staff team. "All of you are dismissed for the time being. I will get back to you with an answer later this evening. For now, you may discuss this with King Endymion."

With that, the staff team begrudgingly left the throne room, leaving Lucy and Serenity alone.

@Luciana Del Rosario

It wasn't that Lucy was always confrontational - unless it came to the safety of the people that she cared about. She had a history of going head to head against people that threatened to hurt her friends, or worse, and she liked to believe that her loyalty - that her dedication and that her pure defense of her loved ones - was one of her most attractive traits. It was something that defined her, even well into her role as a guardian. Maybe that was why everything was coming to a head now. Lucy could tell that Cyn wasn't having the best go of it, especially as she emptied the throne room of... well... everyone else.

It didn't take long until it was just the two of them. Aside from the moment before the ball, when was it the last time that it was just Lucy and Cynthia-- no. Lucy and Neo Queen Serenity? There was a difference between the normal Cynthia and the queen that ruled the entire world, or at the least, would rule the entire world soon; from the way she carried herself to the way that she dressed, spoke, and acted. If it hadn't been for her memories from the Silver Millennium, she wasn't even sure that she would recognize her sometimes. Lucy struggled to see Cynthia making the decision to out them before she became the Neo Queen, and even slightly after.

Even still, when they were alone, Lucy took a deep breath. Her facial features softened for a moment as she looked at Cynthia, and she wondered to herself how she should phrase this; how she should start this conversation without it sounding like a rant or a rebuke. She wondered if she should just turn around and go with the rest of the servants, but she knew better. So she straightened up and she crossed her arms over her chest, looking down at Cynthia so that they were staring at one another eye to eye. She'd known since she was fourteen that it was best to just be straightforward with Cynthia.

"What happened the other night was unacceptable," Lucy started - her tone was firm, but it wasn't rude. Cynthia was still her friend, and more importantly, she was still the queen. "I understand that maybe at the time, openly inviting people into the Crystal Palace may have seemed like a good idea, but... We invited the Dark Kingdom right into your seat of power. We invited Queen Metaria here, and maybe I'm just paranoid, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was more than just them, Cyn."

She took a deep breath, and if Cyn looked at her, she could certainly see that she was still carrying something - and she struggling to keep it in, so she didn't. "And this isn't the first time we've done something reckless, or failed to protect something important. I don't think this - what we're doing to stop the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon Clan - is working."

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Serenity always knew Lucy to be honest, to say exactly what was on her mind. It was a trait that Serenity admired and cherished about her, as not all of her Guardians were capable with such straightforward honesty. But what came out of Lucy's mouth was what she had already known more than anyone.

She was reminded dozens of times today that the royal ball was a disaster, that things should have been done differently and that she should have discovered that new power of hers sooner. Except the problem was, was that she didn't want to. Serenity believed that the Crystal Palace should have been a place where all were welcome, where all could feel safe. Instead it was slowly becoming a prison to only keep certain peoople safe.

Serenity didn't want that at all.

Serenity's facial features continued to show her own exhaustion towards the situation at hand. She had been up and about since 4am this morning just trying to deal with things, trying to get things back to normal to no avail. She hadn't napped once when she desired to.

"I already know that, Lucy." Serenity informed her friend calmly, trying to restrain her emotions so much even though she just wanted to burst. "But we can't continue to assume that everyone is an enemy, don't you know that? We have to give people the benefit of the doubt, and that's what we demonstrated at the ball -- we gave everyone the benefit of the doubt that they would conduct themselves peacefully. We weren't the ones to attack firsthand, it was them and they showed their true colors to the world. We demonstrated with their actions that we are here to protect the people and it sent a very clear message. We are not their enemy."

At least that's what Serenity wanted so badly to believe, but she knew that her Guardians would likely see otherwise. "I know that what we're doing so far isn't enough to show it.... that we truly want what's best for Earth, to protect them. To put an end to our enemies... but this is the first time we've had an opportunity to pinpoint who are enemies are. How are we supposed to combat something that we cannot identify? It was so much easier when we were younger, when our enemies openly attacked us rather than operationg covertly..."

