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Twelve years ago, King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity were coronated and became Earth’s rulers. However, not all is well – in response to several of their actions, Wiseman has appeared and is making his mark for the first time in history with the formation of the Black Moon. He’s revived crime and murder never seen within the past twelve years. Lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom has also been revived, claiming to be pro-immortality with the desire to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves. Queen Metaria has also struck a deal with Chaos to revive deceased antagonists to ensure their victory.

Saariyah Bhasin, Sailor Star Healer
Saariyah Bhasin


  • Saariyah means "She who is like the clouds at the night sky". Bhasin means "ray of light" or "sun".
  • Saari, but only by the Starlights. Not that she likes it, though.
Age: 33
Faction: Galactica
Pronouns: She/her
Ethnicity: Kinmokuseian
  • Ambassador
  • Former singer and musician.
  • Senior lady-in-waiting.
  • Modeling and photographer hobbyist.
Play-by: Park Soo-Joo
Personal Belongings:
  • Star Yell: A white, star-shaped brooch that Saariyah keeps on her person at all times as she uses it to not only transform, but also wield her abilities.
  • Cell phone: Saariyah has the latest version of the iPhone.
  • Galaxy-themed cards: Originating from Kinmoku, Saariyah keeps at least two cards on her person at all times. She has a full deck of galactic-themed cards in her chambers at the Crystal Palace.


Name: Sailor Star Healer
Element:  Starlight
  • Star Sensitive Inferno: Using her Star Yell, a star is summoned and collects energy. When this energy is released from the star, it blasts lightning at her enemy. This attack can kill her foes, but Healer rarely chooses to use it at its full power out of respect for the Sol System.
  • Star Healer Beam: Using her Star Yell, a star forms from it and shifts into a beam of light towards her enemy.
  • Star Healer Tornado: Holding up her Star Yell, a star forms from it an summons a tornado. This very star then disperses into a dozen of other stars that can be seen within the tornado.
  • Star Healer Worm: Using her Star Yell, Healer summons several stars, aiming them at a person's skin and summoning healing energy. Once the stars touch their skin it will burrow into it, healing them from the inside.
  • Gender Manipulation: An ability that the Starlights possess in order to transform their physical gender into men, but Healer refuses to use it.
  • Projection
  • Immobilization: Using galaxy-themed cards that came from her home planet, Healer, even in civilian form, is capable of simply showing her foe these cards and summoning its energy from within. This energy is capable of immobilizing her foes involuntarily for a limited time. Healer often chooses not to use their power.
  • Flight: Healer is able to summon a set of wings on her back in order to fly.
  • Martial Arts: Saariyah became skilled in Kinmoku's primary martial arts style.


Born and raised into the ruling noble family on the moon Healer that orbited Kinmoku, Saariyah learned at a very young age proper etiquette, politics, how to sing and dance, and life at the Kinmoku court, with the expectation to become a lady-in-waiting for the Imperial Princess. But having been brought into the political lifestyle from such a young age, Saariyah quickly resented it—she saw its flaws and how restricted it was, and she wanted something more, even if she enjoyed the fashions at life at court.

Having chosen duty over her own desires, Saariyah grew a cynical and sarcastic temperament. Although this may have led her to become undesirable for marriage, Saariyah didn’t care much about it—it wasn’t what she immediately wanted. Instead once she became a lady-in-waiting for her Princess, Saariyah grew attached and began to see things in a different light.

She felt that she found where she belonged and she became protective over her princess. Enough that Saariyah attempted to learn combat skills in efforts to protect her more. She would even become one of the first to encourage her Princess to follow her desires when she became infatuated with someone, a servant no less, though she would do so secretly. All Saariyah wanted was for her Princess to be happy.

She developed a close bond with not only her Princess, but also the civilian identities of Star Fighter and Maker once she encountered them. The two of them were her first real friends aside from the Princess, having disliked the other ladies that aided her Princess. Whether Fighter may have known it or not, Saariyah had come to see her as a leader of their little clique, though she would refuse to admit it openly.

