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FINITE INCANTATEM -- a modern au/oc wizarding world rp
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Finite Incantatem is an AU, non-canon (OC's only) roleplay based around the magical world presented in Harry Potter books and movies.  Set in the near-present day, the foundation of our plot stems from real-life world events and political happenings, all of which have affected the wizarding and Muggle worlds, alike.

The current year is 2023.  Following an attack on the city of Paris, France almost two years ago, non-magic folk are on high alert, under the guise that the perpetrators behind the violence are terrorists.  The true masterminds behind the plot, however, are a group of up-and-coming anti-muggle wizards calling themselves the "Death Eaters."  As the underground group has infiltrated the French Ministry of Magic and local media, blaming the chaotic, politically-divided Muggle world has never been easier, and pushing their anti-non-wizarding agenda on the rest of the wizarding world to gain sympathizers is child's play.

France is feeling this pressure more than the rest of the world. People have gone missing or died under mysterious circumstances that the Ministry blames on anti-wizard muggle acts. Families have been separated as Beauxbatons has been locked down under Ministry protection. While the Ministry assures the people that they are taking steps to protect them, the Death Eaters are plotting ways to expand their hold on the wizarding community. 

But all this isn't going completely unnoticed by the rest of the wizarding world. The British Minister and the American President, as well as those in their governments that they trust, have their suspicions and are investigating strange happenings in their own countries and abroad. And there are whispers of a group tied to no government rising from the ashes of these attacks. This Order of the Phoenix is operating in the shadows still, but growing every day as new victims and revolutionaries alike are brought into the fold to fight back against a darkness they don't have a name for yet. 

Will the Death Eaters prevail, or will those that rise against them come together in time to stop them? Only time will tell...

Who we are & what we offer:
✦ Jcink Premium! 3-3-3 allowed if you wish - and if you don't, that's ok, too!
✦ All-inclusive: age, gender identity, LGBTQ+ friendly - RPers and characters alike!
✦ Four active, friendly staff members with years of admin/mod experience across a variety of platforms.
✦ Open and active since August 2016!
✦ An interactive plot - we love for members to get involved in the planning and execution!
✦ Original characters only - no canons allowed.  We do, however, have a long list of fun and exciting member-created adoptables up for grabs! 
✦ A load of popular FC's and coveted roles and positions of power up for grabs!
✦ For the students: four schools to choose from and play at, with a long list of sports, clubs, and activities to choose from.  And if we don't have it?  Create it!  We love suggestions!
✦ For the adults: all of the wizarding communities around Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny...and then some!  Tons of careers to choose from.  


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