Sighing, Serenity lowered her shoulders a little bit, trying to ease herself.

"Just a little before you came in, Lucy, one of my staff members informed me that they made a discovery at the Golden Palace.... one of our old teleportation pads, and it still works. I remember using one of those teleportation pads to go to the Earth so many times...that very same one, too, I think..." Serenity murmured, before she realized that she was rambling. "Some of the researchers over at the Golden Palace wanted us to send people to the Moon Kingdom to find out more about our enemies to better combat them with Lunarian technology. I'm....not sure how I feel about that, because even I know better than anyone that the Moon Palace was restored.... they'd find a whole lot more than what they're expecting... but maybe....Mama might be able to tell us something to help us...."

@Luciana Del Rosario

Cynthia, for all intents and purposes, was still young. So were Lucy and the other Sol Guardians, truth be told - they were only in their early thirties and if they were anyone else in the world, if they didn't have the entire weight of the world on their shoulders, they probably wouldn't even be in the positions that they were in. And Lucy trusted Cynthia, for the most part. She was her friend and she was the queen, and it wasn't that she thought Cynthia wasn't bright or didn't know what she was thinking...

... she just thought that maybe she'd be a little more open to hearing what Lucy had to say. When she spoke of giving people the benefit of the doubt, Lucy knew that a part of her was right. They were better than automatically assuming that everyone that they met might be a villain, that everyone that attempted to get close to them had some sort of ulterior motive, and things such as that. Of course Lucy understood that. But... even though she understood that she wasn't sure if she entirely agreed. Trust and verify, at the very least.

"We let those people walk right into the palace without doing so much as verifying that they didn't present a threat to us. I understand where you were coming from, trust me Cynthia, I do - but..." Lucy paused and sighed, crossing her arms over her chest and shaking her head in one smooth motion, "we invited chaos into your home. I know that you handled it - however you did that - but this is supposed to be a sanctuary." If people, the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon, could infiltrate the Crystal Palace, then what did that mean?

And then Serenity brought up something that shook Lucy. They had found one of the Silver Millennium's teleporters in the ruins of the Golden Kingdom - the very same one that Serenity used when she was a teenager to go back and forth between the planet and it's moon, which Luciana recognized that was reckless in and of itself. Even back then, things were rocky between the two planets. Even back then, the White Moon had it's enemies.

It hurt Lucy to see Cyn struggle to keep it all in. The emotions were bubbling to the surface even if she didn't want them to, but... what she said at the end of her statement upset Lucy, at least just a bit. "Cyn-- no. Neo Queen Serenity." she said, balling a fist for a moment and then releasing it with a deep and heavy exhale. "All due respect, you don't need the advice of a queen that has been dead for millennia to handle a situation like this. Not when you've got the rest of the guardians and all of your advisors here to offer you some kind of advice."

She took a few steps forward and gently placed her hands on Serenity's shoulders, ideally urging her to look up at her. "Queen Serenity doesn't know anything about what's going on right now, and under her reign the Silver Millennium fell. I know that it's hard to hear, but it's true. You can't be certain that whatever advice that she gives you might be good advice, particularly because of the fact that the Serenity on the moon isn't even technically alive. We are, Neo Queen. Me, you, the other Guardians, the people of Crystal Tokyo..."

Lucy removed her hands from Cynthia's shoulders and took a few steps back. She paced for a moment before she decided to continue. "I'm not saying that we have to assume that everyone that we meet is bad, but before we give them our undeserved trust they should have to earn it. We shouldn't be inviting strangers into your home, our seat of power, Cynthia. And..." Lucy took a deep breath and paused. "And we shouldn't wait for them to show themselves to us. Historically, all that's gotten us is a destroyed restaurant and a disastrous ball - and more and more murders are being chalked up to the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon Clan by the day. We can't keep sitting around and waiting anymore. It's just not viable.

