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Welcome to Crystal Empire, USA
The Dark Alliance has faced a divide: Queen Nehellenia has been purified and is now the Goddess and ruler of the Moon. With her purification at the hands of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, there is a shift in the wind – Greek deities (original planet rulers), heralds (Sailors/Knights) and Augurs (priest(esses) and consorts) from the past are being revived and Hades has been unsealed.

With the coming of Hades has seen the unsealing of Satre and Hyperion, and the future is now even more uncertain as the ruler of Nemesis has a vendetta against Chronos…and more. The Future Moon have now since reunited with the Crystal Empire, their memories have been restored. Will they be able to save their future that they can no longer return to?

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play, rated L3/S3/V3 and self-hosted utilizing MyBB, a software identical to JCink. We use Member Profiles for our application process and focus on a story act system. We have a plethora of canons available including many popular ones. We’re set after Sailor Moon, merging the 90s anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal into one game. We accept original characters and use real life face claims.
Spring 2031 (March 1st - June 30th)

Future Moon
Sailor Neo Moon, Diana, Amazoness Quartet & Knights

Future Moon

Originating from the 40th Century, they've traveled far to make the future their home once more and correct the past.

Lady Serenity, Diana, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno and Sailor Vesta require prior series knowledge. Everyone else does not.
Neo Sailor Moon
Cidney Lunette ☆ Written by Dusk
  • Is a faction leader.
  • Is now called Princess Lady Serenity
  • Is the heir to Crystal City
  • May register using her civilian identity name, e.g. --- Lunette.
  • Is from the distant future that is war-torn and came to the past to change it.
  • Went for a time without revealing her identity as Neo Sailor Moon  to the world, until arrangements were made to reveal the Future Moon's existence in 2031 to the Crystal Empire.
  • Because of her interference in the past, the future was altered as Neo Queen Serenity was not supposed to transform. She gained the ability to transform because of Neo Moon's frequent sightings.
  • May have informed Helios to be wary through his dreams, but was not clearly visible.
Diana LeBlanc ☆ Written by Vii
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Is the advisor to Neo Moon.
  • Is now a young adult cat, but primarily uses her human form.
  • Was in communication with Luna, Artemis and Sailor Pluto long before the Crystal Empire was aware of their existence.
  • Agreed with Neo Moon to reveal their identities to the Crystal Empire and setup the arrangements.
Sailor Ceres
Acacia Alvarez ☆ Written by Sunnie
  • Is a faction leader.
  • Is the eldest of the Amazon Quartet
  • Has the ability Aerokinesis (air).
  • Is responsible for Lady Serenity’s protection, and may choose to act as her body double if necessary.
Sailor Pallas
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Is the second oldest of the Amazon Quartet
  • Has the ability Cryokinesis (ice).
  • Also has access to magic.
Sailor Juno
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Has the ability Chlorokinesis (plants/vegetation).
  • Is the third oldest of the Amazoness Quartet.
Sailor Vesta
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Has the ability Pyrokinesis (fire).
  • Is the youngest of the Amazoness Quartet.
Neo Moon Knight
Elijah Mitchell ☆ Written by Dragon
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Is the primary knight for Neo Sailor Moon
  • Has the ability Stellarkinesis (stars)
Ceres Knight
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Is the knight of Sailor Ceres
  • Has the ability Florakinesis (flowers)
Pallas Knight
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Is the knight of Sailor Pallas
  • Has the ability Thermokinesis (temperature)
Juno Knight
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Is the knight of Sailor Juno
  • Has the ability Electrokinesis (electricity)
Vesta Knight
Animal Mimicry
  • Is a supporting role.
  • Has the ability Animal Mimicry.
  • Is the knight of Sailor Vesta
written by Vii
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