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April 2031
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(Open)  Dead Reckoning
// November 2030
King Endymion

Endymion had agreed with Serenity’s reasons for wanting to have this ball.  It was a risk, yes, but they’d needed to show they had faith that things could work out.  They couldn’t hide out from their enemies, not in the current situation when they were trying to get the world to trust them.  Living their lives wasn’t possible if they were constantly protecting themselves from potential attacks that haven’t yet happened.

Things seemed to start off well.  They were almost enjoying themselves as they mingled with their guests.  Lex had to cover for Cynthia when she went to check on one of her guardians that had gotten sick and could not attend, but she’d returned with no one noticing she had gone.  That’s the way it should have been, with everyone enjoying themselves.  He had high hopes for how this would improve the relations between them and the rest of the world. Things wouldn’t keep going that well.

They knew there was a risk of attack, but they’d gone through with the ball anyway and the attack came.  There had only been so much they could do without checking every guest for powers or weapons.  Well, there had been a cursory check for weapons, but there were limited methods they could use for that considering they didn’t want their guests feeling like the king and queen were treating everyone like common criminals.  

Endymion had done what he could to protect their guests from harm, though truthfully, he was glad that Serenity’s guardians were there to help handle their enemies.  One such enemy approached his wife and he was glad that Sailor Jupiter managed to step in before things took a turn for the worst.  They were all still reeling from the last attack on Serenity.

He had already been headed in Serenity’s direction when she started to use the Silver Crystal.  He hadn’t been sure what she was doing, but was surprised to see her throw their enemies out of the palace.  He watched in amazement.  He knew he probably shouldn’t be surprised since she seemed to pull out new tricks every time she faced an enemy, but he still couldn’t help be in awe of her growing strength.  He finally reached her as she started giving out orders.

“I’ll stay here and see that our guests are safe.  Do what you need to,” he told Serenity.  He knew he’d rather be right there in the thick of things and fighting by her side, but he also knew that he had a duty to their guests.

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Sailor Moon

Alex’s words were comforting to Serenity. She felt like she hadn’t heard them in a long, long time – even though the reality was, was that it’d been months. She felt the tension on her shoulders ease, and as she took a deep breath, she nodded her head.

“I know you will.” Serenity smiled comfortingly, and although her instincts told her to transform, she knew she wasn’t able. Fighting in her ballgown was not something that Serenity had planned for that day. Gazing towards the Guardians that would follow from behind, Serenity gave each of them a firm nod, and charged for the entrance of the Crystal Palace.

They needed to act quickly. She knew what their enemies were capable of and when they were running amuck in the city, that wasn’t something that Serenity took kindly to. The Silver Crystal’s necklace fazed into place at Serenity’s own will, placing it around her neck as she ran. Serenity wasn’t going to leave the palace without it, and if she was going to have to fight, she was going to utilize the only weapon she had.

Except when she exited the Crystal Palace, Serenity was not expecting a familiar voice to shout “retreat to headquarters! Now!” to her comrades. Serenity recognized the voice as a female, but she couldn’t quite place where she’d heard it before – the ball was disorienting in the sense that she’d heard so many voices, met so many people and faces.

But it was the first clue that Serenity had had in a long time in regard to their enemies. They had a secret base and they needed to start searching for it immediately. Serenity breathed deeply once more, trying to move closer to where her enemies were before they completely phased out of place.

Serenity knelt to the ground, attempting to trace their enemies but to no avail – she hadn’t used the skill in a long time, and normally she used it on Endymion and her friends. Serenity’s fist slammed onto the ground in frustration, trying to hold back a sob. “The moment we get a lead on our enemies, the moment that I find out that they have a headquarters…. I can’t trace them!”

Serenity was becoming more frustrated with herself than anything, her lack of ability to utilize the powers that she once was able to trigger naturally. Her people were counting on them, on her, and all they had was the footage from within the Crystal Palace. But how accurate would it be?

[Metaria exit post mixed in]

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