"We have to start striking back. We have to be more proactive."

[Image: original.gif]

"How do you expect to combat something so dangerous as Metaria when so many political persons are within the vicinity, Lucy?" Serenity asked calmly, her eyes stern as she tried to conduct herself in a mature fashion. But, deep down, this wasn't how she wanted to behave. Serenity just wanted to sob, only because she was faced with the return of one of their greatest enemies. The one that brought the Moon Kingdom to ruin, Queen Metaria.

Was a similar fate bound to happen to their newest kingdom? Serenity prayed that it wasn't the case, but even she knew what Lucy was saying was right. could they perform their duties with so many at risk? Were they supposed to simply ignore the fact that they were important?

The Outer Guardians were so much better suited for those roles, but Serenity knew that Lucy wanted more and if she was feeling that way, then surely her other Inner Guardians were feeling similar.

"And what type of advice am I supposed to receive, Lucy? The ones from Queen Fireball? Because you know just as well as I do that the people don't trust her when the Galactica have done nothing but help us!" Serenity's figure tensed, squeezing her right arm with her left. "Mama has fought Queen Metaria before...and that's the advice that we do need, Lucy. We can't...we can't let this kingdom fall, too. I'm just so tired of not being able to perform my role as Sailor Moon anymore..I feel like I've failed everyone a lot more than I used to... I need to rediscover the Silver Crystal's power and I think Mama can help me..." Her tone fell into a murmur, just as she gazed downward.

When Lucy moved to touch her shoulders, she was grateful for her comfort and reassurance. But Serenity knew that they needed to do so much more.

"Back in the past Earth distrusted us because we weren't honest with them. We need to continue to be honest with them. That was one thing that Mama did wrong. People are afraid of us because they don't understand the Crystal Palace and why it suddenly formed within the city. People think the Crystal Palace is scary, and that's not the message that we should send... we shouldn't be preventing people from learning about the Crystal Palace or experiencing it for themself. I agree that it should be restricted visitation, but we shouldn't forbid it."

The more that they talked about the Crystal Palace, Serenity could understand just how frightening it was when an alien structure formed out of nowhere within the city.

"There's a way we need to do this and we need to do this tactfully, in a way that Earthlings won't continue to be afraid of us.... I think it's time that all of us met and formed some sort of plan to combat them. The Outer Guardians used to face these types of enemies before, so....they might know a little more on how to lure them out. But we can't be turning Earth into another battlefield either..."
@Luciana Del Rosario

Lucy had to understand where Cyn was coming from as she expressed her... inability. She knew that it must have been hard on the queen not to be able to be Sailor Moon and transform anymore, and she was well aware of how hard it would have been on herself as well. Sailor Jupiter had been a part of Lucy's life, her current one at least, for twenty years now. She became a superhero in order to protect people and serve justice through the so-called realm. Cyn used to do that too, once upon a time, as Sailor Moon. And she couldn't now.

As such Lucy understood that she was frustrated even if she didn't agree with the way that Cyn was going about things. She didn't and couldn't agree with taking two steps backward, especially when Queen Serenity had already lost to Metaria. It was her inability to properly deal with the situation that led to the downfall of the Silver Millennium, and ultimately everything else that had happened since then. For Cyn it must have been different - Serenity was her mother, or one of them. Lucy guessed that for the people who actually had family that it was harder to see their downfalls.

"Advice from us? Your actual, royal advisors? The ones that are, or at least that should be, out here doing all the heavy lifting and protecting you from situations like this. There's a reason that we're your guardians." Lucy paused for a moment, and thought about how they all had their own things going on - or at least most of them. For the longest time Lucy had the restaurant, Iseul was a doctor, Seraphina was still young, and overall the guardians had just been far more absentee than they could apparently afford to be.

