Welcome to Eternal, a post Sailor Moon Stars site relocated to Orlando, Florida, utilizing the canon portrayals as they were in the series. We’re set during the rise of Crystal City, shortly after King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity ascended the throne. Wiseman is making his mark for the first time in history and creating the Black Moon as a human, but lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom is also slowly reforming.

September 2019
Hello everyone! Due to time constraints with class and the whole school blocking the site thing with its filter, Harlow has been promoted to moderator today! Please give her a welcome, she’ll be able to take care of things when I am unable to.

You’ll also notice that in our Discord, we have several new areas for you to chat in under the “discussion” category. We recommend moving topics over to these channels when things get too prolonged!
  • Media: covers the discussions of TV, movies, music, anime, video games, etc.
  • Reading: covers the discussions of books, manga, comics, etc.

And lastly, our activity check ends tonight at 11:59pm. Once the AC is up, canons who were not posted for will automatically reopen as I cannot update the list until I am home from class.

Hello everyone! With the results of our recent activity check, we will be implementing new activity requirements. There simply should not have been that many "last minute" posters during an extended check. These guidelines will be implemented immediately.

Registration: an OOC account will now be required for all players in order to be able to post in OOC areas.

Activity Requirements:
Our activity requirements will be a minimum of two IC post a month per canon character, with some noteworthy expectations below.

Activity Checks
Activity checks are held on a monthly basis starting on the 12th and ending on the 11th of every month at 11:59pm EST. We expect all players to be able to meet the monthly activity requirements, therefore it should be easy for you to qualify for our checks. Posts made a week before the check will be accepted as AC activity. Absences will be considered for an AC if it was posted before the newest AC, but be aware that we won't acknowledge your absent notices if we notice that you're only posting them for activity checks.

White Moon and faction leaders activity:
We expect ALL White Moon canons and faction leaders of other factions to be able to maintain regular activity on the board as well as a noticeable presence. These canons should be posted for every two weeks to maintain activity. We consider faction leaders to be canons such as Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Uranus; King Endymion and Kunzite; Princess Lady Serenity and Sailor Ceres; Queen Metaria, Queen Beryl and Moon Knight; Sailor Nemesis; Wiseman, Diamond and Rubeus; Sailor Star Fighter; Sailor Cocoon, and those are just examples of faction leaders. If you're unsure if your canon is a faction leader, please ask the staff. We consider a "noticeable presence" to be consistent activity.

Minor canons, original characters and activity:
These character types are not as demanding as major canons and White Moon and may be posted for in activity checks for every other AC, e.g. if I posted for September's AC with a minor canon, that minor canon can skip October's activity check and post during November. We will be lenient with them if they do not hold a prominent role in their faction, but we still expect you to post at least once a month in order to meet activity requirements.


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