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Luna Gatti

 Luna Gatti 
 Guardian Cat; The Queen's Shadow 

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Luna Gatti is the Guardian Cat we all know and love. Having been nicknamed "The Queen's Shadow" due to her seemingly everlasting presence and her dark color scheme, she has been accompanying Neo-Queen Serenity since her days as a 14 year old girl. Back in the day, it was Luna who helped her discover her powers as Sailor Moon, by giving her a transformation broach and telling her to shout: "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!". The rest, as they say, is history. Luna has been there by Cynthia's side, for better for worse, no matter what, and even now as she is the Queen is serving in a high rank position as one of her closest advisors. 

Recently, in addition to the terror attacks that provoked violence all around the city, Luna has been able to sense the awakening of yet another threat lurking. She is still not quite certain what it is, but it does feel like a familiar enemy rising once more to fight against them: Queen Beryl. For Luna there couldn't possibly be a worse timing, for she feels like she needs to support her Queen as much as she can through these troublesome days, but she started investigating, keeping her worries to herself. Where would this investigation lead our beloved Guardian Kitty? I am more than willing to find out in a thread!

Luna is a rather friendly person. She is polite and kind and patient (for the most part), and is always willing to make new friends. Since most of her time is spent in her feline form, around people who are not from the Solar System Senshi team her attempts at befriending someone might be expressed in a more animalistic manner, such as purring, cuddling, patting and at times even licking (which means Luna truly loves you if it happens, because Luna doesn't like licking other people's skin very much). It seems as though her capacity for love is endless, and each and every person that she likes has a very special place in her heart. However, Luna is also an educator at heart, and the fact that she loves people does not mean that she will let them go around unnoticed if she thinks they're doing something wrong. It is the love in her heart that makes Luna criticize the people who are important to her, in order for them to better themselves. This is especially true for the members of the original Sailor Team - Cynthia and the four Inner Senshi - towards whom she feels a special responsibility. If you want to become a friend of Luna she will be most happy - but prepare yourself, because she is going to criticize you for what she interpets as wrong.

Luna feels like she's friends with all of the Solar System Senshi (and especially the Inner Senshi, with who she has been since the very beginning), but out of everyone the person she feels closest to would have to be her partner, Cynthia, also known as Neo-Queen Serenity. They've been paired since Cynthia was 14 years old and have been through so much together, that by now Luna feels as if she could tell pretty much exactly what is going on in the Queen's mind without her having to tell her. The same can be said the other way around - if to most of the Senshi Luna appears as a prim and proper guardian who doesn't mess around, Cynthia is pretty much the only person who can see beyond that impression into Luna's heart. It does not mean that the relationship hasn't gone through changes, though. If at first Luna felt more like a nanny figure for the crybaby, childish teen, as time went by and Cynthia became more mature, Luna started to truly appreciate her and opened up, to the point where she feels that the two of them are as close as sisters. Since the coronation, she does give her Queen the respect she deserves, and treats her somewhat more formally than before, especially when discussing matters of state - but the old sisterly dynamic is always in there, and does appear every once in a while in their conversations. 

Unknown to Luna as of yet, in the future she married Artemis and had a daughter with him - a grey Guardian Kitten called Diana, who serves as Chloe's advisor and came with her from the 40th century to the present day 30th century. They have still not met, and Diana is currently open for grab, but I would very much like to see Luna discovering her motherly side as she meets her future daughter for the first time.

When it comes to Senshi who aren't from the Solar System, while Luna may not be as carefree as her partner around them, she does generally tend to trust them. She knows that the fact they wear the same Sailor Collar means they are bound to the same mission as she is - to protect the galaxy from any kind of threat - that, and the fact she is an alien, herself, are enough for her to at least act politely towards them. One such alien Senshi that Luna respects very much is Sailor Mau - the princess of her home planet, thanks to whom the pact between the Silver Millennium and the planet Mau was signed in the first place. I personally would love to have a Sailor Mau in the game, and see where the dynamic between the two felines go!

Luna is the type of person who would put her duties before anything else, romance included. At first glance, she does not appear to be the romantic type. Back in the day, she would often feel frustrated with the girls being more interested in dates than in the missions at hand. She is often oblivious to romantic gestures, of humans and felines alike, and will react accordingly, often putting her wooer in a state of discomfort or embarrassment without intending to do so. If your character wants to try to hit on Luna, chances are she wouldn't even underdtand that's what they're trying to do.

However, that does not mean that Luna is incapable of feeling love or affection. She is currently in a relationship with Artemis, a fellow Mauan who has accompanied her along the years as the advisor of Sailor Venus. Due to the fact they share a lot in common, both coming from Mau and serving as advisors, the two of them were close from the very first time they met. That being said, their relationship wasn't always a romantic one, at least not from Luna's point of view. Artemis might have had feelings towards her since an earlier stage (I'd leave the exact details for his player to decide), for quite a while Luna did not think of him as a true candidate for a lover. His clumsy tendencies made him seem not as intelligent as her, and she didn't think she'll be able to be with someone who is not intellectually challenging. But as time went on and their shared duties made them spend more time together, Luna was able to get to know him even better and realized that Artemis' pure heart is what's most important to her, and not his wits - or lack thereof. They have been steadily dating for quite some time by now, and Luna has been thinking about popping the question to him, but she does get hesitated every time Artemis' clumsy side is shown, thinking she'd like her husband to be a reliable man. Just like the color of their furs, Luna and Artemis couldn't be more different when it comes to their personalities, but they compliment each other beautifully. As of writing this Artemis is up for grabs, but I would love to see the dynamic between these two play out, and maybe even have their wedding as an IC event! If anyone is willing to take Artemis, I will love you forever. 

When it comes to her enemies, Luna's prespective is rather easy - whoever is threatning the peace of the Earth or any of the people who are important to her is considered an enemy, period. This definition may include, but is not limited to: members of the Black Moon and the Dark Kingdom. However, one slight difference between the groups would be that Luna has already started sensing the awakening of Queen Beryl and is somewhat more familiar with the Dark Kingdom, whereas the Black Moon and their acts of terror are a completely new phenomenon to her. Regardless, she would like to see both of the organizations defeated, and peace restored to the Earth once more.

I personally would love to explore the dynamic between Luna and characters from either the Black Moon or the Dark Kingdom. I imagine Luna could try to collect intell about any of the organizations, and her being a cat maybe something will go wrong along the way. . . So many possibilities to explore in character!

 So what are you waiting for? Drop the Queen's Shadow into your thread! 
And do know that I am very much willing to have Luna thread with everyone, no matter what character group they belong to, because everyone loves cats, right? :3 

If you want to thread with me, please do not hesitate to send me a PM here or on Discord, and lets' have fun!

Luna Gatti

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