It was through one of her combat trainings that Saariyah triggered her Sailor Crystal, transforming for the first time as Sailor Star Healer. Being the last of the three Starlights to transform, Saariyah didn’t have much opportunity to learn her abilities when Kinmoku was attacked by Sailor Galaxia.

At the beginning, Saariyah secretly blamed herself for her failure during the war with Sailor Galaxia and for the loss of her Princess. She was, after all, the one closest to her, her lady. It tore Saariyah apart being separated from her Princess, and it was through her desire to see her again that encouraged Saariyah to go to Earth with her comrades to find her.

But unlike Fighter and Maker, Saariyah refused to alter her physical appearance as she viewed it as improper. Her upbringing helped her become a musician for the Three Lights group and backup singer. She engaged mostly as a hobbyist for modeling and photography, her fame making it much easier.

Saariyah would be the last to confess that she did enjoy some of her time on Earth, particularly the freedoms that it came with. To be her own person without anyone the wiser. But Saariyah enjoyed even more being able to return to Kinmoku with her Princess once they were reunited and the war was over.

Seeing her Princess become the Queen of Kinmoku was possibly one of the proudest moments in Saariyah's life, and she renewed her vows to protect her and hopefully even better than before now that she had more experience as a Sailor Guardian.

Having remained by her side, Saariyah attempted to lend a hand with the reconstruction of Kinmoku, providing aid for her people as they recovered from the war.

Just as Kinmoku was beginning to enjoy its time of peace, their Queen had announced her desire to go to Earth, sensing chaos. Saariyah quickly protested, believing that their time on Earth was over. But they could not change their Queen’s mind, and it seemed that Fighter was quickly willing to go. So, reluctant to return to Earth, Saariyah followed her comrades and settled in well at the Crystal Palace. She wasn’t a stranger to life at court, after all, but what did surprise her was how quickly Sailor Moon was crowned Neo Queen Serenity and the ongoing chaos following her reign.

Saariyah was firm with her belief that this wasn’t their problem, that they shouldn’t have brought their once foes with them in the first place. Saariyah didn’t trust them at all. After all, who would welcome their once invaders to their home planet? As if Neo Queen Serenity needed more to deal with.

While Star Fighter and Star Maker may have proceeded to settling in as far as their Earth life went, Saariyah remained by her Queen’s side every step of the way. Her excuse? She was her lady-in-waiting, and she became an assistant for her Queen.

Writing Sample

As the sun was beginning to rise, so did Saariyah. Getting out of bed and putting on clothes, Saariyah engaged in her usual morning routine before leaving to go see Asteria as she customarily did unless otherwise dismissed.

Things were more screwed up on Earth than they were led to believe. Saariyah was disgusted by it all, making her eagerly want to go back home where everything was peaceful. Their Queen didn’t need the headache when Neo Queen Serenity wasn’t making things any easier.

The decision to go out on her own was rash. Even Asteria knew better than that during chaotic times, and Asteria wasn’t nearly as much trouble as Neo Queen Serenity was. Thank Goodness for that. Saariyah wasn’t sure if she could put up with her otherwise. Just how the heck did the Sol System Guardian put up with their Queen? At least it seemed King Endymion was levelheaded.

So, after finishing up her routine, Saariyah decided it was time to once again persuade Asteria to return home. Even though their kingdom finished rebuilding and it was in a stage of peace, their kingdom needed their Queen.

Walking through the hallways of the Crystal Palace, Saariyah took time to arrive at Asteria’s room, gently knocking on the door before letting herself in. “Good morning, Asteria.” Saariyah said, moving towards her nightstand to turn on the light, just as she did with the other lighting. She tried her best to be informal, but it was still difficult considering how long she’d been her senior lady.

The Crystal Palace had no windows, very few outdoor doors that lead to balconies. But Saariyah made the most of it—even if she’d prefer something a bit natural, the Crystal Palace was still a wonder.


Your Name: Vii
Age: 29
Pronouns: She/her
Contact Details: Discord
Time Zone:  EST

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