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Tragic Destiny
a TVD, TO, TSC, Legacies Game
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In a small colonial town in Virginia, named Mystic Falls, a new school has been started.  The Salvatore Boarding School aims to teach the next generation of supernatural youth how to control their abilities and their destinies.  Some of the students have had loss, their parents gone.  Sacrificed for their own lives and so as young adults with magic tend to do, they try magic to solve their heart ache.  With more power than they expected their spell to fold time did just that.  Of course it did not affect just their parents but all those lost were able to return.  Return, from just before their deaths.  Some might have more than one death and the spell, seemed to choose indiscriminately.  So with returned loved ones, there are returned enemies, and more issues than just how to smooth out a time line.  They all must try to avoid a 

Tragic Destiny

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