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Late March 2031 - April 2031

The Other Side of Me
Chiral & Achiral

Dark Alliance
Commander occupation
Green Emerald alter-ego
Atomic Energypowers

Chiral and Achiral are meant to be identical twins, mirror images of themselves, but with potentially drastically different personalities. It’s with this identity that they formed the names Chiral and Achiral in the Black Moon Clan, and they’ve been gifted illusion from Wiseman.

Chiral and Achiral are considered Jade’s absolute top-ranking subordinates. When Jade is in the picture, the trio can be a devastating team, capable of combining their attacks together. In the game, Jade has mentioned that they have the potential to become commanders by their own right. Jade has trained them to act similarly to a bodyguard, as Jade will summon them when she feels that she needs additional protection.

On their own, Chiral and Achiral are fully capable of conducting their own missions in the BMC.  They are also considered to be fierce loyalists, willing to eliminate anyone who isn’t fully loyal to the BMC.


I would personally like to think that their gender is negotiable. Canonically they were both male, but I’m willing to be flexible on that. Maybe only one twin is male, the other is female, or they’re both male or both female, or of an entirely different identity. I’m totally flexible. I feel that they were just that minor of a character in the series.

I'm really flexible with their overall background and career paths. Their FC is also big time negotiable to me as I personally don’t have a preference.


My biggest must for them is that they are identical twins. I will not budge on this along with their powers. Jade also considers them to be the most trustworthy of the BMC to her, so maybe they're more than just her pseudo-protectors.
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