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Destiny of Pern
8th Pass AU DRoP
[/url][Image: Bu2E4j.png]

Destiny of Pern
Rules. Plot. Availability. Draconians.[url=]

Opened 01.12.19
3 Non Canon Colors & 3 Genetic Mutations
Eastern Isle Setting
Sandbox RPG
1:1 Ratio & 2.1.2 rating

Destiny of Pern is set in an AU 8th Pass of Pern. Kitti Ping specifically created new colors to appear once the dragons reached their true size. The 8th Pass sees these new dragons emerge roughly 12 turns into the Pass. When, what was thought, the final Threadfall of the 8th Pass was completed, everyone prepared for a time of peace. Thread continued to fall the next turn, and the turn after that, and has continued to fall for 100 turns into the future. Fort Weyr has poisoned the Weyrleaders of the other five Weyrs and declared themselves Supreme Weyrleaders.

Small groups within the oppressed weyrs defect and begin to scout out a new, safe, haven to retreat to. One group finds a perfect location hidden in the archipelago of Eastern Isles. There they founded Sanctuary Weyrhold - unifying Weyr and Hold and electing to use a council leadership than traditional leadership. Fort Weyr knows of them settling somewhere to the East. Can the Weyrhold protect themselves from Fort if they are found? Thread continues to threaten them all without any sign of leaving.

What's Happening
--- Rosenite Melanth's maiden flight
--- Firelizard Hatching
--- Island Expedition
--- Queen Weyrling Contes


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