"You need to trust yourself more, Cyn." Lucy sighed and reached out for her friend - her sister. She placed her hand gently on her shoulder "You were more confident in yourself when you were a teenager than you are now. What happened to the young woman that stood by and watched all of her friends get taken out one by one, and still manage to stop Galaxia and save the entire universe? Where is she? You don't need the help of someone that has been dead for thousands of years to stop Metaria. You did it all on your own when you were only fourteen years old. Give yourself a little credit." Her words were stern, but intentionally so, and sincere.

"I'm not saying that we can't allow people in to the palace and I'm not saying that we should lie to them. I'm not even saying that we should hide; I think the Dark Kingdom has made it clear that hiding isn't an option anymore," Lucy sighed and took a deep breath, removing her hand from Cyn's shoulder and turning around for a moment. "But we need to be more careful. We can't allow people to get as close to you anymore - not like what happened at the party. As Sailor Guardians, I think we've all been negligent." What was coming next hurt Lucy to even think about, but it needed to be said. Admitted. She took a deep breath, shut her eyes, and turned back around to look at Cyn.

Now, she burned with resolve.

"I am Sailor Jupiter. I'm supposed to be the guardian of protection, and I don't feel like I've done a lot of that lately." With a green flash, Lucy transformed into Sailor Jupiter, and bent on one knee in front of Serenity. "I promise that's going to change, Neo Queen Serenity. From this moment on... even if it means that I have to make certain sacrifices... I'm going to make sure that you're safe. And I'll do what I can to stop the Black Moon Clan, and Dark Kingdom."

Serenity’s figure tensed at Lucy’s retort. She was right in that regard, she should have been relying more on her friends for advice, but she also wanted them to enjoy their current freedoms than cling to them like glue. She wanted to rely on her Mama’s advice for the simple fact that she was a Queen who she wanted to become like, but it felt like she was failing – it felt like her Mama was out of her reach.

And perhaps that was where the rest of Lucy’s retort hurt as it sunk in. Was she… was she really looking at all of this all wrong? Was she focusing too much on her own selfishness that she felt like she wasn’t ready, when she actually was?

She remembered days after her wedding, she pleaded Eleanor to not call her Neo Queen Serenity – a sign that she wasn’t ready. But now? Now she had to be. She was here in the Crystal Palace a decade later, still filled with uncertainty. She knew the reasons to it: it was because of how the people were viewing her, she felt like they hated her and that she wasn’t doing her job.

She wasn’t used to so much hatred.

She needed to make a change, and she needed to stop being so selfish. That’s all this was, wasn’t it? Her own selfishness and refusal to take up the mantle of Neo Queen. Serenity’s silence continued to speak volumes as she listened to Lucy, letting all of it sink in before she finally spoke.

“I know you’re right, Lucy, and I’ll make sure to do better for everyone.” Serenity nodded her head in agreement. “But I’m not going to isolate myself from people for my protection. I’m not going to stop people from coming into the Crystal Palace, but I will make sure that security here is tightened as it should be. I’ll continue to discuss matters with everyone, give everyone more notice about my decisions… and I’ll even talk to Alexis about possibly…. you know, training my powers again.” Serenity took a deep breath, placing her palm against her chest.

It was then that Lucy abruptly transformed into Sailor Jupiter, reinstating her position. She’d known that now, she had to make change and start acting like the Neo Queen that she was supposed to be. It was going to be a difficult ride, but…she was right. She still had her friends, her memories as Sailor Moon and she knew the truth.

She needed to stop letting the Dark Kingdom’s and Black Moon’s hatred getting to her.

“I don’t expect anyone to make sacrifices for me, but I welcome everyone to do what they must to ensure that this kingdom thrives. I’ve…. I’ve been letting Metaria’s return get to me a lot… I thought that she was done with…  that we’d never have to face her again….. but I need to remind myself that we have a much stronger team of Solar System denizens and Galactica.”

“I hereby promise I’ll do what I must, too. For everyone.”

@Luciana Del Rosario

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