Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.

Now What?
If there was one thing that Lee had always understood in live, it was a need for speed. There was nothing else like being able to speed through the city on a motorcycle to make a person feel like they were flying and as a Sailor Soldier, Lee knew what it was like to fly, really fly, just him and the wind. Riding a motorcycle wasn’t an exact fit, but it was the closest he could come when in his human form. Besides, he couldn’t actually fly as fast as his motorcycle so it was better in some ways, especially on those deserted highways outside of the city when he could really go as fast as the machine could handle.

Earlier on in his life, he’d tried to picture what sort of life he wanted or might be able to make for himself. Never in his wildest imagination could he have ever come up with the reality he now lived every day. It suited him though. He had a beautiful wife whom he loved, a friend he knew was there to help him, more love and support than he ever thought someone like him could have, plus a beautiful young lady for a daughter. It was a little overwhelming to think about sometimes, but all good nonetheless.

He could feel the wind and it was restless. The wind was fairly restless on a good day, but this was something different. It brought with it the feeling like something bad was about to happen. It was the same sort of feeling he had back when he first found out he was Sailor Uranus and every time an enemy appeared since then.

As he slowed in front of the palace, he saw someone waiting for him. He knew some called him a pessimist despite repeatedly countering that he prefered thinking of himself as a realist, but usually someone waiting for him meant something was wrong. He assumed it wasn’t an emergency since they hadn’t bothered to contact him through his communicator. Still, having someone waiting for him usually wasn’t a good sign, even when it was just something minor. His bike skidded to a halt and he turned the motor off before removing his helmet.

“So who broke what this time?” He asked, grinning slightly at his own joke. He kicked the kickstand out and leaned the bike against it as he climbed off.


The Mercury solider had spent the majority of her life working her butt off to become a doctor and balancing her Mercury duties. As time went on, Iseul had found the perfect place in this world. The one thing she had yet to find was love but with the return of the Four Earth knights her feelings toward a particular one had returned but she didn't want that getting in her way of all that she had worked so hard for. Today was a day when she was doing some maintenance on the electronics around the palace. She had been testing the communicators and the software for it all. She was updating everyone's but she needed to connect them to her mini computer so that they could be up to date.

Looking down at her mini computer as she walked through the palace. Mercury was getting all the ones that needed it the most and she got an alert saying the Uranus solider was enroute to the palace on his bike. Humming softly she opted to head to the drive to wait for Lee to arrive. When she looked up she saw him coming up on his bike and when he stopped and asked who broke what Iseul laughed softly. "No one broke anything. I am just going around to check the software of the communicators. If you don't mind at least." The mercury solider looked up at the older solider and was in a very good mood today and was completely happy with doing updates and maintenance today.

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While they’d never been overly close, Lee sort of fancied himself something of an older brother figure to Iseul and the other guardians of the inner planets.  It wasn’t a good sign that Iseul was waiting for him to get back from his ride. Some others probably wouldn’t have caused him to worry so much, but the Mercury guardian had a stronger kinship with Neptune than with him.  He understood, better than most probably. He raised an eyebrow as she explained she was only checking the communicators.

“Oh?  Is that all?”  He asked. There was a slight hesitation as his brain finished wrapping itself around the idea.  Of all the possibilities, at least it had been something minor. “I can’t say I mind,” he said. “Having the communicators working is important.  I’d be a lackluster head of security if I couldn’t keep in communication with everyone when something happens.” He knew it was always a matter of time before something happened.  Saving the world had become a regular activity for them back when they were all still teenagers. Not much had changed in that regard since then.

“Here,” he said as he removed his communicator and held it out for Iseul to take.  While he knew they didn’t have all that much in common besides both being guardians, he admired Iseul in a way.  In the time they’d known each other, he couldn’t recall a time when the younger woman was angry or showed anything other than her cheerful self.

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It was true that Iseul felt more connected with the spouse of the solider in front of her but she still enjoyed the company of Lee and the Pluto guardian. The mercurian smiled hearing Lee, "Yes. I figured with everything going on recently that we should be up to date." Iseul took the communicator and connected it to her small computer and started typing away to check the software.

"I'm also fixing the other equipment around the palace so you may notice some changes to things. If anything is strange please don't hesitate to ask."she said as she continued tapping away on her computer. The mercury guardian didn't expect anyone to ask about things as everything was pretty self-explanatory and connected to the people around. She just wanted to help make everything easy for those who wouldn't understand. "Do you have anything else that should be updated? Or possibly fixed?"she asked out of curiosity as she continued.

“You’re always full of such smart ideas.” Lee grinned. It still amazed him how well all the planetary guardians could work together. They each had their own talents and strengths that made the group stronger as a whole. Making sure all the communicators were working properly was a good idea, and he was glad she’d even considered it. He’d tightened security around and in the palace so being able to rely on the communicators now was even more important than usual.

“I will let you know if I come across any glitches,” he said with a nod. The faster bugs were found, the faster they could be fixed was his philosophy with such things. He knew from experience that Iseul was typically thorough enough that there usually weren’t many problems after an update, but Lee knew better than most that one could not be perfect every time.

“Given the events of the ball, I wanted to set up tighter security around Serenity’s chambers in particular so I’d appreciate you helping me get something set up to monitor there when you have a chance,” he said. He knew updating equipment wasn’t always a fast process, but it was one of several priorities that needed finishing sooner rather than later.

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At the compliment, Iseul felt her face warm as blush tinted her cheeks. "I'm just using my talents to make everyone's lives easier, is all...."she said continuing to type on her little computer as she avoided Lee's eyes. The bluenette decided it best to focus on her computer as her cheeks were turning red very quickly. She was also taking advantage of the fact the Lee was head of the Security detail she she was using it to update other communicators that were connected to his. She hummed softly as the blush slowly faded away and she continued concentrating on what she was doing.

Working with technology was second nature to the Mercury guardian. Like being a doctor she felt so in her element when working with the tech of the palace. So doing this was one of her favorite times. There was nothing like finding bugs or updating software or hardware. The thrill it gave her was like nothing else. Hearing the Uranus solider spoke of letting her know if there when any glitches, the bluenette happily nodded. "I would greatly appreciate it. Also if anyone else notices anything notify me as well." The Mercurian soldier was just about finished and as the last 100% appeared on the screen she disconnected the device from her computer and held it back out to Lee.

"So basically what I have done is fixed some bugs we were having as well as updating them in general. I also personalized it to you specifically. Due to you being head of security you now have access to several servers that are apart of your department. You should be able to communicate with you security details much easier and the lines of communication for the scouts have been opened as well. Your line to the Queen and King have been separated though they now have complete priority over everyone else on you communicator. I fixed the GPS bug we were having after the black out as well. There is also a sensor where if you transform it will automatically send an alert to the rest of us as well as ping your location so we will be able to find you and log it in the systems so the cameras in the area will know to log the footage as well as in the security book so you can look back after to do any reports or such on the situation."

Iseul wasn't sure how much of what she said would make sense to anyone besides her but she hoped that it did. Lee was smart though so it was likely that he would understand her. Especially when it comes to security situations. Holding her computer against her body she smiled as he mentioned about the security around Serenity's chambers. Iseul completely agreed and nodded in agreement. "I believe that is a very good idea. Today I am busy updating the communicators but I am free tomorrow if you are. That way you have time to decide what you feel needs to planned and mapped out. That way when we start we will have a plan. When we start we can take a look at the plan and work it out from there." Iseul had some ideas of what needed to be done but she wanted Lee's input as well considering that he was in charge of that department.

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