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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

(Open)  Now it's a party
Maximilian Chase
Walking up to the palace, Max knew that it was a risky thing to do, to show his face here after he had very clearly tried to kill the queen, and fought one of her guardians. Then there was Sera, whom he knew would be torn, and probably angry at him for coming, but this was the moment of truth, wasn't it? Sera had taken him to Saturn, had insisted that he hear her out and believe her incredible story about him being a knight of Saturn, and was convinced that the queen could restore all his lost memories. Max wasn't sure about all that, but he had remembered some things that he couldn't explain, he had remembered bits and pieces about the castle itself, and the name that Sera went by, back when she was a princess of Saturn, so there had to be at least some truth to her story.

Entering the palace, it was initially as Max had assumed, an over the top display of light and all things goodness. How could he expect anything else from this place? But it felt...cold, it didn't feel like people really lived here, or at least not happily. Was this really the life that the queen wanted? To be walled up inside this building her entire life? It would drive Max crazy, he had already been going crazy since he had gone into hiding, but now, Max was done with hiding. If he lost everything tonight, if he died, then so be it. It would be preferable to the exile that he had been unofficially forced into, with only Sera as his company.

Finding the ballroom, Max knew that he was late to the party, as evidenced by the closed ballroom doors and the sounds of a violin wafting through the doors. Probably that one guardian who was famous for her music, but it didn't matter to Max. He had come this far, he couldn't back out now, even if he wasn't entirely sure about this. Either he would end up in a better position than he was in now, or he would be dead, he knew that those were his only options as he was getting dressed.

Putting his hands on the double doors, Max shoved them hard, swinging open both doors as he pulled his hands back and smoothed out the front of his tux. He had dressed up for this occasion, as one would expect, but now he was waiting to see what happened as he slowly began walking into the room, grasping a flute of champagne from a tray on a server's tray as they walked by. Scanning the crowd, Max's gaze found Sera first, winking to her, before he turned his attention to the queen, smiling to her.

Serenity was still clinging closely to Misha at the time that Max had arrived. After having not been with him for so long, Serenity was naturally clingy. It was until she felt a sudden chill crawl down her spine sensing not only the familiar energy, but also the fact that it was attention directed towards her.


Turning around slowly, Serenity’s azure eyes fluttered when she saw Max. His smile rubbed her the wrong way. What was he doing here? He shouldn’t have been here! Her Guardians were already furious enough on the circumstances revolving their meeting.

No. Serenity internally thought, her body tensing as she realized just who was there as well. Misha. She still hadn’t told him what happened, believing that it was unnecessary for him to know. What happened was in the past, and they needed to look forward now – but her Guardians were bound to react in ways that Serenity had hoped that they wouldn’t.

Honestly, it was her fault. Her fault for having decided to go when it should have been Lena to do it. Even if it was Lena, she doubted that they’d be nearly as flexible with it, most probably would have expected her to go with backup. There was just a rush of thoughts running through Serenity’s mind each moment that she stared at Max, until she realized that she had to say something.

Everything that she said depended on whether he would live, but would her Guardians take it into consideration? Serenity was still a naïve Queen expecting the best in people. Her Guardians knew best in this regard, didn’t they?

After finally garnering up the courage to say something, Serenity stepped forward a few steps, speaking as calmly as possible. “What is your purpose here tonight?”

The Inner Sailor Guardians had been friends for twenty years now. When you hurt one of them, they all took it personally; they were the closest thing to sisters that the majority of them had, though Serenity herself did have an actual younger brother. Luciana Del Rosario really had no actual family to account for - for Luci, the other Guardians were it. They were the first people to accept her for who she was and not to judge her on her status as a foster kid alone, or that she was big, or that she got into arguments.

As a result, when Luci had heard what happened to Cyn - even if she wasn't supposed to have gone where she had in the first place - it quickly placed the culprit on Luci's list. Luci wasn't the type to exactly be aggressive unless it was necessary, and she wasn't the type to always hold grudges - but this was one of the few moments that she would actually say it was justified. And all things considered, she was right. Cynthia was to be the queen of the Earth - even if she was still the naive, idealistic girl that Luciana met on campus when she was fourteen years old.

The White Moon had their enemies. Even if they had expected peace, that wasn't going to be something that happened right away, and she believed that even Neo-Queen Serenity had to be aware of that. It was the Guardians' job to protect her until that time came, especially the Inner Guardians. They failed in that. Luci was supposed to be the Guardian of Protection. She failed in that. Even if she was still reeling from the destruction of her restaurant and trying to get back on her feet, she couldn't forgive herself for that.

When Max stepped into the ballroom, everything almost went quiet and still. When Luci saw him, she could feel her blood start to boil - but of course it was Serenity that reacted first, and Cyn stepping up to act formally - like the queen that she was - was still not something that Luci was used to. Her voice was calm, steely, and composed as she demanded to know what he was doing here. She was the queen, of course she had to look the part. Not even a few hours ago, she was acting like her old self, but now...

Luci balled a fist, and though she was at the end of the ballroom entirely, she moved with a stunning speed until she was first at Serenity's side; then she was in front of her, an arm in front of her defensively. "Choose your answer carefully."


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